10 Unique Interview Questions Big Business Bosses Ask

Working in a large company may be the dream of many people in their career. It is not only a matter of material facilities that can be obtained, but large companies can usually provide other benefits such as knowledge and experience that can make someone shot their potential.

But to be able to work at a large company, of course, is not an easy thing. Like any company, there is such a thing as a job interview mechanism.

If we pay close attention, a company cannot suddenly grow up on its own. There must be human resources who work hard and are also creative in it.

This is what big company bosses need to pay attention to. So that the problem of recruiting new employees is something that cannot be taken lightly.

The reason is, HR is the cog of the company. If the employees who are recruited are difficult or even have a character and mentality that is contrary to company values, then this can affect the company’s achievement right?

For this reason, some big company bosses usually ask unique questions that prospective employees must answer. The questions asked may sound unusual, confusing and even strange.

However, this is not without reason. Instead, it is an instrument for extracting information and ensuring that the prospective employees being interviewed match the desired criteria.

What are the questions? Here are 10 unique interview questions that big company bosses ask ?!

1. Peter Phiel of PayPal

“Tell me about a truth that is hard for others to believe”

Peter Phiel (PayPal Founder & Managing Partner)

Who doesn’t know PayPal at this time? PayPal is a company from the United States that provides a money transfer network system to facilitate e-commerce transactions and other businesses. Why do you think the question above was asked by one of the founders of PayPal, Peter Phiel?

As we know, PayPal can be called one of the revolutionary companies in the field of transfers / payments that used to still use traditional methods such as the use of money orders and checks.

Of course, the employees recruited also have original characters and are not afraid to be creative. That is what this question is asked for

Through this question, Peter Phiel hopes that the new recruits will be original, independent and have the courage to express their opinion. Because the answers to the questions above can identify whether a person is an independent person or not.

2. David Gilboa of Quartz

 What’s the last costume you wore?”

David GIlboa (Founder Quartz)

The question above may sound a little strange in the context of the interview, huh? But in fact, this question was raised by one of the founders of the Quartz company.

This is done to identify people who can provide a pleasant atmosphere at work. Because in general, the work atmosphere also affects employee productivity and performance.

So, through the interview questions above, David Gilboa wants to know what prospective employees think about his costume selection. If the answer is enough, it can show the employee’s creative spirit and the employee’s positive vibe, the possibility of passing the interview.

3. Stormy Simon from Overstock

“If you were an animal, what animal would you be?”

Stormy Simon (Overstock)

The next interview question came from Stormy Simon from Overstock, an e-commerce company from the United States that was founded in 1997. Stormy will ask prospective employees who are being interviewed to choose an animal that can represent her.

The question above is Stormy’s way of identifying the character of the prospective employee being interviewed. According to Stormy, the animals chosen by the employee candidates usually resemble or describe their character.

What do you think? Have you started thinking about what animal you choose to represent yourself for future interviews?

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4. Apple Recruiter

“Describe an interesting problem and how you solve it”

Apple Recruiter

Apple is a brand that is familiar to our ears. Currently, ap [ple products have become a trend among young people who are tech-savvy.

Not only because the brand image is luxurious and exclusive, but in fact Apple does have high quality technology and is able to answer the problems of many people. Apple itself was born from a long history of its founder.

The interview questions above do seem like fairly straightforward questions until you think deeply about what are called “interesting problems”.

It turns out that this is one of the ways that Apple recruiters evaluate prospective employees. Especially in job interviews in software engineering positions .

Apple not only recruits employees who have problem solving skills but also have high creativity who can create innovations like the Apple brand. Interested in working at the Apple company?

In fact, this kind of question is very likely to be asked by recruiters at other large companies that require high creativity.

So if you intend or even are preparing for an interview at such a company, maybe you need to prepare your best answer from now on.

5. Elon Musk of Tesla

“You are standing on the surface of the earth, you are walking 1 mile south, one mile west, one mile north. You stop right where you started. Where are you right now?”

