10 open world video games that will blow your mind

Some video games are so big that the real world after them looks like a chamber room. Today we will talk about just such projects.

Open world games are now considered one of the top trends in the interactive entertainment industry. It was formed about 5-7 years ago and managed to enter the vanguard.

And all because users like to see large virtual spaces in front of them that can be explored for tens of hours. Players also love to feel free and anticipate the adventures that await them in the vast worlds.

However, not all developers have been able to curb this trend. Many tried to create open worlds in their projects, but the result was only unremarkable decorations – dummies, which at best have tolerable graphics.

Such a failure befell Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, The Sinking City, Risen 3: Titan Lords and a whole cohort of games. If you delete free spaces from them, then the overall quality will only increase.

It turns out that open worlds can harm interactive entertainment, but they can also become their adornment – a diamond in the crown that attracts the attention of millions of users.

In this regard, HB has collected a dozen open-world games that amaze the imagination so much that after completing them, reality will seem boring and dull.



Gothic came here as a tribute to the past. The Piranha Bytes studio created this game in the bearded year 2001, and one of the main reasons why the project gained cult status and acquired an army of fans was the implementation of the open world.

Gothic showed how you can create a virtual environment that works great for immersion. The authors from Piranha Bytes implemented a small available territory and focused on working out all the elements.

They divided society into factions, added daily routines and phrases used in conversations to each NPC, and worked on the characters of important characters. Thanks to this, the world in Gothic felt alive and natural, which caused the desire to explore it in detail.

However, exploring the environment was by no means an easy task, because the main character was in danger at every step, and even ordinary boars at the beginning of the adventure could become a serious challenge. However, the difficulties only increased interest in the passage and provoked players.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance

This RPG from Warhorse Studios relies on realism, which is also felt in the open world.

Natural landscapes, the life of medieval Bohemia, horseback riding, bandits hunting in the forests, non-player characters who go about their business in the settlements – that’s what Kingdom Come: Deliverance captivates.

Its open world gives a feeling of immersion in the 15th century, which it was – with all the wars and conflicts. And I also want to praise the game for the excellent style and behavior of the NPC. They react to the character’s actions and clothing.

If the user walks in blood-stained armor and openly engages in theft, then appropriate measures will be quickly taken against him. Gaining favor in the Kingdom Come world is not easy, but the process itself is enjoyable and enjoyable.


Final fantasy xv

The first thing that strikes the open world of Final Fantasy XV is its size. The user can explore the gigantic territories of the kingdom of Lucis and neighboring powers.

Conventionally, all the available space is divided into locations, but downloads between them occur during story scenes, so it feels seamless. The second important element of the open world is the diurnal cycle.

A day in Final Fantasy XV lasts exactly one hour in real time, and this will have to be considered, since the characters need sleep, rest and food. At night, especially dangerous monsters appear in the world of the game, for the murder of which useful rewards are provided.

FFXV also features gorgeously stylized locations and interesting ways to interact with environment and magic.


Horizon zero dawn

The world in Horizon Zero Dawn feels a little empty. The characters in it sluggishly imitate life, and the chances of stumbling upon an interesting event while exploring the surrounding area are very low.

So what is it, we added the game to the list for nothing? Of course not. The disadvantages of the open world of Horizon Zero Dawn are more than offset by its beauty and unique surroundings. The combination of prehistoric culture and technologies of the distant future turned out to be very successful.

That is why I want to study each location in the project in detail in order to dream up about the past and the catastrophe that happened in the world of the game. The desire is intensified also thanks to the stylistics verified to the smallest detail and brilliant graphics.

The environment design and robotic enemies are naturally breathtaking.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

The open world of New York in Marvel’s Spider-Man was created so that it would be convenient to navigate through it using flying on the web.

That is why the game has a high density of multi-storey buildings and a bunch of roofs that Spider-Man can run on. However, the developers from Insomniac Games also took care of the implementation of life on the city streets.

People rush about their business and react to the appearance of a superhero, for example, asking to be photographed with them. There are no questions about the visual component of the open world either: the artists did a great job. And its last advantage is a bunch of interesting activities that alternate with amazing flights on the web, and almost never get bored.


Ghost of tsushima

Fresh samurai action has impressed users with the Japanese flavor and aesthetics of the Land of the Rising Sun. As you play through the game, you are constantly amazed at how successful and memorable the entourage turned out to be in the creation of Sucker Punch Productions.

Even when you just ride a horse across an open field, you get pleasure from the landscapes, flying sakura leaves, the visual effect of the wind and the study of the environment. In addition to its beauty, the open world of Ghost of Tsushima stands out for its motivation to explore.

The entire map of the island of Tsushima is enveloped in the fog of war and is only revealed during travel. In parallel, the player sees different visual landmarks and meets animals that lead to interesting places. The process takes very little time and can be intriguing, because sometimes, thanks to the animals, curious activities open up.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Great Skyrim – and only in fourth place? Is there definitely no mistake here? The answer: the cult RPG from Bethesda has a truly magnificent open world with huge cities, ruins of ancient civilizations, caves, mountains and dragon havens.

It is inspired by Scandinavian culture and Vikings, which has a positive impact on the setting. In places Skyrim feels austere and unfriendly, and this creates the right atmosphere. Any user wants to become an unshakable warrior in a world that, among other things, is replete with activity and detail.

In the project, you can just walk slowly in the middle of some Markarth, observe the behavior of the NPC and have fun. And the fourth place went to Skyrim only because there were more worthy candidates for the first three lines.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Okay, Skyrim is still in fourth place, but The Witcher 3 is not in first place? This is no gate. But let’s not jump to conclusions.

Everyone understands how amazing the world is in the RPG from CD Projekt RED. Landscapes, behavior of non-player characters, a bunch of different activities and enemies, a high concentration of unexpected events – all this is implemented in the project at a masterful level.

Each region in “The Witcher 3” wants to be explored to the smallest detail, so great they turned out. However, the world in The Witcher 3 can only be called open at a stretch. It is nevertheless divided into separate large locations and, despite all its advantages, it cannot compete with the next two projects.


Red dead redemption 2

The latest creation from Rockstar Games has demonstrated unprecedented quality in terms of the study of the world.

The Wild West is not felt so alive even in Western films, let alone in other interactive entertainment. NPCs react to any action by protagonist Arthur Morgan, including brawls and night noise.

In the forests, animals hunt weaker creatures, and while traveling, a random event can occur, which will develop into an unforgettable adventure. Every detail of the world in Red Dead Redemption 2 is neatly woven into the surroundings and showcases how realistic the game is.

During its passage, it seems that the developers have thought over literally all interactions with the environment. Because of this, in RDR 2, you can do all kinds of experiments for tens of hours, getting frantic pleasure.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Here it is, an upstart game with a cartoon style that bypassed Skyrim, The Witcher 3 and RDR 2. Yes, the visual component in Breath of the Wild is, let’s say, not for everybody.

But you completely forget about its imperfection when you start exploring the open world of the game. He constantly throws up events, interesting activities and tasks, because of which the gamer feels like a participant in one continuous adventure.

It lasts tens, if not hundreds of hours, because in Breath of the Wild huge spaces are realized, including cities, mountains and dungeons with spatial puzzles. But the main advantage of an open world in a project is the ability to closely interact with it.

Sophisticated physics allows you to throw stones from the mountain on the enemy or become a target for a lightning strike if you run with a metal sword in the rain. Breath of the Wild pleases with such incidents regularly, thanks to which it took first place.

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