10 tricks to avoid injury in the water

Playing sports in summer, due to the heat, becomes in many cases an adventure. It is during these months that swimming pools and beaches are the preferred place for everyone. Consequently, swimming is the favorite sport for adults and children, but, like everything, it is necessary to practice it following a series of tips.

Germán Díaz Urreña, professor at the Faculty of Science of Physical Activity and Sport at the European University, points out ten fundamental tips for swimming correctly.

Tips in the water

  1. Swim in a straight line. Sideways movementin the pool should be avoided . For this you can take as a reference the bottom lines. Swimming in a straight line is a way to avoid other swimmers and involuntary efforts.
  2. It improves the position in the water. The key is to go as horizontal as possible, because this will improve your swimming technique.
  3. Control breathing. The lower the number of breaths, the faster the swim will be. Although less is going to hold swimming. The technique is to release the air into the water and take a breath when you take your mouth out.

4. Always move your arms. The arms always have to be in motion and one of them always has to help you move forward, as a propeller.

  1. Move the legs. Swimming leg work is basic. They help maintain body position and go in a straight line.
  2. Add twist to the body. It is not about being stiff swimming but that it has to rotate while the arms move. This means that if the right arm is out of the water, the shoulder is too. You have to swim in the form of X.
  3. Stretch. The body, with each stroke, should lengthen as much as possible while stretching.
  4. Coordinate movements. The arms must carry opposite movements. In other words, if one arm is out of the water, the other must be inside, and vice versa.
  5. Count the strokes. This serves to measure the improvement in the swimming technique. As the technique improves, the swimmer will be able to traverse the same space with fewer strokes. Maybe even reducing time.
  6. You should not be obsessed with time. The objective of reducing personal brand is directly linked to the improvement of swimming technique.

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