Elon Musk (Tesla)

The next unique interview question comes from Elon Musk, one of the founders of Tesla which is an automotive and energy storage brand from the United States. Why do you think Elon Musk asked interview questions like the one above?

This question turned out to be asked by Elon Musk to test the intelligence of the candidate he was interviewing. So if you apply for a job and are interviewed by a company like Tesla, then you need to prepare creative answers.

In addition to these questions, it turns out that at Tesla, Elon also asked about other unique and also quite deep statements such as “Describe how you will change the company culture”. This is also to test the soft skills of prospective employees. So it is not only technical skills that are assessed but also the soft skills of the candidates.

6. Microsoft Recruiter

“What do you think about Microsoft launching Office products on the iPhone?”

Microsoft Recruiter

The question above came from Microsoft’s recruiter team to interview candidates for Senior Business Planner positions in their companies. Even though as we know that the iPhone from the Apple brand is their competitor.

This is to find out how the attitude of the interviewed candidate in terms of business development for the competitor’s domain. So if you are planning to work at Microsoft, maybe you need to prepare answers to such questions.

However, these questions can also help us understand how company terms relate to business expansion with competitors. So there is nothing wrong with learning the ins and outs of the company, culture and also the provisions related to this.

7. Karen Davis of Global Philanthropy

“What’s your favorite quote?”

Karen Davis (Global Philanthropy and Social Impact)

Then, there’s another unique interview question from Karen Davis. The questions above are asked to see the priorities and life goals of the candidate. Maybe Karen was looking for the relevance of the employee callon to the mission mission and company culture.

8. Amazon Recruiter

“How would you solve a problem if you were from Mars?”

Amazon Recruiter

Amazon Recruiter is said to have asked a unique interview question like the one above. The question is asked as a way to see the candidate’s attitude and ability to solve.

As we know, Amazon is growing into a big e-commerce and definitely needs people who have strong problem solving skills right?

9. Larry Elisson of Oracle

“Are you the smartest person?”

Larry Elisson (Oracle)

Oracle is a large IT company based in the United States. This company has been established since 1977 until now.

Larry Elison, who is the co-founder of Oracle, once asked a unique interview question, namely “Are you the smartest person?” Why do you think LArry asked that question?

Reportedly, this question is one way to ensure that Oracle employees are elect only with intelligence and creativity.

However, if you look at it from a psychological point of view, this question can also see candidates in terms of their self-concept. If he feels that he is not a less intelligent person, he will definitely not answer with a “yes” answer.

This self-concept as an intelligent person will to some extent increase the freedom for creativity.

That may be something that companies like Oracle really need. So what about your self-concept, are you ready if this kind of question is asked by the HRD during the interview?

10. Twitter Recruiter

“Why shouldn’t we recruit you?”

Twitter Recruiter

Who doesn’t know twitter? The popularity of social media on this one has dimmed, beaten by Facebook and Instagram, but in recent years its name has skyrocketed again. Twitter is arguably one of the social media revolutionaries in the world.

If most recruiters question why companies need to hire candidates as employees, it’s different with interview questions from Twitter. On Twitter, it was noted that one of the unique interview questions asked by candidates was “Why shouldn’t we recruit you?”

Can you imagine the reason?

If a question like “why should we choose you” is to see what the candidate can do for the company, the opposite question is Why shouldn’t we hire you? ” may want to see to what extent a prospective employee can hurt the company. This is similar to an anticipatory step.


Job interviews are quite anxious for job seekers, especially when applying to large companies. However, if you already have a good work mentality, even if you are still a fresh graduate , you have the opportunity to work at a large company.

It is possible that you will face one or more of the aforementioned aforementioned at a job interview later. If not, you may also want to learn what points recruiters want to know during job interviews.

Therefore, try to prepare adequately and try to be honest and professional in answering recruiter questions, which may be a special attraction for recruiters from your recruiting company.


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