10 messages he’ll send you if he really misses you

Sometimes it can be difficult to convey an idea or an emotion through messages.


In a face-to-face conversation, you can read facial expressions, see body language, and hear intonation of voice.


All of this helps you interpret the words your other half is trying to share with you.


With messages, content can quickly be misinterpreted, especially when the conversation is between a man and a woman.


We try to read between the lines when, sometimes, the words are rather clear.


Or, the meaning of the text message may be misunderstood due to lack of punctuation or spelling errors.


The truth is, the messages lack emotion and depth.


If you’re having trouble deciphering the texts your partner is sending you, don’t worry, you’re not alone!


To help you read and understand messages from that man you like or your ex, we’ve put together a list of the most common texts a boy sends to a girl when he misses her.


Messages that prove he’s thinking of you

  1. Hi, you!



Whether this message is sent by an ex who doesn’t understand that your relationship is over, a guy you have no interest in, or a man you’re in love with, it always disappoints.


Well, yeah !


What can that mean? One thing is certain: he misses you!


He couldn’t find anything else to send you (perhaps out of lack of inspiration or shyness) but he hopes to elicit a reaction from you.


That way, he tries to get you to be the one to start the conversation.


Unfortunately, what this man does not understand is that most of the time this message has the opposite effect.


  1. Are you there?



Here is another short and not really clear text.


If this message was sent to you by a man that you haven’t seen for a while (a few days, months or even years), he is absolutely trying to get your attention.


The sense of urgency that this message suggests means either this man is having a hard time and needs you, or he has had one too many drinks and wants to see you, there it is. right now.


Your first thought is surely going to be: “he’s completely drunk and he only wants sex”.


Still, he’s more likely to have drunk to forget about you and the alcohol has given him the courage to respond to his primitive instincts: to contact you!


He misses you, no doubt.


  1. I looked at our photos and this one made me smile



When we are bored, what do we do? We’re looking at old photos on our phone!


We remember the good times and the people who bring joy to our lives.


So when you get these kinds of messages it can mean two things: either your boyfriend is bored and sent you this pic to make you smile or your ex misses you and he is trying to show you how much you are. have a good time together.


To him it may seem completely insignificant, yet to you it can be rather terrifying.


Indeed, instead of imagining someone who is bored, you visualize them spending hours looking at pictures of you and it gives you chills.


  1. Do you remember that outing we did some time ago?



In trying to get you to remember a past event, he is absolutely trying to show you that he misses your presence.


Reminiscent of the good old days is her way of telling you that her heart and mind are still busy with you.


In this case, he will surely be talking about a trivial event like the time you found a sexy T-shirt for two cents.


This is just going to be a pretext to remind you of the giggles you had together.


He tries to test the waters: is there an opening? Can you get back together?


Even if this text was not sent to you by eg, the man who sent you this, can’t wait to see you again to share more laughs.


  1. I’ve been thinking about you all day



There are no 36 ways to understand this: he misses you. There is no need to read between the lines, it’s clear as day.


Whether it’s an ex or a suitor, he’s not ashamed to confess his feelings.


There isn’t much you can do when you receive this kind of text.


You may feel flattered but what to say?


Thank you ? I miss you too ? Here it all depends on who sends you this message.


Anyway, if he’s an ex, don’t give him false hope: don’t respond!


  1. I just wanted to say “hi” to you



It’s kinda cute, unless someone obsessed with you sends it to you.


It’s a simple way to tell you that he thought of you during his day at work (or on vacation).


It is not terrifying, dangerous or hopeless.


Even though he misses you a lot, he tried to control his impulses and send you this simple text.


He fully understands how this game works and has found the exact words to make you smile, without expecting anything in return.


If this message was sent by an ex, it surely means that a certain period of silence has passed and that he is looking to reconnect.


Still, you can’t blame her for sending those kind of cute messages.


  1. I miss you



It is difficult to be clearer: he is honest with you and tries to make contact.


Whether it’s a coffee via FaceTime or a Skype conversation, he just needs to see you and hear your voice.


He’s not sure what to say to this, so he decided to be honest, hoping to gain some sympathy. Be nice!


  1. I heard someone laugh today and I felt like I saw you



Any man that sends that to you thinks of you.


Whether it’s a suitor, boyfriend, or ex, your presence is like a drug for that person.


A person who is not interested in you is not going to notice these kinds of details, unless you have a hyena laugh (!).


  1. I just ate in this restaurant that you love



There are two types of men that can send you this message: a guy you want to forget or one who is trying to win you over.


Whatever the case, he’s trying to make you jealous.


In this way, he seeks to engender other feelings in you, such as curiosity (“who is he with over there?”).


In trying to tickle your interest, he just wanted to let you know that he’s been in a place that reminds him of your presence.


He hopes you can read between the lines and understand that he was thinking of you so much that it led him to go to this restaurant.


In the end, it was just an excuse to tell you that he misses you!


  1. It’s really cold tonight



Depending on the sender of this text, you will react in different ways. But, whatever it is, he misses you.


If you get this message from a man you just met, it shows that he can’t help but think of you.


With these few words, he hopes to strike up a conversation that will last all night.


If you receive this text from a man you’ve been with for a long time, it probably means “I’m cold, come and warm up!”.


But, if this message was sent by an ex, it means that he is feeling lonely.


He probably doesn’t know what to say, but he feels the need to say something: he hopes that this will push you into a conversation.


We hope that these explanations have enabled you to better understand the messages that your ex or your suitor is sending you.


Now when you receive these texts, you will know what to expect and how to respond.

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