10 great games that end in less than 5 hours

In the gaming sphere, there are titles for which excellence does not go hand in hand with duration. If many opuses allow several tens of hours of play, here are 10 titles which condense their experiences on a much shorter duration, without neglecting the quality.

10 great games that end in less than 5 hours


10 great games that end in less than 5 hours

Little Nightmares is a platform game published by Bandai Namco taking place in a dark and oppressive universe. We play a little girl dressed in a yellow raincoat, prisoner of a huge ship populated by enemies. Among other elements, its catchy universe, its disturbing atmosphere and its soundtrack made the success of the title which takes a little less than 5 hours to display its end credits. Recently released, the second opus offers a slightly longer lifespan and new features to discover in our test . Both episodes are available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Switch, and Stadia, as well as Xbox Series and PS5 for Little Nightmares 2.


Initially released on PS3, then on PS4, Journey remains today one of the most outstanding short experiences of its generation. The title leaves the marked trails of the video game and manages to reconcile the wonder and the emotion that it gives to the player, during two to three hours carried out at a sustained pace. This poetic adventure carries emotions that are common to all, accompanied by a visually extraordinary universe and music of the same ilk. Journey is available on PC, PS3, and PS4.

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Released in December 2018, Gris is a brilliant melancholy adventure on form, thanks to its narration that passes exclusively through music and image, without any line of dialogue. Despite a classic background, well-thought-out gameplay elements accompany a fluid progression, which allows a seamless immersion in the feelings and emotions that the Nomada studio wished to transmit. The platformer from the Spanish studio stood out when it was released and has seen the light of day on different media since. It is currently available on PC, Switch, iOS, Android, and PS4 .

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Developed by the Playdead studio, Inside invites us to explore an adventure and exploration game in which we play a little boy who has to cope in a strange and authoritarian society. We alternate between deadly platforming phases and devious puzzles, all in a vibe and aesthetic that resembles that of Limbo, the game from the same studio released six years earlier. These elements combined with superb animation and staging, as well as a perfect soundtrack, make Inside a must-have that offers a short but very intense experience. Inside is available on PS4, iOS, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch.

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After Inside, how can we not discuss Limbo in more detail, the title mentioned in the preceding lines, also coming from the Playdead team. This platform game takes place in a monochrome and mystical universe. Its particular atmosphere is built around a play between shadows and lights, while the gameplay mechanics exploit all the physical possibilities that the environment can bring, such as rotation or gravity. We have the feeling of being mistreated and we have to use our ingenuity to solve the different puzzles and thus reach the end of each chapter. A true pearl in its category – despite the years – with minimalism as effective as ever, again for an experience of crazy intensity, condensed in a few hours of play.Limbo has been released on Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC.

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In February 2019, Devolver Digital and Gabe Cuzzillo offered us a dynamic and original shooter with Ape Out. In the vein of a Hotline Miami, the title however differs from its elder since the survival of our ape-like protagonist does not depend only on the deaths that he will leave in his path but mainly on his ability to carry out his escape in before. We need two short hours to reach our goal, a period of time during which the artistic direction and the music will take us on a rhythmic and unusual escapade. Ape Out is available on PC and Switch.

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Now let’s take a detour to the Giant Squid studio and the aquatic trip it offers. Abzû takes up a conception which is reminiscent of Journey, by its rhythm and its nature. Contemplative phases will thus marry with short sequences during which our swimmer will progress more quickly, the whole carried by always magnificent visuals and a soundtrack honoring the dreamlike aspect of the title. Abzû is available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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With its original concept based on the manipulation of time, The Gardens Between invites us to explore the common memories of two teenagers, Arina and Frendt, ranging from their first meeting to the continuation of their childhood adventures. Each memory is represented by an island in which there are objects and decorations which symbolize these different moments of their life. The gameplay consists of surveying the island in order to reach its summit and to do so, you have to overcome the various puzzles of this ingenious puzzle-game, with minimalist controls. The title also stands out thanks to its artistic direction and its sound atmosphere, for a simple and effective ensemble that keeps us a duet of hours. Find The Gardens Between on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Android, PC, Stadia and Xbox One.

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Announced in 2013, Rime finally found its way to our platforms four years later. It is a moving experience embellished with a marked artistic touch, which manages to renew the enigmas that punctuate the places until a touching and unexpected end. If the title may require spending a few extra hours there in order to obtain all the items to collect, a straight line course and a good understanding of the mechanics by the most seasoned allow the adventure to be completed in a handful of hours. Rime is available on PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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To conclude this selection, here is To The Moon, an adventure game that hides a rich and powerful scenario under the simplicity of its pixels and its gameplay. The objective of the title is to tell us a story, that of Johnny, a dying man whose last wish is to go to the moon. To satisfy this demand, the relatives of the old man appeal to Drs Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts, in order to use a technology that makes it possible to visit a person’s memories and to understand in detail why this wish exists, with the aim of make it possible in the form of virtual reality. To The Moon requires a few hours to deliver its outcome, a few hours during which the pieces of the puzzle come together, surprise and move. Find the title on Switch, Android,

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