What Is Meant by “Profile Photos”? 

Profile photo or profile picture is the main and first picture that can be seen by our followers on social media which is often used to check whether the account is really ours or someone else’s. Profile photos are a key element of our presence on a social media account, for example LinkedIn. So, LinkedIn’s profile photo is the main image that is used as a key element as proof of our presence in a LinkedIn account.


Usually, LinkedIn profile photos are images of our faces that are put into the main picture and can be seen by our followers on LinkedIn. We need to remember that LinkedIn accounts are different from other social platforms, which is where it is in LinkedIn that we will get to know and interact with professionals from all over the world. So, we need to be careful in choosing and installing the right LinkedIn profile photo. One study showed that by choosing and using the right profile photo, the chances of our LinkedIn profile being seen or visited by others rose 14 times higher.


Well, this condition can be a golden opportunity for Career Advice colleagues who are looking for work or expand connections on LinkedIn. By using the right profile photo, recruiters, business people and entrepreneurs will be interested in connecting with us. Some people might choose to take a photo studio and use the photos on their LinkedIn profile. But, what if we don’t want a photo in the studio? After all, using photos taken by yourself is cheaper. Agree or not?


In this article, we will provide powerful tips that fellow readers can apply in choosing the right LinkedIn profile photo. Reporting from the business linked website dot com, there are 10 powerful tips that can be applied by all of us in this regard.


1. Use Our Own Face in Profile Photos.

The first tip we need to follow is to use our own faces as profile photos on LinkedIn. If your fellow reader has a twin sister who is very identical to your face, we still encourage your fellow reader to use a profile photo of your own reader’s face. In addition, we also need to include a profile photo that is really similar to us. There are some cases when someone displays a photo of himself, but the profile photo is not similar to him.


This can happen because the profile photo is our old photo (a year or two years ago) or our make-up is too thick so that other people find it difficult to recognize ourselves. So, the first tip that must be done is to use a profile photo of our own face and make sure the photo really resembles us.


2. Use Profile Photos that Consist of 60% of Yourself Face.

The second tip is not to use unclear profile photos. That is, our faces are difficult to detect in the profile photo. For example, we take a photo above a tall building and we use that photo as a LinkedIn profile photo. Do you think our recruiters or followers can recognize our faces? Of course not, even if it would be difficult. Others will guess whether we are in the profile picture or not. So, try to make our faces fill a profile picture of about 60% of the existing photo space. Oops! make sure your fellow readers don’t use blank profile photos, let alone using cartoon profile photos hehe.


3. Make sure Only You are in the LinkedIn Profile Picture.

As was discussed at the beginning of the article that profile photos are pictures that represent our presence in a social account. We do not encourage fellow readers to use photos together with your partner or friends, especially family photos consisting of many people. Make sure that in the photo there are only you and yourself readers, without anyone else. Do not let the recruiter or follower in LinkedIn we are confused “about the name Anita which is left or right, huh?”


4. Avoid Background Profile Photos Are Very Annoying.

Apart from making sure only we are in the profile photo (no one else). We also need to ensure that the background profile photo that we use is clear and does not interfere with the view of anyone who sees it. We don’t need to think about where we should take photos. Profile photos do not need to be taken in a studio or have a plain white background. But, we need to ensure that the background used is simple, simple and pleasing to the eye. Even so, we also can still take photos with natural backgrounds such as mountains, painted walls, or take pictures next to the banner images (logos) of our company.


5. Give the Right Expression in the Profile Photo.

When you see your profile photo on LinkedIn, our recruiter or follower will start guessing, “What does this person look like? Is he a very serious person? Or someone who is serious but also cheerful?


Profile photos can convey messages to others about how we are. It’s okay if your fellow readers want to pose seriously in a profile photo. However, a study conducted with 800 LinkedIn profile photos shows that people whose profiles are preferred by others mostly put up their profile photos with a smile expression. In addition, smiling expressions by displaying teeth are rated twice as preferred than smiling expressions with tight lips. Well, fellow readers might be able to practice in the mirror first to ensure that the expressions we show in the profile photo are indeed our best expressions.


6. Wear the Clothes We Wear for Work.

As someone who enters into a professional social media account like LinkedIn, a profile photo on LinkedIn is something to be aware of. From the side of dressing, of course we have to wear nice clothes to look like polite and professional clothes. Every workplace does have different rules when it comes to clothes. There are those who allow their employees to dress smart casual, and there are also employees who can wear clothes as they like to the office. However, make sure that the clothes we wear are not over or underdressed. Another tip we can give is that it’s much better if fellow readers wear clothes with solid colors, because solid colors will produce the best effect in a profile photo.


7. Use Profile Photos with High Resolution.

Avoid profile photos that look blurry or vague, because this action will only make us look “no intention” to display profile photos on LinkedIn. Please note that the ideal size for a LinkedIn profile photo is 400 x 400 pixels. We can also use profile photos with large file sizes. However, make sure the photo size does not exceed 8MB. So, don’t use low resolution profile photos, yes, Career Advice colleagues.


8. Ask Others to Take Our Photos (Not Selfies).

It’s fine if we want to be happy to get the photos we want and we can upload them with a profile photo on LinkedIn. However, we encourage fellow readers to ask for help from others to take your photos, because this will look more professional than if we take a selfie. Take it easy, asking for help from others to take our photos will not take a long time anyway. Enough 3-5 minutes, we will get a profile profile that is more professional and suitable for LinkedIn.


9. Take Photos with Good Lighting.

The ninth tip to consider is to make sure that your fellow readers take photos with good lighting, not too bright and not too dark either. Would it be better if the lighting was very natural, so your LinkedIn profile photo would look very charming.


10. Avoid Excessive Filter Use.

Although the use of filters will make our profile photos become smaller. However, the selection of filters that are too excessive will only make our profile photo appear unprofessional. If your fellow readers don’t want to use filters, your fellow readers can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and photo sketch directly in your LinkedIn account.


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