10 natural appetite suppressants for you to lose weight

The search for good shape is a simple path for some, but very difficult for others. Contrary to what many say, it is not always enough to start a healthy diet, exercise and that’s it: you’ve lost weight. When there is a greater difficulty, you need to bet on a diet that not only speeds up your metabolism, but that brings ingredients that help inhibit your appetite.

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Natural appetite suppressants: slim down with health

We bring you a complete list with 10 natural appetite suppressants. Certainly they will help you in the weight loss process in a healthy and, mainly, safe way. Follow!

1. Fish rich in omega 3

Did you know that Leptin is a hormone whose main action is to control hunger? It is present in fish with a high concentration of Omega 3, such as salmon.

In addition, it is recommended to consume tuna, herring and mackerel, species that also offer good levels of Omega 3 fatty acids.

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2. Skimmed milk

Usually skimmed milk is already incorporated into the menu of anyone who is focused on losing weight. But it is interesting to know that it has not only fewer calories, compared to whole milk.

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Especially in the stage of PMS (premenstrual tension), skimmed milk reduces the desire to eat heavy and carbohydrate-rich foods, especially processed ones. Therefore, it is worth betting at least one serving of skimmed milk a day.

3. Peppers

In addition to pepper, other spicy foods like turmeric, curry, ginger and cinnamon are powerful natural appetite suppressants. In addition to having a great anti-inflammatory effect, these foods work to burn fat and, together, to suppress appetite. If all these benefits were not enough, they also help to control blood sugar levels, considerably reducing the desire to eat sweets.

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Remember that hot peppers and spices speed up metabolism, facilitating the digestion process. It is also a versatile ingredient, as it can substitute for salt in hundreds of preparations. Do not forget that salt is rich in sodium, retains fluids and increases weight.

4. Oats

You may be thinking that oats are not a good choice because they are rich in carbohydrates, right? But not quite. Despite being caloric, oats are a good source of fiber with a low glycemic index, which provides a longer feeling of satiety. Since your digestion is slower than other foods, it will take you a little longer to feel hungry.

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Oats do not necessarily have to be consumed alone. It can be incorporated into salads, fruits and other dishes, enriching its nutritional value.

5. Flax seeds

Like oats, flaxseeds guarantee satiety for long periods. Adding flaxseed to your diet can help curb your appetite, resulting in less consumption of caloric foods, such as sweets and processed foods.

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The best way to take advantage of the fibers contained in the flaxseed is to mix it with water and a fruit and beat in a blender. The indication is to use apple or pear, however, you can bet on other fruits that speed up the functioning of the metabolism. For those who are also looking for a detox effect, it is worth adding ginger, which, besides everything, will give a special taste to the drink.

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6. Ginger

As we said, ginger has a high accelerating and digestive power. Consumed moderately, it helps in accelerating the metabolism facilitating digestion. Consequently, it is a great weight loss facilitator.

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You can use it in two ways: in the form of tea – ginger tea is delicious! – or in natura, adding it in juices or other preparations. A good tip is to put a piece of ginger in the water, making it flavored. In addition to speeding up metabolism, ginger water keeps your body hydrated.

7. Avocado

There are those who say that avocado is one of the great villains of diets to lose weight. However, if consumed in a moderate way, it brings great benefits to the body. For you to know: avocado offers a lot of fiber and monounsaturated fat. In a simplified way, the fat present in the fruit “tells the brain that the stomach is full”, which considerably reduces the desire to eat by compulsion – a major problem faced by many of the people who are trying to lose weight.

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Tip: to take advantage of appetite suppressant functions and use avocado as an aid in the weight loss process, the tip is to avoid consuming it in vitamins, especially with sugar. Always choose to consume fresh fruit, which is much healthier.

8. Green tea

Green tea is, without a doubt, the darling of the weight loss process. There is not a person who does not add tea to their food routine. And there are good reasons for that. Among the main actions of green tea we can mention the control in the increase of blood sugar. This control promotes insulin spikes and subsequent fat storage, facilitating weight loss.

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Of all the natural appetite suppressants, it is perhaps the most popular and used.

9. Sweet potatoes

Another indispensable item that helps in controlling appetite is the sweet potato. You may have noticed that the tuber is quite consumed by gym goers, right? And there are interesting points in this choice: sweet potatoes, in addition to containing good levels of vitamin A and C, also have a type of starch ultra resistant to digestive enzymes.

Explaining better: the longer these enzymes are, the longer you will feel satiated. Result? You will feel less hungry and less likely to consume food uncontrollably.

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10. Water

Ah, the water! Natural and universal appetite suppressant, highly potent and available to everyone. Drinking water every day considerably reduces your calorie intake. For example: drinking two glasses of water 30 minutes before the main meals (lunch and dinner), your body ends up absorbing between 75 and 90 fewer calories. Is it or is it not an excellent deal? Ah, here’s the tip to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

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These are just 10 of the many natural appetite suppressants you find at your disposal. Forget the idea of ​​betting on supplements that, when not prescribed, can harm your health. Invest in natural ingredients and free from contraindications.

Do you use any of the inhibitors we mentioned in the article? Have tips from others and want to share with us? Leave your comment!

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