10 questions frequently asked in an interview about organizational skills

Today in this article we will talk about What questions are most frequently asked in an interview about organization skills? which have places in a recruitment of personnel, either internal or external. To better contextualize ourselves, when we talk about personnel recruitment we refer to a process, where people with a profile are summoned for a certain activity .

Generally, the number of people who attend is greater than the vacancies that exist, for which personnel selections are made , to see which person has qualities that are most aligned with the company.

These processes are in charge of the human resources department of a company, selecting in several interviews the personnel who will become part of the company . This possible staff is evaluated under employability factors , which should be positive for the company.

On the other hand, of the questions that are usually asked in these personnel recruits, they are related to organizational skills .

This is why we will ask some of the most frequently asked questions, so that you can anticipate some of these, creating new habits that guarantee success in answering them . Below we will mention and explain each of the most frequently asked questions about organization skills.

What are organizational skills?

When we talk about organizational skills we refer to those that are linked to a structure for order, increase productivity or have a good priority of tasks, etc.

It is attractive for companies that an employee, in addition to doing his job, adapts without much inconvenience to a change in the organizational structure . It should be noted that, if an employee lacks organizational skills, it can bring hobbies that damage the workplace .

We can divide these organizational skills in two, being internal or external. We will see what are the characteristics of each of these types.

  • When referring to internal organization skills, it is related to a serenity to face the stress of a hectic workday, a planning and planning system, which increases productivity in the work area, and it does not hurt to have an orderly workspace, which contributes to the elimination of distractions to increase efficiency in the working day .
  • Now speaking of external organization skills, it refers to the correct scheduling of commitments for both the employee and his teammates . In this way, you can meet the delivery deadlines given by the company in an orderly manner. All without neglecting his relationship with the other people around him, in the work area and outside the work area.

What questions are most frequently asked in an interview about organizational skills?

When recruiting staff, it is important to know what skills each person has, these skills are discovered thanks to interviews , with which all these aspects are collected.

Among these necessary skills are organization skills, which is why we will see what the most frequent questions are regarding organization skills, seeing what is expected of each one.

How do you organize daily activities?

A necessary question starting from the basics. And it is that you need to know, in what way a person thinks to organize his activities, making known with his answer the procedures that he follows . Then it will be determined depending on the company, if it serves you or not.

When a sudden change happens at work, how do you adjust to join?

On some occasions, the plans will not go as expected, so it is necessary to know what the restructuring will be in the task priorities, in the event of any change. The expected response is for the interviewee to explain their new priorities, in addition to providing solutions to this unforeseen event .

When you have the reins of organizing a project, what steps do you follow?

Finally, it must be considered from the position of organizer, which routes would take to fulfill a task , this is important since, when meeting the goals of the company, employees have spaces where they are not monitored by managers, therefore that it is important to know the method of work.


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