10 of the weirdest Shinys in Pokémon GO

The dazzling monsters in Pokémon GO are very popular with trainers. However, these Shinys are not that easy to get into the game. We look at which ones are particularly rare to find.

It’s about this: Many Pokémon GO trainers look forward to meeting a dazzling Pokémon. But not all of these monsters are equally easy to find in the game. So there are Shinys who only have a few players. Some trainers even resort to daring tricks and risk a dazzling specimen for a rarer one with a little luck.

To give you an overview of the dazzling Pokémon that are particularly rare to find in the game, we’ve put together a list for you. This is based on information collected as of August 2, 2021, which the coaches have made available to The Silph Road network (via thesilphroad.com).

What is Silph Road?
Silph Road is an international group of Pokémon GO trainers, data miners, and other enthusiasts. Together they form a community with which they try to analyze the game, but also to run their own contests, such as special PvP tournaments. They also brainstorm about the game and share their findings with other coaches.

The 10 weirdest Shinys in Pokémon GO

What was included in the list? We have only listed the Pokémon that you can currently catch regularly in the game. Even if disguised or event-related Pokémon, like Hat Pikachu, are particularly rare Shinys, you can’t find them permanently in the game. For this reason we have not included them in this list.

Place 10: Dusselgurr

Dusselgurr is one of the Flying and Normal-type Pokémon. Its dazzling variant hardly differs from the normal shape. The best way to tell the difference is by looking at the red eyes.

In the overview of The Silph Road, participants indicated that they found only 3 stunning specimens out of 2,478 Dusselgurr. This roughly corresponds to a probability of 1 in 826. Therefore, Dusselgurr is ranked 10th in this ranking.

Dusselgurr normal and bright

9th place: Samurzel

According to the summary of The Silph Road, the plant-type Pokémon Samurzel has a bright probability of around 1 in 883. According to this, this monster was seen 2,648 times by trainers, but there were only 3 dazzling specimens among them.

Now, some trainers will rightly say that they caught this Pokémon in abundance for Community Day in May 2020. The Silph Road registration excludes such events. Also, the calculation only started after Community Day. Therefore, describe the bright opportunities outside of events.

You can recognize the bright variant of Samurzel by the brown color. So as you can see in the picture below it is clearly distinguishable from the normal type. Due to the low gloss rate, it ranks ninth in the ranking.

Samurzel normal and so bright

8th place: Dodu

With a Shiny share slightly worse than Samurzel, Dodu, the normal and flying-type Pokémon, ranks eighth. According to the information provided by the trainers, there are only two stunning specimens for every 1,783 Dodu seen. That gives a 1 in 892 chance.

As you can see from the image below, the iridescent specimen can be clearly distinguished from the normal Dodu due to its green color.

Dodu normal and as Shiny

7th place: Nebulak

According to The Silph Road, the ghost and poisonous Pokémon Nebulak is also one of the 10 rarest Shinys you can catch in the game right now. You can recognize Nebulak by its purple color.

Nebulak could already be caught on a Community Day in July 2020. Similar to Samurzel, but only data outside of such events was recorded here to better map the bright probability.

Therefore, the probability of finding a Shiny at this time is only 1 in 941. Due to a total of 3,763 Nebulaks sighted, only 4 bright specimens were there. Thus Nebulak ranks seventh in the ranking.

Nebulak normal and bright

6th place: chirp

Another rare Shiny Pokémon, per The Silph Road overview, is the Ice and Ground Pokémon Squeak. In its iridescent variant, it differs from the normal type by its green color. However, it is not that easy to find one, because currently the rate is around 1 in 956.

Participating trainers stated that of the 10,517 screeches they saw, they found only 11 dazzling specimens. On Quiekel, too, the statistics only started after their Community Day in 2019, which is why an increase in the brightness rate does not influence the recording.

Squeak normally and so bright

5th place: Dratini

According to information from The Silph Road, trainers saw less of the dragon Pokémon Dratini. Therefore, there are only 23 dazzling specimens for 22,255 Dratini. This results in a probability of 1 in 968. You can recognize a gleaming Dratini by its pink color.

Dratinin is also one of the Pokémon that has already had a Community Day in the past. As with Quiekel, Nebulak and Samurzel, The Silph Road study should not be faked by increased gloss rates. For this reason, such events were not taken into account.

Dratini normal and so bright

4th place: Relaxo

Participating coaches encountered a dazzling Relaxo much less often than Dratini. Here the rate is 1 in 1,139 Relaxo sighted. Also, with the exception of events, Snorlax is not that common in the wild, making it even more difficult to capture a stunning specimen.

The normal-type Pokémon hardly differs in color from the gleaming specimen. The shade of blue is a bit stronger on Shiny.

Normal chill and so bright

3rd place: Feline

Feline, the water and ground type Pokémon, is also very rarely found in its dazzling form in Pokémon GO, according to The Silph Road. The participating trainers found a total of 1,167 Felines in the game, only one of which was a Shiny. If you are lucky enough to meet one, you will recognize it by its pink color.

Normal feline and so bright

2nd place: Digda

In the second to last place of the rarest Shiny Pokémon is the ground-level Pokémon Digda. It was only seen once in 1,509 Digda by participating coaches. Thus, it achieves the second worst gloss rate. You can only recognize the gleaming specimen by its blue nose.

Didga normal and so bright

1st place: Knofensa

The Pokémon with the worst Shiny odds have Knofensa, according to The Silph Road. The participating coaches recorded just one dazzling copy of the 1,828 Knofensas seen. Therefore, it ranks first in our ranking. You can recognize the plant and the poisonous Pokémon in their shiny form on the yellow body.

Knoffense normal and so bright

Another rare glow

In addition to our 10 rarest Shinys that you can catch in Pokémon GO right now, there is another very rare Shiny: Fermicula.

The Beetle and Steel Pokémon Fermicula is one of the monsters that belongs to a specific region of the game. After Fermicula was captured east of the prime meridian in 2020, including in Germany, it has since traded regions with its foraging enemy, Furnifraß. So it can’t be caught here right now.

Fermicula normal and so bright

So if you haven’t gotten a dazzling specimen, you can only get it west of the prime meridian right now. According to The Silph Road’s recap, participating trainers have yet to discover a single Shiny in 733 Fermicula sighted. How high the exact probability of a dazzling specimen is, remains open at the moment.

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Have you already caught the Shinys from our top 10 list? And what dazzling Pokémon can’t you find in the game? Write us your experiences in the comments and exchange ideas with other players.

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