10 tips to keep back pain from ruining your sex life

Listings with the problems that most concern Spaniards are published regularly: corruption, unemployment … But surely, if we asked in a survey about the most important things that inhabit our lives, sex would be among them. Someone said that the good thing about having money is that you did not have to worry about it, so if we have a healthy sex life, we will also have one less worry, “says Ata Pouramini, health counselor, and one of the most recognized chiropractors in Spain . In this sense, we must know, according to this doctor, member of the Spanish Association of Chiropractic , that “sex begins in the head, but continues in the back.”

In his opinion, “80% of the population suffers from back pain at some time in their life, something that can greatly influence a person’s sexual life, since if one feels pain, one ends up moving away from sex, and if this problem not communicating to the partner can have serious consequences for the relationship, so communication is essential to find solutions ».

For this specialist, “people with chronic pain usually have osteoarthritis, herniated discs or degeneration of the disc, there are also those who suffer all their lives after spinal surgery, but chronic back pain does not have to end a life Sexually active, although it is a much more common consequence than we think causes discomfort during the act and even after ».

According to Porimi, “although many people are embarrassed to talk about this problem, the vast majority of my patients at the beginning of their treatments have had difficulties that have been resolved with different care.”

This is his decalogue of tips and solutions to change the way of facing this problem and that can return a healthy and full sexual life:

  1. Be very careful with taking anti-inflammatory painkillers to relieve pain before making love, since if we mask the pain we can harm the back more with stressful postures or by increasing the pace of activity too much.
  2. A very hot shower can relax muscles and temporarily relieve symptoms before making love.
  3. Applying ice to the painful area after the act can lower the inflammation. It is recommended not to do it for more than 10 minutes and use a cloth to avoid burns on the skin.
  4. Sex can be a very physical activity, so stretch your leg and back muscles for 10 minutes before starting.
  5. You have to know when to stop: if it hurts, it is better to leave it for a while.
  6. But it is also advisable not to “get too excited”, because the pain may come later.
  7. Modify the posture. For example, people with herniated discs tend to have more pain when bending over, so it’s best to lie on your back, and if necessary, put a small pillow under your lower back and knees to take the pressure off your back.
  8. Conversely, people with osteoarthritis or stenosis tend to have less pain when they bend forward.
  9. Practicing Pilates can strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and lower back.
  10. Physical therapy, chiropractic, pilates … can help thousands of people with back pain every day, so it is highly recommended to find the best specialist to help you solve the problem.


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