10 things to do to become a child again

Play hide-and-seek with friends, draw a picture and take a nice afternoon nap. How long have we not been dedicating a regenerating break and a really fun and carefree moment? Being a little child again for a few hours every now and then is really a panacea for our well-being and helps us to find a more open and carefree vision of life. It is simply a matter of letting go and starting to play again .


  • Snack
  • To play hide and seek
  • Rediscover skates and skateboards
  • Start drawing again
  • Doing chores with the salt dough
  • Spend an afternoon at the playground
  • Sleeping when sleepy
  • Read a storybook
  • Keeping company with grandparents
  • Make new friends


The snack, one of the most awaited moments by children. When we were little it meant taking a break from homework or interrupting the games for something even more enjoyable that could prepare us for the new adventures of the second part of the afternoon, always full of imagination and creativity. Try to stop for a moment to have a healthy mid-afternoon snack even if you are grown up. It will be a nice break from work or home life activities.

To play hide and seek

When was the last time you played hide and seek ? It has probably been several years. So it’s really time to rediscover the thrill of going in search of the perfect place to hide in order not to be found by the friend on duty at the count. If you are a parent or a grandparent, play hide and seek with your children and grandchildren, otherwise involve your friends. You will have a great time.

Rediscover skates and skateboards

Roller skates, skateboards , scooters, bikes : as children, perhaps you too were attracted by everything that moved on wheels and that allowed you to move quickly and happily, giving an extra sprint to outdoor games. Maybe you still have skates or a skateboard at your disposal to test yourself. It will certainly be easier to find a bike. Then try again to walk the same streets you crossed as children, perhaps to go to school or to grandparents.

Start drawing again

Children usually love drawing and coloring very much . It is a very relaxing activity, which allows you to clear your mind of worries and to take a break from everyday life for a few moments. When children draw, they immediately calm down. So why not try to pick up paper, paints and pencils? In addition, you could rediscover an artistic vein that you thought was now buried and forgotten.

Doing chores with the salt dough

Perhaps even among your memories there is the preparation of salt dough , together with parents, grandparents or uncles. Making chores with salt dough is one of the typical pastimes for the little ones when it’s raining outside and you can’t go out to play. Involve the children and give them a practical hand to model and color the creations in salt dough, you will rediscover how nice it is to share with carefree.

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Spend an afternoon at the playground

Spending an afternoon in the park and more generally spending more time outdoors and in contact with nature . Like when as children you could spend whole afternoons playing in the garden or in public parks. Can we still be amazed by the wonders of nature as when we were children? How long have we not tried to smell the scent of a flower discovered by chance in a meadow?

Sleeping when sleepy

Go to sleep when we feel tired, take an afternoon nap , curl up on the sofa and doze off when we feel sleep coming. Here is a great privilege that we had as children and that now for many reasons we perhaps no longer have. When we get the chance, let’s not deny ourselves a nap, in complete carefree.

Read a storybook

Italians have the reputation of not being a people of readers, yet there are many people who love to read from an early age. Some of us may not have opened a storybook, or in any case a children’s book , from elementary school. Storybooks help us to stimulate the imagination and open horizons to fantastic worlds. It is also very interesting to rediscover what messages they can transmit to us now that we are raised the same stories we read as children. And most importantly, let’s not forget to read or invent and tell a bedtime story to our little ones.

Keeping company with grandparents

Those lucky enough to still have grandparents can try to spend a little more time with them if they have the chance. Alternatively, you may have elderly relatives or neighbors who may need your company. Or, you could go volunteering. Older people , with their wisdom, have a lot to teach us, at any age. Spending time with them is a lifesaver.

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Make new friends

Unforgettable friendships are born during childhood which are carried in the heart for many years and which often last for most of life. As adults, finding new friends or keeping friendships alive may seem more difficult, but perhaps just a little more commitment and above all the enthusiasm needed to get to know those who live next to us better and to strengthen ties with old friendships. .

A child can always teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to demand with all his might what he wants. Paulo Coelho


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