10 steps to healthy feet

We offer a series of tips for the care of your feet:

– Clean your feet daily. Make sure to thoroughly wash your ankles, soles, nails, and the spaces between your fingers.

– Dry them thoroughly. Excess moisture and heat, as well as soap residue, favor the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, so it is important to pay special attention to the space between the toes and take time to dry your feet before putting on any footwear.

“Hydrate as much as you can.” Apply a good moisturizer after washing, especially on the heels, the area of ​​the foot that is most dry and where cracks can appear. Use a suitable product according to the state of your skin.

—Make a massage when you apply the cream. Take advantage of the moment of applying the moisturizer to perform a small massage all over the foot, covering from the heel to the ankle and with dedication to the sole and instep.

“Pay attention to the pedicure.” Don’t let your nails overgrow and always trim them to a straight / square shape to avoid growing problems.

– Wear socks made of natural materials. Bet on garments made with materials such as cotton, instead of those containing synthetic fibers, which prevent proper perspiration. Also, do your best to avoid tight seams that put pressure or rub on the skin.

– Footwear, comfortable and suitable for you. Use a flexible, breathable shoe of a width suitable for your feet. And make it comfortable for you. Look for those shoes that have a padded sole or, failing that, use a synthetic foot pad to avoid overloading your feet. High, narrow heels should be avoided as much as possible.

– Do exercises regularly. It is important to keep the muscles, joints and tendons of the feet active. To work them, often stretch and pick up your feet, move your toes and rotate your ankles.

– Protect your feet in public spaces. To prevent fungal or wart infections, protect your feet by wearing flip flops or rubber booties in wet areas for public use such as swimming pools. It is also not recommended to share nail cutting tools, even with other family members.

– Ask your pharmacist about podiatry solutions. There are products designed to alleviate the pain caused by the different pathologies: foot pads, antifriction protectors, finger pads and callus separators, heel pads … The pharmacist will be able to advise you on the most suitable for your needs.


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