10 most failed smartphones.

Hello reader! Many years have passed since smartphones have been sold and improved every year. But, unfortunately, not all smartphones turn out to be successful and good, there are copies that, for one reason or another, have failed, and we are talking about them in this article.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Let’s start with the smartphone, which made a lot of noise at the time. In 2016, the Galaxy Note 7 was released and it was supposed to become a long-awaited competitor to the Iphone 7, it was even presented and released on sale ahead of schedule. And it seems that nothing portends trouble, sales are going on, when suddenly a smartphone exploded in one of the buyers right in his hand. And this was far from an isolated case. And the thing is that Samsung engineers, trying to rush for the sake of competition, made a mistake in the design, because of which the battery did not have enough space and it literally squeezed, which is why the Note 7 exploded. Of course, after such a scandalous situation, Samsung removed this model from production until things improved, and returned the money to the victims. In 2017, the smartphone went on sale again, but there were no problems with it then, but sales were very poor,

Nokia X / XL

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In 2014, Nokia released the Nokia X smartphone, which supposedly should become the best in the budget segment. Its price at the time of release was about 5-6 thousand rubles. Nokia XL is essentially the same smartphone as “X”, only with a larger screen (but the resolution remains the same) and slightly increased RAM. And their failure manifested itself in the fact that they actually have no advantages. The case is plastic and backlash, an Android system with a shell very similar to Windows Phone 8, which itself is far from successful, bad components. In general, there was not the slightest point in buying this smartphone, in fact, that’s what people did.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

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“Camerophone” 2014. Everything seems to be fine – the brand is well-known, the characteristics are not bad, and in comparison with the competitors they are not bad, but still people did not like this idea with the camera. The smartphone weighed a lot, it was very thick because of the camera, and in general people did not understand why they put a good camera in the dialer, this is now a good camera in smartphones became the norm, but then it was not recognized. There was also a model of this smartphone without this camera – so it sold very well, the Zoom model turned out to be a failure.

Iphone SE 2020

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And what about without a smartphone from the well-known company Apple. You might not expect to see him here, but he should definitely be on this list. The history of SE 2020 began when Apple announced that it would have a processor from the flagship Iphone 11, but when the smartphone came out, people saw that in SE it shows less performance than in 11 iPhones, even with a smaller screen. Also, this smartphone has a very small battery by the standards of 2020-2021. And one of the main reasons for the failure in the market was the price. It is practically the same as that of the Iphone XR, which is clearly better in almost all characteristics. Even their processor power is similar, although they are different. Based on all of the above factors, the smartphone has not received proper sales and popularity, which practically does not happen with Apple.


Not all smartphones you see on store shelves are good ones. Perhaps right now another smartphone has come out, which will very soon be called “The Most Failed”. But such a tendency is noticed in any area – there are the best, there are the worst.

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