10 Simple Habits to be Happier at Home

That your house is an essential part of your life is not something new. It is in those walls that you call home where your protection is often found, whether physical or mental, against the outside world. It is that basic space for when you need a break. Or even for when you want to enjoy your time or yours.

Your home must always be your salvation. Like when we played those children’s games in which a specific place was recognized as home and in it we were safe. Perhaps a metaphor about what the outside world is for some at times, a jungle, the antonym of our protective House. Our houses are part of our life and our day to day. It is essential that if you want to balance your life, you must do the same with your “sanctuary”.

Your perfect home with 10 easy habits, some habits to be happier.

Here are what for me are the 10 simple habits to be happier at home. A few little habits that are really simplified with daily habits. These routines allow you to maintain a balance that your life may need at home. At the end of the day, we are talking about being able to extend our own being in that place where we feel most comfortable: in our home.

1.                Make the bed.

Don’t leave your space without making your bed. With the hours you spend sleeping in bed and resting, you have to show the bed the respect it deserves and treat it as essential. I confirm that currently I even make myself to bed in hotels because at that time it is my bed. (The problem was that once I lost the discharge protection for my teeth through the sheets, and in that hotel in Dubai it stayed because when I made the bed and being transparent I did not see it.)

2.                Rule of the minute.

Many of the habits that you must take will not occupy you even a minute and this is what you have to understand. Hanging the jacket on the hanger does not take you more than 1 minute, or putting your clothes in your closet … whatever takes you less than 1 minute to do, do it. You will be surprised how orderly your house will be.

3.                Always leave the keys in the same place.

Simple and easy. Always keep the keys in the same place, you will not lose or forget them.

4.                Close the doors, windows, closet.

If something falls to the ground you must pick it up, if you open a closet you must close it (the exception is that you ventilate it), the doors are not only to open but also to close. Think that the structure of your home is simple and it will be more so when doors and windows are closed, everything more collected and organized with a simple detail.

5.                Weekly cleaning

I suppose this is something logical but there will be some that will cost you more than others. Cleaning is basic and above all it is an act that although you never like to do it, the results and satisfaction are immediate.

6.                Think about what you are going to fix the house today / week.

Take a walk around your house and write down what changes you want to make or what you need to repair. Try to follow a routine to improve and you will feel satisfied with it again.

7.                Make a list of the changes you want to make.

Related to the previous point, try to dream of your perfect space and get to work to achieve it; remember that it is where you are going to spend a large part of your life and you need to feel comfortable.

8.                Invite your family, friends …

let your friends or family enjoy your space. As soon as you make your family part of your home, the more satisfied you will be with the habits to feel happy at home. You will become more aware of the needs that your home deserves only with greater attention.

9.                Put flowers, plants.

Give life to your house and think that like everyone else, they need to have a plant or flower nearby. Even if you don’t have time or are careless, there are plants that do not need much attention and will give you a spectacular result.


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