Before discussing more about the definition of “inferiority”, it’s good if we first understand the meaning of “positive words”, so we can know what is the connection between the presence of positive words and the loss of inferiority. Positive words are words that contain good or positive meanings that can have extraordinary positive implications for the people who receive them. Positive words delivered to others will make the recipient of these words become more motivated and enthusiastic.


What about the meaning of “inferiority”? Inferiority is feeling inferior or inferior felt by someone because they consider themselves inferior to those around them in certain ways. Feeling inferior can be, for example, feeling less smart, less beautiful, feeling no friends want to hang out with us, feel poorer, and so on. In fact, for some things that are actually not at issue by others, can be a problem for these people. For example, employee A feels that he is less intelligent compared to other colleagues. In fact, coworkers from employee A feel there is no problem with their intelligence, even some of their coworkers consider employee A to be a smart person.


Positive Words That Keep Us from Low Sense 

Feelings of inferiority, inferiority or inferiority can occur due to various factors, one of which is a bad environment or words that are not good to hear.


Well, in this article we will discuss positive words that have a positive impact on the feelings of those who receive them. According to the entrepreneur’s website, there are 10 positive words that we can convey to others, because these positive words can help keep others from feeling inferior and inferior. Let us consider the following explanation.


1. Say “You’re Smart Enough”

The first word we can give is “You are smart enough”, even though it might be that we are talking to someone who is not smart or slow in digesting information. By conveying this phrase, we will make others feel better and are more eager to learn more, because they are praised “smart enough” by others.


2. Say “You Can Do It”

In addition to the words “Quite Smart”, positive words like “You can do it” will definitely make other people more confident with their abilities. What’s more, a sense of inferiority often comes because we think our abilities are not as great as others. By conveying these words, we are helping others to trust themselves again.


3. Say “You Are a Good Person”

Have we ever met someone who always thinks that he is not good? If yes, convey these positive words to them. Convince them that everyone is actually a good person. By conveying this phrase, we are supporting others to be better personal than before.


4. Say “You Are Competent”

This is a positive word that is often used by a leader or boss in motivating employees. We can also use this phrase to encourage our colleagues or relatives. No one is born without the ability that God has given him. Say this phrase when someone feels that he is unable or does not have the ability like others.


5. Say “You Are A Diligent”

Every person is actually born with a diligent nature, it’s just that the environment around us often does not support us to be diligent and persistent. When we meet someone, whether a close relative or a coworker who is feeling demotivated, say these positive words. That way, they will feel labeled as someone who is diligent and will be a more persistent person in living their lives.


6. Say “You Are a Cheerful Person”

Are your coworkers feeling down and sad? Come on, convey these positive words to him. By delivering this sentence, we are giving a message to him that he will look more pleasant when he is cheerful. Meanwhile, his moody attitude will only make him look less attractive.


7. Say “You’re Beautiful or You’re Handsome”

Often, physicality becomes the factor most often makes others feel inferior. We always compare our height, skin color, life forms, weight, and so on. In fact, everyone is born and grows with the uniqueness they have from God. Say that “you are beautiful” or “you are handsome”. By conveying this phrase to them, they will better appreciate their physical existence because there is someone who has praised them as beautiful or handsome.


8. Say “You Are Funny”

Who doesn’t like being called funny? Because in reality, very rarely people can provide the best humor to others. That is why people who bring laughter are very attractive individuals. We can convey these positive words to others, so they know that their presence is very happy.


9. Say “You Are Unique”

These are positive words that are needed by many people. Why? Because there are so many people who feel that they are strange, abnormal and not the same as other people, just because they are busy comparing themselves with others. By conveying this phrase, we are convincing someone that God created every human being with its own uniqueness. So, we don’t need to feel inferior .


10. Say “You are as great as they are now”

By conveying this phrase, someone who accepts this phrase will think and believe that he does not need to be like other people, because there is someone who can and wants to accept him as he is.


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