10 things you can never say to your boyfriend

Putting your feet in your hands and saying what you don’t want and what you shouldn’t is common in any relationship. Without realizing the weight of the words, women hurt men and are also hurt by them. Whether in times of anger, fight or even play, it is essential to control what comes out of the mouth so as not to cause damage to the loved one.

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It is not for nothing that they say that “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”, because the psychological differences between the sexes are strong and make all the difference. What a woman thinks is not offensive may not be for another woman, but it may be for a man and vice versa. Therefore, dating and getting married is a lifelong learning and, with attention and interest, it is possible to understand over time what are the biggest differences between the couple.

Here are 10 phrases you can’t say to your loved one :

1. “I’m going to work, since you don’t support the house”

Under no circumstances hurt your man’s pride. Everyone does what they can to contribute to the home and efforts must be recognized. If he works and earns little, do not throw things in his face and do not devalue the effort of your loved one. If you think he is able to evolve, encourage him to look for a more rewarding job, but do not say that he is not playing his part.

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In addition, the time when women stayed at home taking care of household chores and children was long over. He is also responsible for supporting the house, just as he must collaborate with household chores and raising children.

2. “The guy’s boyfriend doesn’t care”

Nothing is more irritating to a man than to be compared to his girlfriends’ boyfriends. It is common to think that the neighbor’s grass is always greener, so you see the behavior of your friend’s boyfriend and want your partner to do the same. However, they are different people and certainly your boyfriend has qualities that other men do not have.

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Value his qualities and restrain the impulse to compare with others. If you want him to be kinder, for example, don’t say that another man is like that, just say sincerely that you would feel happier if he behaved differently. However, don’t forget that changing a man is almost impossible.

3. “What is that tummy, love?”

Criticism regarding the physique women understand well, because none likes to hear something like “How you gained weight, love!”. With men the rule is the same. The beer belly or too thin arms is something that already bothers them naturally, you don’t have to say anything.

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Especially in relation to his lower limb. If you are small, avoid making any suggestions about it or it will leave you depressed for the rest of your life. As for the physique, which is something that can be improved, encourage him to go to the gym, for example, without suggesting the need to lose weight or something like that.

4. “I’m not mad”

One thing that women still don’t understand is that with men they only work with direct words. If you are thinking one thing and saying another, he will never understand the irony. If you are angry and say you are not angry, he will believe and relax. When you act rudely, he will find it totally incomprehensible.

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Don’t be afraid to be honest if your loved one asks you what you are feeling. It is better to speak directly and resolve things than to be indirect and he will never understand. A phrase like “I’m not mad” is enough to extend a discussion for hours that could end in a few minutes.

5. “My ex did it for me”

Comparing the current with the ex is inevitable for many women, but it should be done only among friends. Never make comparisons in front of him with the intention of making him change his behavior . The most you can do with this is to make him upset with you. Also, if the ex was better you probably wouldn’t have ended the relationship, remember that.

6. “I can’t believe you went the wrong way”

Pride is incredibly important to men, and when they feel compelled to do something, it is an honor to achieve it. A man never admits that he is lost, for example, no matter how many hours he goes around the same place.

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When this kind of situation happens, the best thing to do is to be patient and not criticize his ability to find the right path on his own.

7. “I already cheated once, but I regret it”

Never reveal anything about cheating to your boyfriend. Be a betrayal in a previous relationship or with him. If you confess that you have already cheated on another man, you will give him reason to be suspicious of you and more jealous than usual. If you confess that you have betrayed him, you will not only risk losing, but leave him deeply hurt. (Is it worth confessing a betrayal?)

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In the case of betrayal, it is best to keep it with you and suffer repentance alone. Do not look for his “forgiveness”, as you probably will not succeed and will cause great injuries to a person who does not deserve it. If you made a mistake, make up for it in other ways, but don’t feel entitled to hurt him.

8. “Didn’t you say you were going to be kinder and more understanding?”

If you went through a crisis in the relationship, perhaps he made promises to win another chance. The simple fact that he tried hard not to lose you is already a great proof of love, don’t forget that. After the crisis, do not be demanding attitudes from him all the time, because the subject probably opens wounds that are being overcome by both .

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Throwing things in his face is ignoring the effort he made to keep you from losing. Try to be more understanding and accept your boyfriend’s flaws, because the perfect man doesn’t exist and you probably do a lot of things that he doesn’t like but endures out of love. Try to do the same.

9. “I’m not in the mood to go and have to put up with your mother today”

Never speak ill of his family. If you feel uncomfortable with your mother-in-law or a relative, be polite and let him know that you are struggling to win over his family. If you can’t live with these people, be gentle when you say you don’t feel comfortable and explain the reasons.

10. “Why don’t you say you love me?”

Romanticism is not part of everyone’s personality and you will only make him angry with these charges. Remember that it is more important to prove your feelings on a daily basis than with words, as things are often said lip service.

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If he’s not the romantic type, don’t insist that he send you flowers and love letters, he probably won’t do it even if you really want to.


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