10 Examples of Social Projects

Social projects are one of the most effective ways to change the world and these examples are ideal to get inspired by them.

Best examples of social projects

1. Writing Smiles

This project, founded in 2020 by Isamar Baptista and Reinaldo de Fernández , aims to bring help and resources to the most vulnerable indigenous communities in Venezuela.

From its location, the project has been able to reach various indigenous communities, providing donations mainly focused on improving their education.

Although its focus of attention began as the Wayuu community, the project has grown, encompassing other communities with little visibility.


Founded on May 13, 1977, this nonprofit organization specializes in bringing quality medical care to patients diagnosed with cancer.

Taking care of their patients from a human vision of service and respect for their situation, these professionals offer service and training in oncology, becoming in 2020 benchmarks in the field.

The organization, as is typical in this kind of social projects, accepts donations and the support of volunteers, all from its website.

His campaign “ Tapitas para la vida ” is a sustainable project that seeks to recycle plastic lids, in order to generate funds with which to provide support to children affected by cancer.

The vast majority of sustainable projects, in fact, are considered in turn as social projects.

3. Missionary work of Jesus and Mary

Located in Carora, Venezuela, this organization with a religious background aims to bring care to the people who need it most, as an act of charity and goodwill.

Her most outstanding project is the Casa Hogar Santa Maria Goretti , a shelter where more than 40 girls affected by a situation of abandonment find asylum and protection.

This organization understands the situation of scarcity experienced in Venezuela and, therefore, they dedicate their efforts to supply their girls with basic necessities.

Girls are taught to live together as a family, in a safe environment, where they are accepted and have the opportunity to rebuild their lives to reach new opportunities.

4. Dugarbin Comprehensive Education Center

The purpose of this educational center is to provide specialized attention to children with learning difficulties or other disorders that may make their school life difficult.

This organization is also responsible for the project ” A hand to be happy, responsible and successful ” whose purpose is to promote quality education for Venezuelan adolescents with limited resources.

The project was founded in conjunction with Fundación MAPFRE , and is aimed at adolescents whose families do not have resources.

We can see how this project is mainly based on one of the SDGs , being that they support their value proposition in SDG number 4, quality education.

5. Association We Are Community

This non-profit association, created under the name of  Grande Community Civil Association , was founded in 1999.

Their communities of interest are Grande ,  and other surrounding areas, as far as they carry a project that promotes the culture of peace .

In addition, they provide nutritional support to their students, as well as recreational activities and informative talks.

6. Saint Vincent de Paul Home

This organization provides a home to more than 60 vulnerable elderly women in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, who do not have enough resources to support themselves.

The home provides individualized care to the women, treating each one according to their situation, both health, economic and food.

The establishment they have has an infirmary where 20 women are treated, as well as a dining room that provides for the 60 women and the personnel involved.

7. Association Friends of the Special Child

This institution has been in operation for several years, and focuses on providing support to children with disabilities, physical or psychological, as a way of contributing to the communities of Barquisimeto.

Children with neurological diversities, such as Down syndrome , hydrocephalus , spina bifida , psychomotor difficulties and others, receive attention from professionals in the area, who focus mainly on their proper nutrition.

Recreational activities of various kinds are carried out, and there are medical supplements to treat more than thirty children who are under the care of the institution.

8. Maya Pedal

This organization, directed by the entrepreneur Carlos Marroquin , has revolutionized the life of several communities in Guatemala , thanks to the implementation of bicimaquinas.

These devices are capable of replacing the use of electrical energy with the driving force generated by pedaling, using a structure similar to that of a bicycle.

In this way, opportunities are provided to people in need. The uses of these inventions range from efficiently grinding coffee, to serving as cargo carriers or washing clothes.

9. Meeting Place for Friends

Located in Mexico , this establishment, known by its acronym as ” LEA “, is a structure in which books, games and furniture have been installed for everyone.

Being outdoors, anyone can access these resources, becoming a meeting and sociability point. In addition, it fulfills the function of promoting cultural activities.

These activities range from musical sessions, to training workshops, through cultural exhibitions, thus being a space for urban participation and an example of social empowerment .

10. The Homeless Studio

This is a course sponsored by Mary Klaus Martin , founder of Madworkshop , as well as other professors from the University of Southern California .

This course explores the possibilities that architects have to provide creative solutions that can alleviate the crisis that the United States is experiencing in terms of homelessness.

The course seeks to create awareness and make homeless people visible, encouraging experienced professionals to find a way to support, adapting to each particular situation.

This project is joined by other social activists , artists and other people who end up contributing to this project a creative and human vision that encompasses different opinions and points of view.


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