10 Useful gaming accessories for your smartphone

The mobile games market has ceased to be a haven for the ” Angry Birds” of the same type ” strategies from the 90s” and runners, which are designed to kill time. It dawned on developers that gamers wanted more than just pointing fingers at the screen, and shooters, racing and platformers appeared in digital stores. So another problem was discovered – touch control is not always convenient, and gamers began to look for a solution.

Demand birthed supply, and accessory makers began to create devices that make life easier for gamers. Unfortunately, not all fans of mobile games know about them, so today we will talk about the most interesting and unusual accessories for smartphones that simplify the life of players.

Classics of the genre

The most popular and widespread accessory is the wireless gamepad. The Chinese brothers in appearance have learned to copy the design of popular controllers, but added a very important detail – a holder for a smartphone. At home, I keep a Gamesir T1S, which constantly saves me during long trips or bouts of laziness that prevents me from getting off the couch and walking to the console.

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This combination of a smartphone and a wireless gamepad turns a mobile phone into a full-fledged gaming console. In 2019, game developers for Android and iOS are increasingly adding support for controllers, in addition, many emulators of old consoles have been created for the Google operating system. Thanks to the latter, the library of Android games expands almost indefinitely.

Such pleasure costs differently, but a normal gamepad will cost at least $ 30-40. Of course, there are cheap counterparts like iPega, but I know from personal experience that after 20 minutes you will regret buying.

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It is much more convenient to play with the controller, but there are still several disadvantages. Firstly, the gamepad connects via Bluetooth, which quickly drains the battery, and secondly, most online games do not support external controllers. This is where overhead buttons come to the rescue.

Cheap and cheerful

These accessories have been around for quite some time, but with the arrival of PUBG and Fortnite on mobile platforms, they have become very popular. Their peculiarity is that they do not require a Bluetooth connection and are compatible with all games due to their design.

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There are several types of such ” pads”, but the most popular are triggers that look like clothespins. On the side adjacent to the screen of the device, there is a pad that is perceived by the smartphone’s sensor. On the back there is a button that activates the mechanism of pressing the screen, where the same pad fits. Such a stylus, only in the form of a button.

Such an ” overhead trigger” will come in handy for those very PUBG, Fortnite and other similar games. At first glance, it seems that the thing is useless, but in fact it gives the player a big advantage.

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The problem with touch controls is that it is difficult for a gamer to walk, shoot and move the scope at the same time. The “overhead trigger” solves this problem, since the player controls movement and vision with his thumbs, and shoots with his index finger. While your opponent is standing still and aiming, you can move to the sides and dodge his shots.

The advantages of the ” overhead trigger” start from the price, because such a device will cost you several dollars. Plus, it fits all sizes of smartphones, while the wireless controller holder is not suitable for large-screen devices. The third plus is the ubiquitous support, because the ” trigger” performs a physical tap on the screen, not software. The only drawback is limited functionality, because such a device will be almost useless if you want to play old games on an emulator.

For MOBA lovers

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Overhead joysticks solve this problem in part. We will put them in a separate class, since they are better suited for other games. The principle of operation does not differ from the same triggers, but the joystick is more suitable for mobile projects of the MOBA genre. I won’t say that they directly change the experience of interacting with the game, but they clearly make the control process more convenient.

There are also kits in online stores where the player is offered to buy an overhead joystick, trigger and holder for a smartphone. The latter is made in the form of a gamepad, and is rather for convenience. Such a kit will cost you less than a wireless gamepad, so the devices are suitable for the budget gaming heading .

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Yet holders can also be tricky. For example, VINYSON engineers have packed active cooling with a fan into the device case. Powerful smartphones often tend to overheat while playing, so such a device can come in handy for especially hot models. In addition, triggers are built into some gamepads, and the manufacturer himself positions his creation as a ” gamepad for PUBG”.

Next generation mobile gaming

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A more futuristic vision of a smartphone gamepad has been shared by Handscape and ROCK with the Muja Smart Touchpad. The device connects via Bluetooth and attaches to the “back”. Instead of physical keys, the gamepad received four customizable buttons. In addition, it helps the smartphone dissipate heat when heated, performing the functions of an additional cooling system.

Augmented reality

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If your tastes are specific, then you may be interested in gamepads for virtual and augmented reality in the form of weapons. These devices work like regular gamepads connected via Bluetooth. This means that you can customize the controls in almost any game on Android or iOS, and shoot not by touching the buttons, but pulling the trigger. The same iPega add a vibration motor to the handle so that the player also feels the impact.

If ordinary games get bored, then projects with augmented reality are created for such devices. There are already a dozen games for such accessories on Google Play, but they are only useful for entertainment for a couple of nights. Yet the technology did not receive the expected popularity and the developers quickly abandoned the topic. Perhaps this is the main disadvantage of such devices, which can push you away from the purchase.

For true fans of retro

If you can’t live without old-school games straight from the 80s and 90s, then Hyperkin has created Smart Boy for you. This device can run games from original GameBoy cartridges on a smartphone running an Android operating system.

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Smart Boy reads information from the license cartridge, creates a file and runs it. This is a very legal way to play old Nintendo games, but on third-party devices.

Of course, you could just as well download the game from the Internet and play it on a regular emulator, but that would be illegal and not so cool. Smart Boy is made in a form factor close to the original Game Boy, so you get a more authentic gaming experience. The downside of the Smart Boy is that it was created specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S7, although it works well with smartphones of similar dimensions.

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But the KOBWA Gameboy Case works exclusively with Apple smartphones. This device has two roles: a protective case and an NES emulator. The KOBWA Gameboy Case has its own monitor, character control buttons and even its own battery, so it works independently of the iPhone. There are 32 games already preinstalled in the emulator, but you won’t be able to download more, which is a shame. Otherwise a great thing for fans of classic Nintendo games.


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