10 Productivity Tools for your day to day

You already know that productivity  for us is our weakness and that is why today we want to teach you the best productivity tools so that you also know them.

We love being able to help you improve every day, and one way to do this is to stop living stressed because you don’t know how to prioritize tasks.

From this blog, our social networks, newsletters, etc., we have already given you endless advice to improve your productivity .

But … there are times when we need an extra help.

Currently, there are a lot of applications with which you can have support, even if it is technological, to be super productive.

As it is sometimes difficult to choose among all those available on the market, here is a  list of 10 essential apps to improve your productivity .

Get the mobile while you read and feel about which is the best for you.

After recommending the best online tools to improve productivity , it was time to do the same taking into account the endless number of applications that fulfill the same function, so that you have them on hand most of your time.

We must admit it, we are practically all day pending the mobile.

This action makes us lose a lot of hours, minutes and seconds in the day, so, since we have the mobile in hand, how about we take the opportunity to improve our productivity  instead of charging it?

If you are with me, read the post to the end, try these applications and then tell me how it went.

Do we sign the deal? 😉

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  • List of Productivity Tools to improve your life
    • # 1 Forest
    • # 2 Productivity Tools: Focus To-Do
    • # 3 Flip
    • # 4 Todoist
    • # 5 Productivity Tools: Cloudcal
    • # 6 Headspace
    • # 7 Zapier
    • # 8 Productivity Tools: Slack
    • # 9 Offtime
    • # 10 Rescuetime

List of Productivity Tools to improve your life

# 1 Forest

I love this app because it has two faces that go a lot with me: productivity and the environment .

Forest wants you to control the time you spend glued to your mobile and also to be aware of the environment.

When you download it, you will see in front of you your own virtual forest.

The less time you spend looking at your mobile, the more trees your forest will have. In addition, this application to increase productivity will give you coins so you can buy different tree species.

You will only get them as you fulfill your goals.

For each objective you do not meet, a tree in your forest will die.

If you use the premium version, Forest will plant real trees with the coins you earn as it collaborates with the NGO Trees for the Future, which is in charge of carrying it out.

This application is free for Android  and paid for iOS .

# 2 Productivity Tools: Focus To-Do

It is an app that is based on the  Pomodoro technique , if you are not familiar with this term I will explain quickly.

It is one of the most used techniques to improve productivity  and consists of completing your tasks in periods of 25 minutes.

Although this is the essence of Focus To-Do, you can adjust the time to what you are used to, that is, it does not force you to work with the Pomodoro technique, but it does work at time intervals.

In addition, you can easily manage tasks and order them chronologically.

By creating the task you are going to work on, you can start measuring the time it takes to complete it.

In this case, this application to be more productive is free for both iOS  and Android .

The Pomodoro technique It is one of the most used techniques to improve productivity and consists of completing your tasks in periods of 25 minutes. @masymejorcom #Applications #Productivity #Entrepreneurs


# 3 Flip

What I like the most about this app is the interface.

It is very simple and super intuitive.

The best thing about Flip is that your task calendar is so well organized that, at first glance, it is very clear to you how you have planned your tasks.

When you create your task on the board and start working on it, you will access a panel where you will see a timer that, counting down, will notify you of how much time you have left to finish it.

In addition, it measures the quality of your concentration, which is measured taking into account the number of breaks you have taken to carry out this task.

This application to improve your productivity  is available only for Android for free.

Flip is available for Android only for free .

# 4 Todoist

It is one of the favorite applications of users because it has been postulated as a perfect tool to carry out the tasks that you have pending .

You can write everything down and, since it is based on artificial intelligence, it is the application itself that categorizes your tasks according to the date you created them.

Then set automatic reminders so you don’t forget that you have tasks to finish and, when you finish them, you can archive all of them as ” finished task “.

If you have a team, as is the case with Más y Mejor, this application is great because you can also use it for projects, assigning responsibilities, monitoring deadlines, etc.

Free Todoist in its most basic version, for other sections you will have to access the premium version.

# 5 Productivity Tools: Cloudcal

Cloudcal  is an application to improve productivity  available only for Android.

Its strength is that you can unify all your calendars and planners in one tool.

You can combine it with the calendars of Google, Trello, Meetup, Evernote, etc.

This way you don’t have so much trouble between so many tasks and you get an overview of everything that you have pending.

# 6 Headspace

To be more productive , it is essential to take breaks from time to time.

If we don’t do it, we saturate ourselves and start procrastinating. That is why, for example, techniques such as Pomodoro are used in almost all tools and applications that aim to improve productivity .

Headspace  helps you just this and rest your mind.

With it you can do guided meditations, mindfulness training, videos, audios, etc.

So your breaks will be of quality because you will reduce stress just by having your mobile nearby and a headset to listen to everything.

Meditate between tasks, if you are very overwhelmed, before going to sleep, in the morning when you get up … whenever you want!

If we don’t take breaks when working, we will start to saturate. That stress will lead us to de-concentrate and produce at a lower level. Take quality breaks to be productive. @masymejorcom #Apps # Productivity…


# 7 Zapier

Automating tasks will  save you a lot of time  and, as a consequence, you will increase your productivity.

Zapier  allows you, for example, to receive an email and automatically save attachments in a Dropbox folder and send them via Slack.

The best thing about this app is that it is compatible with a thousand tools and you will be able to create full workflows.

# 8 Productivity Tools: Slack

I will try to be as objective as possible to talk about this tool / application, because I love it!

We use it daily at the team level and it has enormous potential.

Slack  is having brutal success because it catapults your productivity  to the top.

Information is classified into channels where conversations about projects flow.

In turn, you can share documents, links, make video chats, send gifs, etc.

# 9 Offtime

As I mentioned before with the topic of breaks, it is also very important to reduce the time of mobile use to be more productive .

For us, the mobile is one of the  most common time thieves and the one that steals the most minutes from us every day.

Therefore, I recommend you download Offtime.

An app that, in addition to blocking access to the other applications that you have installed on your mobile for a specific period and eliminating your notifications, you can create reminders that will tell you the exact time that you have been with your mobile in hand.

This app to increase productivity is available for both iOS  and Android .

Beware of time thieves, they steal hours, minutes and seconds every day and prevent us from being as productive as we want. @masymejorcom #Applications #Productivity #Entrepreneurs


# 10 Rescuetime

To be productive and finish the job, it would be good if you modify your behavior a little, once again, regarding the use of mobile phones.

The following app that we recommend is available for both iOS  and Android .

Among other functions, it stands out because you can know:

  • How much time do you spend glued to your mobile every day.
  • Track phone usage based on your goals.
  • Develop healthier habits in the use of time so that you can be more productive.

You already have work for these days. 😛

Now it’s you turn.

Try these applications and tell me how it went with them and with which you have managed to increase your daily productivity .


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