10 signs that you have a loyal boyfriend and you shouldn’t worry

Suspecting your boyfriend’s infidelity can occur for two reasons: signs of possible betrayal or simply female paranoia . There are women who do not see horns on a horse’s head unless they have reason to do so, while others see the horns before they even see the horse.

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If your boyfriend has done absolutely nothing suspicious and you just want proof that he is a trustworthy man, you can easily achieve it by observing his behavior.

Remember that fidelity is also a sign of character. You will have more reason to be unsure if he cheated on your ex before breaking up, for example. If he is a quiet guy, with no negative history and able to prove his character, the worries will be less. See the list below and find out if there are reasons to worry :

1. No secrets

A faithful man consequently does not keep secrets from you, at least regarding some aspects of his personal life. He may not like you to invade privacy, but he will not react badly if you touch his cell phone and will not refuse to teach the password to access the notebook.

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If he gets nervous every time you are together and he receives a message on his cell phone, you approach the device or look at his account on social networks, it is a sign that he may be wanting to hide something.

2. Reliable history

If he is faithful, you probably were not the pivot of some separation from him and there is probably no information that would make his record dirty. History of betrayal with you or with ex-girlfriends, “colorful friends” from the past who are still around and so on. (8 signs that you’ve found the love of your life)

You may not know so much about his past, but you can get a sense by hearing stories from his friends and even asking questions during casual conversations. Observing the behavior on a daily basis can also tell you if he is a quiet person or if he has a hectic and unknown social life for you.

3. Quick responses

A man who has nothing to hide will likely leave his cell phone on and answer or answer you as soon as he realizes the contact. Sure, he may be busy working, but it probably won’t happen that he says he’s going to the bar with friends and after hours without contact, he says he has run out of battery.

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For many men, lying in the midst of betrayal is not easy, which makes them prefer not to keep in touch and invent something later. If he responds quickly you are a good sign that he is not doing anything wrong.

4. No Excuses

Some women are used to hearing one excuse after another, which is a real sign that something is wrong. You may be dating a professional liar who always has a wonderful and very detailed story to tell, but easy to suspect at the same time.

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If he cancels appointments, he is always busy on weekends, I went out a lot with unmarried friends without giving much explanation, he doesn’t answer his messages or he answers calls is a bad sign. If none of this bothers you, know that you can give your partner a vote of confidence.

5. Light ratio

When there is fidelity in a relationship, neither party is concerned with keeping secrets, which automatically makes the relationship lighter. If there is companionship and trust, the relationship reaches an ideal point and there is simply no reason to be suspicious of the partner, as you see nothing suspicious in his behavior.

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Before questioning anything, talk to other people and make sure you’re not paranoid for no reason. There are many relationships that had all the qualities to work, but end up failing due to insecurities and psychological problems on one side.

6. Mutual trust

Trust is undoubtedly an indispensable element in any relationship and goes hand in hand with fidelity. It is not always easy to trust your partner, but this challenge can be overcome when there is no reason to doubt him and when you also do not make him insecure, which is a great sign of loyalty.

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7. No negative surprises

Dating a faithful man means that you are not at risk of being negatively surprised by him. In other words, this means that you can show up at his house without telling or answering a call on his cell phone if he is in the shower.

Little things are proof of fidelity and you need to be attentive to understand. However, if he is cheating and manages to escape all of his “surprise attitudes”, this means that you are dating some kind of professional liar.

8. No lies

When you know a person well, it is easier to assess when there are lies behind the stories told. A faithful man may even lie to you in one situation or another to avoid a fight or not to upset you for some reason.

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However, a man who cheats will likely have a collection of stories wrapped around him to try to keep you from distrusting his behavior. Of course, it is not easy to discover lies, but you can get an idea according to his statements and justifications.

9. Complicity

Betrayal is not usually a common behavior, even for those who have already climbed over the fence. There are cases of people who do it because of total bad character, but there are many cases where the problems in the current relationship trigger a betrayal, because the person is willing to seek out what he does not have with the current partner. (Reasons why men and women cheat)

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Complicity plays a fundamental role in this regard. Two boyfriends who are friends above all, complete each other in bed and on a daily basis, have a good time and show happiness to each other, probably have no reason to look for adventures with other people.

10. True love

Finally, faithfulness is part of true love and you can feel it when you realize that you are truly loved. He doesn’t want to lose or hurt you and staying faithful is the best choice to avoid problems.

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Within mutual love, transparency must also work. Arrange with your partner that whatever happens will be said honestly so that the two can seek a solution together, since no one is free to make mistakes and forgiveness is yet another proof of sincere love.


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