10 Examples of Weaknesses of a Person

Being able to recognize our weaknesses is also a way to grow. 

The human being is not perfect, and that is an inescapable reality. All people are wrong, they make mistakes, and later, they regret it; some don’t.

So, we can understand a person’s weaknesses, such as those negative aspects that are part of their attitude and personality . Now, are they irremediable “defects”? Not necessarily.

Every person, when he is able to identify his weaknesses, in the same way that he does with his strengths, has the power to change if he wishes, and become a better version.

Bacon said it:

“Knowledge is power.”

So review these examples of a person’s weaknesses, and if you identify with any, don’t forget that only you can change them.

These are 10 Examples of weaknesses of a person. The most common!

Most people have at least one of these. It is enough that we know how to recognize them to transform them into something better; Next, the list of examples of weaknesses of a person.

1. Cowardice

Cowardice heads the list for being, perhaps, one of the most frequent weaknesses of the human being; that inability to overcome the fear of doing or saying.

The coward does not dare to take a certain step, for fear of being wrong and losing. He cannot tolerate risks, and because of this, he prefers to run away from any challenging situation.

2. Indifference

Indifference not paying attention to the world around you, not having the ability to empathize with other individuals is, without a doubt, a very great weakness of the individual.

3. Irresponsibility

Irresponsibility is also one of the most common weaknesses  .

We are talking about the inability that a person has to assume responsibility for their actions, either because they lack the will to comply with an obligation, or because they do not know how to measure the consequences.

4. Perfectionism

A perfectionist person usually suffers a lot because of his mental rigidity; Well, even if we wanted to, nothing in the world is perfect – starting with ourselves.

Perfectionism , often confused with excellence, is a weakness that raises a person’s levels of frustration and tolerance .For this reason, it must be considered a weakness.

5. Intolerance

Intolerance refers to the inability of a human being to accept the differences of their peers that is, all the characteristics that it does not share with it.

The intolerant person does not admit the way of thinking of others, believing that only his are valid. Therefore, he is usually disrespectful and often authoritarian.

6. Insecurity

When people do not feel safe to act, think, or say, they are said to be insecure.

These people often have low self-esteem , so they do not feel capable enough to achieve certain things in life. This, of course, is a character weaknessoften found in human beings.

7. Indecision

Life is, in essence, very uncertain, and all the consequences of our actions have repercussions. Therefore, sometimes it is difficult for us to decide.

But, beyond something elementary or, on the contrary, something very transcendental, when indecision becomes a way of being, it becomes a great weakness for a person.

The indecisive person – closely related to the previous weakness – has very little confidence in himself, in his abilities, and therefore becomes ambivalent in most of his actions.

8. Procrastination

Another of the most common human weaknesses that we will find is this one with a linked name.

Procrastination is the habit of putting off or postponing pending activities to occupy time with other less relevant ones. This then leads to bigger problems, such as the accumulation of things to do.

The person who procrastinates usually complains about having too many earrings, under the excuse that time does not pay off. The procrastinator does not know how to prioritize.

 9. Pride

A great sign of weakness is found in people who feel above others, and who therefore believe that their opinions are of greater relevance than that of others.

The arrogant reflects his inability to understand that although people have many differences among themselves, they are also all human beings, and therefore deserve the same respect .

No one is more important than another; Believing otherwise is a characteristic aspect of arrogant people .

10. Recklessness

And to end this list of examples of a person’s weaknesses, we include recklessness as one of them.

The world is full of reckless people who – similar to the irresponsible – do not measure the consequences of what they do or say. They tend to be indiscreet and intrusive, which often makes them unwanted people in groups or teams.



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