10 Features that make Gmail unique

The innovations in recent times that the Google email service has had, is to have positioned Gmail. Gmail emails are the most used and popular in the world with a relevant number of 600 million users.

Today Gmail is increasing day by day, and this has led Google to update the Gmail interface to a new level, such as adding new features with some gadgets that are new versions.

Despite the existence of other platforms that perform e-mail services such as Outlook, Microsoft, Yahoo Mail and they continue today, however they do not resemble providing storage, search and organization solutions as Gmail does.

To observe what benefits gmail has and how successful it can be, Google through the granting of users has to sell advertising, insert news according to the messages of their emails, establish promotions, messages from the beneficiaries for the corporation to review. .

Thanks to the evolution that Gmail has had in these periods, we present you, the

Features that make Gmail unique,

  1. Access by invitation: Any new user can send invitations to groups of people.
  2. 5 GB storage: While other email platforms have to delete emails to have space, Gmail offers you a storage capacity.
  3. Search: Quickly and easily find keywords to find the desired email.
  4. Visual configuration: Option that Gmail makes that as a user you can put a background image to the mail and customize it.
  5. Delegated accounts; You can have access from the personal tray, in the case of a corporate environment, a designation is made to other people who write on behalf of the corporate account.
  6. Drive and Docs Tools: You can perform document jobs that are stored in Google Docs.
  7. iOS or Android: You can use Gmail on your mobiles as a desktop version.
  8. Labs:is a function where you can stop a shipment in 30 seconds from the moment the shipment left the outbox. Labs has a list of options where you can customize the mail interface.
  9. Hangouts messaging, GTalk: it offers you a chat where users can send their messages to their contacts and make video calls.
  10. Organize email: Gmail allows the user to classify their emails in an orderly way, use the categories of their preference such as Main, Promotions and Social or add more of them according to their taste.
  11. Allows you to mute group emails to avoid distractions: It allows you to update a message during a conversation in which you will not receive direct notifications.
    1. Mute anemail thread .
    2. Open the
    3. Click on the “Mute” option.
  12. Gmail has apreview panel : To enable this option you must enable Labs by clicking on the Labs settings and check the option to enable to store the changes.
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