10 Rules of successful person

If humanity is divided into leaders, outsiders and tough middle peasants, the majority will consider themselves to be among the latter. Scientists confirm that 92% of people do not achieve their goals and only 8% become successful.

“How do they do it?” – we ask, getting ready for an average job with an average salary, experiencing an average degree of satisfaction from life. Let’s get down to personalities and figure out the issue.

Coco Chanel: “Strength is based on failure. I became strong when I swam against the tide. ”

The famous fashion designer was the standard of a woman and an extraordinary person. From a simple seamstress, she has become an influential person in the fashion industry. Gabrielle Chanel has changed the styles and tastes of an entire generation. What secrets of success did she leave to posterity?


1 Secrets of Coco Chanel

1.1 Do not be afraid of change

1.2 Be observant

1.3 Do what you do best

1.4 Maintain your individuality

1.5 Do everything in good faith

2 Henry Ford’s Success Secrets

2.1 Ability to think

2.2 Realize your designs

2.3 Staying true to your dream

2.4 Don’t be afraid of mistakes

3 Secrets of the success of Irina Khakamada

3.1 Do not confuse dreams with needs

3.2 Haste Slowly

3.3 Combine professionalism with “moderate amateurism”

3.4 Be able to establish communication

4 10 essential tools for success

Coco Chanel Secrets

Do not be afraid of change

When the future fashion designer got tired of sewing ruffles to other people’s dresses, she went to sing in a restaurant. Although before she performed only in the church choir. “If you dream of having something that you have never had, you will have to do something that you have never had to do before,” she said later.

Be observant

Gabrielle noticed how women suffer from corsets, and offered them free-cut models. She saw that uncomfortable fluffy outfits prevent ladies from riding horses, actively having rest, driving a car, and came up with a trouser suit. After looking at the theater audience in colorful clothes, Coco’s imagination drew a cocktail black dress.

Do what you do best

The first orders to the fashion designer began to come from clients who liked the hat made by her hands. Chanel soon opened a hat shop.

Maintain your individuality

Once a mature designer was reproached for conservatism. “People can’t innovate forever,” replied Koko, “I want to create classics.” Blouses, skirts, jackets, invented by Gabriel at the beginning of the 20th century, are still popular today.

Do everything in good faith

Coco ran sewing workshops, boutiques, and a fashion house. She demanded perfection in work from employees. No marriage! Lazy and unskilled people immediately quit. Clothes “from Chanel” have always been of excellent quality. When asked about the high cost, Gabrielle replied, “To be taken seriously.”

Henry Ford’s secrets of success

Henry Ford: “The secret to success and wealth is the ability to understand other people as well as yourself.”

This man’s love for technology and the desire to invent something non-standard made him an automobile tycoon. Henry’s family was not poor, but he received a poor education. The young man was accused of ignorance, but he used other qualities and succeeded. What principles helped him in this?

Ability to think

Ford did not consider illiteracy to be a problem. A much bigger problem, in his opinion, is the unwillingness to think with his head. “This is the hardest thing in the world. This is probably why so few people are engaged in this, ”said the designer.

How to force yourself to study? TOP 10 tips are in our article .

Implement your designs

The inventor was extremely interested in the idea of ​​creating a “people’s” car. But he not only fantasized, but also worked on drawings. Ford said that ideas have value when they are put into practice.

Stay true to the dream

Henry’s parents did not support their son’s hobby. The leaders of the mechanical workshop where he worked did not believe in his idea either. But Ford was convinced of the reality of his plan. Looking back, he said – he was helped by enthusiasm. “This is the basis of any progress,” – believed the “father” of the automotive industry.

Don’t be afraid of mistakes

The first car of the designer was not appreciated by consumers. However, the persistent inventor continued to work on improving it. He believed that failure is an opportunity to more competently approach the solution of the problem. If something did not work out, you should not be ashamed of it, – Henry Ford was convinced.

Secrets of the success of Irina Khakamada

Irina Khakamada: “The art of being successful is the ability to hear yourself.”

This self-sufficient woman is the most striking example of success in our country. As a child, she was withdrawn and insecure. Therefore, an incredibly bright path in business and politics allowed her not only to become a symbol of the new time, but also to win over herself. Today, the legend of the 90s, with the help of his workshops and books, shares tips on how to become a successful and happy person .

Don’t confuse dreams with needs

Khakamada considers having a goal the main key to success. But it should be a Problem with a capital letter, so that its solution would bring satisfaction to the author and the world around him. Buying a new handbag from the collection of a famous brand is an ordinary temptation. And the goal should not have obstacles like “I can not” and “this is impossible.”

Hurry slowly

To make the right decision and gain strength in the race for a dream, you need to be able to stop, listen to yourself, think, analyze. This should be done even if you temporarily fall out of the general stream.

Combine professionalism with “moderate amateurism”

Khakamada recommends gaining new knowledge by communicating with people, reading books, expanding the horizons of their interests. In an era of change, it is not narrow specialists that survive, but broad-based professionals, ”the well-known politician believes.

Be able to establish communication

The ability to communicate, get along with people, find the right forms of building relationships – 95% of any success. Khakamada recommends developing and improving these skills.

10 essential tools for success

Fame, money, social status, professional achievements – these are the main criteria for success. Everyone has their own path to them, but analyzing the biographies of many successful people, one can identify general rules on the path to success, fame and wealth. Here are the main ones:

  1. Set worthy goals and not confuse them with illusory fantasies.
  2. Concentrate on the tasks at hand.
  3. Bring it to the end.
  4. Take responsibility for your work.
  5. Don’t be afraid of failure.
  6. Know how to take risks.
  7. Be observant, listen to your intuition.
  8. Think, analyze, apply conclusions in practice.
  9. Expand the range of professional interests.
  10. Believe in yourself.


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