10 main doubts of women on the internet

With more than 50,000 registered users and around 250,000 monthly visits, the health platform Dudasdemujer.com created by the agency Acuam Healthcare, has prepared its 2019 barometer on the main issues that concern women, according to its Internet searches. From the results obtained, it is concluded that menstruation, contraception and endometriosis are the most consulted topics , mostly by an average 36-year-old user, from the main Spanish cities.

According to the latest INE study, the second activity of female Internet users (72.1%) is to seek information on health issues, which poses a significant risk of disinformation , or targeted information. To alleviate this phenomenon, Acuam Healthcare created a few years ago the online medical office www.dudasdemujer.com, an effective and safe tool to find quality answers to the main health issues that concern women, being a proven and truthful source, attended by professionals. With more than 8,000 responses classified into 27 categories–Sexuality, contraception, vaginal infections and hygiene, dermatology / aesthetics, breast pathologies, pelvic pain, etc. -, the platform registers a fork of users between 18 and 64 years old –15-25 (11%); 26-35 (29%); 36-45 (42%); 46-65 (18%) -, from Spain (78%) and Latin America (22%).

In Madrid reproduction worries; contraceptive measures in Barcelona

The platform, which has recently activated Emi (https://emibot.io/), the first chat specialized in women’s health, enjoys around 250,000 visits per month from its more than 50,000 registered users – mainly concentrated in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Malaga–, with a ratio of 2.8 visits per month and more than 2 minutes of stay on average, three in the case of the chatbot. According to the data provided by this activity, the most consulted topics are menstruation, menopause, infections and endometriosis. More specifically, users located in Madrid are especially interested in clarifying doubts regarding reproduction; in Barcelona they are more conducive to consulting about contraception, and in Seville the most recurring topic revolves around menstruation.

With 38% of questions asked , another of the most demanded topics in Dudasdemujer.com are medications, in terms of their prescription and dosage, which is a high risk if we consider that 49% of female Internet users affirm that the The network is their first source of health information, and more than 70% acknowledge not contacting a medical professional for it. The references that accumulate the most doubts are pills and other contraceptive methods such as Nuvaring or Evra; Generics like ibuprofen and specific medications like Augmentin, Apiretal or Enbrel, as well as tampons for candidiasis.


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