Every customers has the right to be treated without restrictions for reasons of race, sex, age, language, religion, political or any other opinion, social origin, economic position or social conditionFor this reason, we want to provide you with the necessary information so that your purchase choice is informed and transparent.

Rights and Duties of Customer

— Banking Hours

— Outdated Cheque

— Unauthorised Person

  • To Draw a Cheque
  • To Receive Pass Book
  • Correction

— Warning

— Careful Draw of Cheque

— To Sue

— Receiving Deposit

— Receiving Profit



Banking Hours:

A customer must present cheques for payment and collection during banking hours.

  1. Out-Dated Cheque:

A customer is required to present cheques for payment before they become stale or out-dated.

  1. Unauthorised Person:

A customer should keep his Cheque Book under lock and key, so that it may not go into the hands of an unauthorized person.

  1. , Warning:

If a customer knows or has reasonable grounds for believing that his signature is being forged on a cheque, it is his duty to warn the banker of the fact at the earliest opportunity.

  1. Careful Draw of Cheque:

A customer should draw the cheques in such a careful way that there is no room left for raising the amount.


  1. Right to Draw a Cheque:

The customer has the right to draw cheques against his credit balance or when there is previous agreement to allow him Running Finance (old name Overdraft).

  • Right to Receive Pass Book:

A customer has the right to receive a Pass Book or a Statement of Account.

1           Right of Correction:

In a case there is over-crediting or over-debiting a customer has a right to get it corrected.

  1. Right to Sue:

A customer has the right to sue a bank if it fails to maintain the secrecy of his account or dishonours the cheque by mistake.

  1. Right to Withdraw Money:

The customer has right to withdraw his deposited amount in bank al any time even he can withdraw from fixed deposit.

  1. Right of Receiving Profit:

It is the right of customer that he will receive profit or interest from bank on his deposited amount according to the decided rates

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