10 Top Applications to save more battery on a Smartphone

Indeed, there are applications that work and others that do not . Only when we download them do they contain a large amount of advertising that we do not want to see. That is why when using an application of this type we must choose Grenify . This is one of the apps that really helps our battery to perform better , they work in an optimal way by stopping applications and games that we are not using.

However, it is good to know if the app that we have downloaded actually works correctly. A very fast way to do it is to apply the strategy of opening any app on our mobile device, after which we observe what battery level it has remained. Then we consider the savings application downloaded.

In this way we can see and verify if it really works or not . We apply the battery saving while we do whatever on the mobile, then we stop doing it and compare the battery consumption, with and without the application for it.

We can perform the same procedure when we use the camera, or if we record any video, or when making video calls, the latter generates a large consumption so it would be a good verification option.

How to configure the phone to consume less battery?

Every day our mobile is the equipment we use the most, so at the end of the day, the battery will not be at the same point , due to the constant use of it. That is why it is necessary to know some tricks or tips to save the battery of our mobile.

In the first place we can use the option to deactivate the functions that we are not using at the moment, or force the stop of the applications . An example of this is deactivating Wi-Fi if we are in a place outside our homes, we would only be using the mobile signal, and therefore the data. So this would be a great strategy to improve battery condition .

Another tactic we could use is not to use automatic brightness. This we must avoid; the best and ideal would be that we set the brightness as low as possible . Now, if we need to keep it at a high level we can also do it, but it would not be as efficient, likewise we can close the applications that are in the background .

Turning off vibrations and sounds at the time of writing is another good and very immediate idea. In the same way, we must avoid placing wallpapers with movements, since this damages in its entirety the proper functioning and performance of the equipment’s battery.

Top Applications to save more battery on a Smartphone

We know that you have doubts about these types of applications, but as we mentioned earlier, these do work. It only depends on the developer and you will see that it is possible to extend the useful life of your battery in addition to taking care of it . You will find the following applications in Google Play Store and App Store

System Status Lite

Designed for iPhone and iPad, System Status Lite is a very complete application that will allow you to have a total monitoring of your mobile . It is one of the most powerful iPhone and iPad real-time monitoring applications. In it you can see the performance of memory, CPU, battery and network.

Likewise, you can print the information that the application registers for any purpose you want. It has many functionalities that in the case of the battery it performs a study while indicating three states: full charge, disconnected and charging .

Battery doctor

For Android devices, Battery Doctor is one of the best applications to extend the life of your battery. This app allows you to delete junk files, close applications in the background and recommends practices for optimal loading.

In the same way, it prevents overheating that can damage the mobile battery with high technology that measures temperature. It also has the possibility to say how long the battery will last depending on the different factors involved (signal, brightness, use).

Some causes why the mobile battery is damaged

As we know, mobile batteries have their useful life like everything else, so it is good to know some things that damage them. First is the bad signal, that is, when we are going to connect to a Wi-Fi network, which has low signal strength . The best thing would be to place our mobile in airplane mode.

Also exposing mobile phones to extreme temperatures is totally harmful to batteries. We must avoid this at all costs, as well as avoid charging our mobile through a computer or PC. This does not generate the same intensity or the same speed when charging, which could damage the battery.

Tips to consume less battery in a mobile

That the improper use of the mobile causes its battery to be damaged is something we must be aware of. However, we can also take actions to extend the useful life . That way you can get the most out of it, before you have to change it. Here we bring you some tips so that your mobile uses less battery and thus lasts longer.

Set the screen brightness manually

Mobile devices come with the ‘automatic brightness’ option that regulates the intensity of the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the outside. However, this function can consume a lot of battery together with the fact that the higher the brightness, the more power is consumed. That is why keeping the brightness of your mobile at a low level can help you consume less battery.

Close background apps

It always happens that we enter one app, then another, then another and so on and we overlook closing them. By not doing this, they keep consuming battery to carry out their processes so they discharge it faster. We recommend that you close all the applications that you are not going to use , preventing them from running in the background.

Activate screen sleep to 15 seconds

Another way to save battery and last longer is to keep the screen on as little as possible when you are not using it. That time in which you do not use the mobile and it goes into sleep are seconds or minutes of unnecessarily consumed battery. That is why activating the screen suspension at 15 seconds is a way to avoid this, and thus praise the battery.

Turn off keyboard sound and vibration

Usually some models come with the function activated that allows them to vibrate and make sounds when pressing a key on the keyboard. These functions consume a lot of battery over time and use . Adding to the brightness of the screen, they are one of the main reasons why the battery of mobile phones lasts less. It is best to disable these keyboard options and thus save battery for what is important.

As you can see, it is possible to use an application to save battery. Considering that depending on their development they can give you valuable information and send you alerts to keep your mobile working in the most optimal way. That way you extend the life of your battery and mobile.


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