10 signs that you have found a man and not another “boy”.

Calls you on the phone. It’s not strange to think about interesting topics or just check in and ask yourself how your day is going. Spend time to listen to you, even if only for a few minutes.

2. Sends you a message to say good morning and good night. He is aware that these small gestures mean a lot. It never lets you wake up or sleep feeling forgotten.

3. Schedule appointments. Plan thoughtfully what the evening will be like and even if it is sudden, you know the places. It always shows you the best.

4. He tells you that you are beautiful and he says it seriously. It’s not just about your body, but when it compliments you, it does so by looking you straight in the eye. She says you are beautiful, because she admires you as a whole, not only for your body.

5. He is interested in the things that happen to you. He likes to know your dreams and goals in life. He wants to be part of them and help you be your best self. He gives you good advice and celebrates your successes, but you can also count on him for comfort when things don’t go as planned.

6. Waiting for you without rushing (sexually). Today, men are not very patient when it comes to sex. This guy is different, though. He loves the idea of ​​making love to you, but is willing to wait until you’re sure. He knows you don’t owe him anything, even if he paid for dinner and drinks.

7. Appreciate your quirks and your small (or large) flaws. He likes your ridiculous laughter and that your smile isn’t perfect. Do you think it is stupid that you hate celery and probably notice that your nose has a small bump. However, still appreciate your appearance. You have a few extra pounds to lose, but think your flesh is sexy. Accept you as you are.

8. Willing to speak when there are misunderstandings. He is not picky about the idea of ​​talking and fixing things. It is open to listening to you and exciting thing, listen! He understands, or at least tries to understand you, and it doesn’t make you think you’re crazy to hear things so deeply.

He is thoughtful. Remember the little things you say in a conversation, like how much you love candy or how Titanic is your favorite movie. The next time you go out, bring out some candy and turn on the TV and BINGO! Titanic is active. He knows that when you say two sugars, you really mean three. It constantly surprises you with these little things.

10. Be careful not to hurt yourself like others have. Ask questions about previous relationships. He is a real man, looking for a real relationship. He doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes that others have made with you. He wants to ensure success with you and if you need to talk about the past, he is willing to do it.


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