10 things to stop saying from now on – and 10 things to say instead

Like most, you also reel out platitudes every day without thinking. Now is the time to rethink and stop fertilizing your everyday life with clichés.

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Stop saying this:
• It’s not my problem
• It was not my fault
• I can not bear it
• I can not

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• I do not know
• What does it have to do with me?
• Who cares?
• It’s unfair
• I do not have time
• If I could, so…

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Instead, say the following:
• I fix it
• Do you need help?
• Thank you
• Sorry
• Well done
• Can I do something for you?
• No problem, I’m so happy to do it
• We think completely differently, but it’s okay
• I respect that
• You can count on it

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