10 reasons to study in Canada

From extraordinary universities to the job market, discover 10 of the many reasons to study in Canada.

Canada is the most popular study destination among Brazilians, according to Pesquisa Selo Belta. Do you know why? For several reasons! In the following, we will explain ten of them.

1. Extraordinary universities

There are three Canadian universities among the top three in the world in the most recent Times Higher Education ranking : the University of Toronto, in 18th position; the University of British Columbia, 34th; and McGuill University, 42nd. The three went up in rank compared to the previous year.

But you won’t think that these are your only choices of high quality Canadian universities, no. The offer is huge! There are more than 250 institutions, divided between universities, colleges, technological institutes, technical and polytechnic schools.

You can choose from more than 15 thousand courses offered by universities and more than 8 thousand by other institutions.

Know some excellent options:

Centennial College

Inaugurated in 1966, Centennial College is a college of the local community, with a welcoming atmosphere, and at the same time, it is an internationally recognized institution, receiving more than 9,000 international students from 134 different countries – it is no wonder that 80 languages ​​are spoken on campus and the college has been voted the number one choice for international students in the past ten years.

Contact Centennial College .

Trent University

Specializing in interactive learning, Trent University is one of the top five universities across Canada, with two campuses near Toronto and students from over 70 different countries. Trent emphasizes leadership and social transformation: its students are encouraged to collaborate, innovate and get involved in student life. In addition, scholarships are available for global citizens from C $ 2,000 to C $ 24,000 per year.

Download the Trent University catalog for free .

Humber College

With a welcoming community of more than 6,500 international students from 130 countries, you will feel at home at Humber College, even with a student population of 33,000. There are more than 180 courses on two campuses located in Toronto! Despite the number of students, the University maintains small classrooms so that each one receives personalized attention from professors and tutors specialized in their respective areas of study.


Download the Humber College catalog for free .


2. A financially accessible destination


In general, Canada is a more financially accessible country compared to other major study destinations, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

International students need to invest, on average, US $ 20,600 per academic year in Canadian degrees (with the exception of the areas of Medicine and Engineering), when in the United States the investment is estimated at US $ 26,290 annually.

Not to mention that the Canadian dollar is cheaper than the US dollar, the euro and the pound sterling. Thus, in addition to lower tuition fees, your cost of living will be more affordable.

3. Multiculturalism

As a bilingual country, Canada is an attractive study destination for international students who would like to feel part of a welcoming society.

English and French are the country’s two official languages, so you can choose to learn one or both languages ​​on a language course in Canada; or, if you are an undergraduate or graduate student, choose your university’s official language of instruction.


In addition, because it is a multicultural country by nature, which values ​​the differences of its population, you will feel less afraid about your proficiency to communicate with the locals.


4. Natural beauties

Canada is recognized worldwide for its breathtaking natural beauty. We know that you will need to focus on your studies while you are there, however, there will also be free time to travel around the country and explore all the landscapes it has to offer.

When choosing your city in Canada, consider the region in which you will live and whether it meets your leisure preferences – for example, if it is close to mountains, for you to go hiking or continue your running practice.

Maintaining physical activities and distraction moments has a big impact on your well-being and the success of your studies. Canada is especially interesting for those who enjoy outdoor activities, with all the options of hiking, trails, canoeing, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, rowing, among many others.

5. Popular areas of study

If you are interested in pursuing one of the following three areas of study, Canada is the right choice for you:

These were the most sought after areas in Canada in our most recent survey (2018-219). The country is also a leader in fields such as information technology, high-tech, engineering, MBA, among others.

6. International students


There were more than 570,000 international students from 186 countries in Canada in 2018. Since 2010, the number has grown by 154% – Brazilians represented 2%. This is just another proof of Canada’s receptivity!

Attention: with the increase in interest in the country as a study destination, the rules for obtaining a visa are becoming stricter. Read our 3 essential tips for getting a student visa for Canada !

7. Quality of life


Canada has three cities in the top ten in the world to live on the Economist Intellegence Unit’s annual list, and this result is recurring.

The ranking, called the Global Liveability Index, assesses 140 major cities in the world in five quality metrics:

  • Stability / Security
  • Public health
  • Culture and Environment
  • Education
  • Infrastructure

8. Security


Speaking of security, Canada is one of the ten safest countries in the world, according to different reliable rankings, such as the World Population Review (6th), World Atlas (6th), Safe Around (7th) and Global Peace Index (6th).

This factor should certainly be assessed in your choice of study destination, considering that you will be moving to a new country on your own. It is important to know that you will be safe and supported in your new home – not to mention that this factor will make your family much more relaxed about your trip.

9. Work after studies

Under current rules, international students may apply to exchange a student visa for a post-graduation work permit , which allows an additional three-year stay in Canada to find a job or attempt admission at a graduate degree. This is also the first step towards getting a permanent residence.

According to the CBIE survey of foreign students in Canada, 60% of them plan to apply for permanent residence upon completing their studies. In addition, 75% responded that they were interested in continuing academic studies in the country.

These data prove that students are choosing Canada as their destination for a combination of factors, including the ease of staying in the country after completing their studies to, among many reasons, start an international career.

10. Labor market open to foreigners

Finally, Canada’s labor market is experiencing a shortage of qualified labor in a number of sectors, as explained here . This increases your chances of gaining a professional position in the country, especially if you have an academic degree from a Canadian higher education institution and are fluent in English and / or French.

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