10 healthy, self-made snacks;Easy To Make For School

From biscuits, to fruit salad, to bread with jam. Let’s try to choose a different and alternative snack for the little ones.

As the experts of the Bambin Gesù Pediatric Hospital also point out, the snack during lesson hours plays a fundamental role in providing “fast-consuming” energy that prevents the drop in attention and mood typical of the late morning.

” Without replacing breakfast, the snack must not have an excessive caloric intake
– underlines Giuseppe Morino , head of Food Education -.In fact, it should provide 5-10% of daily calories and oscillate, based on age, between 100-125 calories in a 6-year-old child and 180-200 in a teenager ».

Therefore, easily digestible foods, rich in carbohydrates and low in fats that do not involve too much the digestion of pupils with significant consequences of school performance due to excessive caloric intake, are preferred.

Furthermore, it would be good to accustom children from an early age to appreciate more wholesome foods, such as snacks prepared at home by mum or dad .

Here are some snack recipes that are easy to prepare and above all good to eat!


  • Homemade cookies
  • fruit salad
  • Bread and jam
  • Mother’s cake
  • Homemade crackers
  • Light jam snacks
  • Coconut and chocolate bars
  • Pie
  • flat bread
  • Homemade milk slice
  • Other homemade snacks

Homemade cookies

You can replace the packaged cookies with homemade cookies by you, following your child’s tastes. An original and healthy recipe that you could try is represented by quinoa biscuits , excellent to be enjoyed both at breakfast and as a snack, at the time of the break.

fruit salad

The fruit salad will allow children to enjoy different seasonal fruit at the time of the snack. It will be very easy to take it with you to school using a suitable food container. The fruit will remain in perfect condition if you add a little lemon or orange juice to the preparation of the fruit salad. Even a simple fruit, such as the classic apple, is enough .

Bread and jam

It is probably the most classic of snacks , especially for those who were children when the snacks that are now popular were not yet so widespread. If you prepare jams with summer fruit, even better if without added sugar , you will have a good supply for the children’s snack for the first months of school. Here are recipes for sugar-free jams.

Mother’s cake

The cake prepared by the mother is one of the most original snacks. There can be no one slice of pie the same as another. Preparing a cake will allow you to better replace the classic snacks . Above all, you will know perfectly the ingredients that the child’s snack will contain.

Homemade crackers

The crackers are one of the preferred options from the children who choose the savory snacks. There are many varieties on the market, but do we know which ingredients they really contain? Most of the crackers on the market contain palm oil , while mothers could prepare them with extra virgin olive oil . Making crackers is cheap and quick. They can be kept for a few days in tin boxes. Here you will find recipes to take inspiration from.

Light jam snacks

These light jam snacks are a perfect snack for your children, without added fats, perfect for a light but nutritious snack. Here the complete recipe.

Coconut and chocolate bars

Making these homemade coconut and chocolate bars will be very simple, you just need a few simple ingredients and you will “churn out” a snack that will have nothing to envy to the packaged ones. Here the complete recipe to follow step by step.


If your children do not like eating fruit very much, you could try to prepare a different tart for them , according to taste and seasonality. Another interesting alternative to the classic snacks is represented by the jam tarts prepared at home by you. Children can only love them. Here you can find recipes that are right for you.

flat bread

Here is another option dedicated to children who prefer savory snacks . The focaccia remains soft for a few days, especially if prepared with sourdough . You can therefore prepare it at the beginning of the week and keep a couple of slices aside for the snack. Follow the tastes of the child to choose the ingredients, as well as the varieties typical of your region.

Homemade milk slice

This solution could be useful in case your child does not want to give up the snacks so advertised on television. Snack commercials are aimed precisely at the little ones and unfortunately often cause bad habits. However, you could try to experiment with the homemade preparation of this well-known snack, to accustom the children to rediscover more genuine flavors.


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