10 most useless features of Android smartphones

Previously, a new smartphone presented by a particular company seemed like a truly revolutionary product. There was a touch screen, a fingerprint scanner, cameras gained optical stabilization and much more. In the modern world, every year smartphone manufacturers try to tell us about the revolution, but in fact the changes are very small. Yes, many functions greatly simplify life, but the technologies that were presented to us as innovative are not always used in real life. Today I propose to talk about the technologies of Android devices for which we overpay money year after year and do not use them.

Smartphone manufacturers now face a very difficult task – to release new features to the market that can facilitate user interaction with the device. In today’s world, technology is advancing rapidly, which is followed by two big problems. First, manufacturers do not have time to implement all the innovations, and second, most of them turn out to be useless. In general, the situation on the market of modern gadgets is perfectly described by the rule – 20% of the efforts give 80% of the result, and the remaining 80% of the efforts – only 20% of the result. Modern manufacturers now have to achieve 20% through tremendous efforts.

No touch phone control

Any innovation in the industry should aim to make things easier. But the control of gestures and swings only complicates the interaction. Imagine waving your arms in a public place or sitting at a work chair. In my opinion, it’s much easier to pick up your phone and send a message or open Instagram to do your own content .

Yes, we can say that control would be convenient in smart watches or fitness trackers, which have a small screen size, or in a washing machine, which you have to step to every time to turn off the rinse mode. But then let the manufacturers integrate them there.


Comparison of optical and digital zoom

Many big-name brands boast huge digital zoom on their gadgets at presentations. Sometimes the increase figures reach 25, or even 50 times. But here you are, reader, admit, how often do you use the zoom on your smartphone? Why is it needed? I propose to share my experience in our Telegram chat , it will be interesting to read.


The bottom line is that when we enlarge the image on our camera, its quality drops by a factor of magnification. As a result, the frame turns out to be mildly “not very”. Plus to this we add not perfect stabilization. It is simply impossible to shoot at this magnification without a tripod. This does not mean that zoom is a useless feature. But the numbers we overpay for in the store are clearly not worth it.

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Slow motion for Android

Slow Motion technology was introduced to us a long time ago, and then it seemed like a truly revolutionary feature of the smartphone camera. At the presentation, we were shown great shots, which are not nearly worse than those of professional photographers.

Users dabbled with this feature for a while, and now it became clear to everyone that it absolutely did not live up to their expectations. The video is based on shooting in fragments of about 0.2 seconds, which is very short, so the objects of the picture will be perceived as a freeze frame, and it will be very difficult to catch the desired picture.

Face unlocking in cheap smartphones

The ability to unlock smartphones and tablets by face appeared a couple of years ago and is definitely revolutionary. This method of protection is not only extremely convenient, but also provides greater protection for your data. The password can be spied on or read on a locked phone following the traces of fingerprints. Hacking a smartphone in this way is only a matter of time. With face unlocking, everything is different. We have already written about which unlocking method is the best . I recommend reading it.

You shouldn’t install face unlock on a cheap smartphone.

3D scanning technology is very expensive and is only available on flagship devices, as it requires the implementation of many sensors. But manufacturers of cheap smartphones have decided to take a different path. They just use the front camera to unlock. This is how the years of painstaking work of the best engineers in the world instantly devalued their Chinese colleagues, literally perverting the technology.

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If you can argue with the functions of slow motion or zoom, then here, in my opinion, everything is extremely clear. In order to once and for all abandon the face scanning function on your budget smartphone, just one warning is enough before using it. The manufacturer warns us himself: do not trust this, use a fingerprint.

Now it is no secret to anyone that the mobile technology market is going through hard times. Even if we discard all the technical difficulties and imagine what can be integrated into new models, hardly anything comes to mind. Understanding this situation, I really don’t want manufacturers to compromise and fill us up with tons of useless nonsense. However, marketing.

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