10 Ruta graveolens or Ruta: properties, benefits

Ruta graveolens: indications in homeopathy, therapeutic properties and benefits.Rue or rue graveolens is digestive, fights intestinal fermentation and belly air. The homeopathic remedy is indicated in case of rheumatic pain, sprains and eyestrain.

Rue, rue graveolens, belongs to the rutaceae family (like lemon) and its flowering tops are widely used in liqueur preparations, as a flavoring. Grappa alla ruta, grappa is probably what made it famous, after a big meal it helps digestion . In Italy, the plant is widespread and is present throughout the territory (excluding islands) up to 1000 meters. It has small yellow flowers and gray-green leaves, it can reach a height of one meter.

What Ruta graveolens contains 
The plant is rich in heterosides, that is glycosides that increase the resistance of blood capillaries in addition to performing an antispasmodic and diuretic action; flavonoids, recognized antioxidants; fucumarine with photosensitizing and vasodilatory action and essential oils. A particular flavonoid, rutin , is extracted from the rue , which is used by the pharmaceutical industry for the prevention and treatment of capillary fragility.

How to use and how to use Ruta graveolens

Ruta graveolens is used as a flavoring and is traditionally used to flavor liqueurs and grappas.
As a digestive, to prevent air in the stomach and intestinal spasms because it stimulates gastric activity and counteracts fermentation. In the kitchen Ruta graveolens can also be used in the kitchen. In small quantities, in salads (fresh leaves) or to flavor oil, vinegar or meat dishes. The infusion of rue seeds and mint is used to marinate game before cooking.

At home, to keep mice away, you can arrange fresh twigs in places where presence is suspected. The aroma it gives off is unwelcome to rodents but also to mosquitoes, which is why it is cultivated in gardens. Since the times of ancient Greece, Ruta graveolens has been used as a phytotherapist: to reinforce the sight, as an abortifacient and to stimulate menstruation. It is said that Leonardo used it for the eyes, attributing his visual abilities to the plants. It was considered the herb capable of driving away fear but also contagion from the plague.
In Lombardy it is called midigù and ruda in veneto.

Precautions and contraindications on the use of rue graveolens

The ruta graveolens infusion, in the past, has been used to stimulate menstruation, but today it is not recommended as an overdose can cause inflammation of the digestive and uro-genital apparatus. The juice and the pulp were applied to the skin to remove the leeks but this indication is also not recommended by herbalists as the plant is very irritating.

The homeopathic remedy. 

The aerial parts are used  for the preparation of the homeopathic remedy based on rue graveolens.
It is a remedy indicated for anxious and agitated individuals who break down and become discouraged, crying easily. They are irritable and suspicious, they think they are easily prey to deception. Prone to melancholy, especially towards the evening, they often feel unhappy about themselves and others. Compared to psychic symptoms, it is a remedy to carry out further experiments, the physical ones are more numerous and concern muscle-tendon pains, rheumatic pains, contusions, sprains, muscular efforts with rigidity, lumbar stiffness and sciatica; pains often accompanied by weakness in the lower limbs and nodules.

Weakness in the lower limbs is a trait that accompanies the remedy: pains with weakness, general exhaustion with legs that give way, legs that give way as you go up or down the stairs … The eyes are struck by various symptoms such as fatigue, redness, hot eyes for having strained the sight, spasms of the lower eyelid, blurred vision … kent in “lessons of homeopathic matter” reports: – pain in the eye, above the eye and through the eye when the patient tries to focus on something, ie aggravation due to eye strain, reading small characters or doing very thorough sewing jobs.

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