10 things you didn’t know about roulette

Let’s see here things you did not know about roulette and that can make a difference. The story goes that roulette was created in the 18th century, when a Frenchman named Blaise Pascal tried to invent a continuous motion machine.

Without success with the experiment, the man had the brilliant idea of ​​reusing the «roulette» (small wheel, in French) to create a new game. Do you want to know where the inspiration for Pascal and other curiosities about roulette came from ?

What should I know about roulette?

  • 1. Pascal’s inspiration to create the game
  • 2. Roulette and the classic Casablanca
  • 3. The man who broke the bank
  • 4. James Bond and roulette
  • 5. The man who sold everything for the game
  • 6. No drink on the table
  • 7. The number 17
  • 8. Valid for the experienced, valid for the beginner
  • 9. Game variations
  • 10. Online betting
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Keep reading and we will tell you 10 things about this famous game!

1. Pascal’s inspiration to create the game

Now you know that it all started with an experiment that went wrong. But like any good inventor, Blaise Pascal saw a lot of similarity between his invention and other games, such as Roly-Poly and Even and Odd (English) and Hoca and Biribi (Italian). And that’s how roulette was created, which ended up surpassing the aforementioned games in popularity.

2. Roulette and the classic Casablanca

Most of the great classic Casablanca movie (1942) takes place at Ricks’s Cafe Americain, where there is a fraudulent roulette wheel to benefit the owner of the place, played by actor Humphrey Bogart.

3. The man who broke the bank

Joseph Jagger was the first player to break the bank in a Monte Carlo casino in 1881. Supposedly, Jagger would have identified mechanical problems in the game and would have benefited from them to achieve several consecutive victories.

4. James Bond and roulette

The first James Bond book (Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming, 1953) begins with Bond playing roulette. Game enthusiasts have even created a special strategy called the “James Bond system.” This is another one of the things you didn’t know about roulette.

For many, the Casino movie should give more time or space to how roulette marked the casino at the time. The truth is that it does not raise it at the level of James Bond.

5. The man who sold everything for the game

In 2004, Britain’s Ashley Revell sold all of her belongings, including her clothes, collected the equivalent of just over 550,000 reais, and went to Las Vegas to bet everything on roulette. A television show found out about the story and decided to follow the saga. Now you must wonder about the end of this adventure, right? Well, know that Revell bet all his money in one round and… he won! The win of the bet was 1.2 million reais! After winning, the player simply collected their chips, exchanged them at the cashier, and left.

6. No drink on the table

Unlike other games such as poker and blackjack, for example, in which it is very common for the bettor to drink during games. The dealer roulette ask their bettors to avoid consumption during rounds.

7. The number 17

The preferred number of players in roulette is 17. And do you know why? Because 17 is the number James Bond bet on in most movies.

8. Valid for the experienced, valid for the beginner

Theoretically there are some strategies to bet on roulette. But everyone agrees that it is a game that does not depend on skill. Therefore, the chances of a veteran are the same as those of a beginner.

9. Game variations

Those who do not know the rules of roulette cannot distinguish the differences between the playing styles of American, European and French roulette. Each of them has a small variation in the game and the advantage of the bank over the player.

10. Online betting

Online roulettes have been around since the mid-1990s, and their games have evolved over time. Today it is possible to play roulette in real but virtual casinos, with dealers who interact with you and countless cameras that capture the entire game in high definition.

Feel free to enjoy this marvel of the Internet and, although gambling houses are not allowed in Brazil, online casinos are abroad and are not subject to Brazilian sanctions, and neither are their players. So enjoy these things you didn’t know about roulette!

Related questionsHow does the casino roulette work?

Roulette is a game of chance in which the objective of the player is to guess in which square the ball will stop when the wheel stops spinning. The player can bet on an exact number or on groups of numbers and colors.

How to play roulette and win?

Choose European roulette, place bets on the outsiders, study the rules and payouts of the game, and learn when to stop playing.

How to play roulette online?

Go to a reputable website, select the type of roulette you prefer, and pay attention to the slight differences in the rules of each one.


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