10 Examples of Oviparous Animals

Among the wide group of animals that exist on our planet there are different types of reproduction. One of them is oviparity. Oviparous animals are those that reproduce through eggs . In oviparity, the reproduction of the new being takes place inside an egg laid by the female of the species. So oviparous animals are all those that are born from an egg that is deposited by the mother in an external environment, so that the offspring complete its development before hatching.

Oviparous animals can be classified into two large groups, those with external fertilization and those with internal fertilization.

Types of fertilization of oviparous:

Oviparous internal fertilization.- These are those animals whose eggs are fertilized before being “laid” by the female, that is, fertilization occurs inside the female’s body before they are laid, in the case of the eggs of birds and reptiles as well as other oviparous ones.

Oviparous external fertilization.- It is the fertilization method that some oviparous animals such as fish and some amphibians have, the females depositing their eggs in environments such as aquatic so that later these are fertilized by the male’s sperm, which is disseminated in the environment in which these eggs are found.

There are many oviparous animals among fish, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods (insects, arachnids, etc.) and mollusks (all birds have this type of reproduction), that is, most animals. As for current mammals, only the platypus and the echidna have oviparous reproduction, being that mammals are the group of animals that mostly have viviparous reproduction.

Among the different animals whose reproduction is oviparous, there are those who lay few or many eggs, which can be one or a few eggs at a time, as in some birds, tens and even hundreds as in the case of turtles, or hundreds and even thousands as in the case of fish, amphibians, insects and arachnids.

100 examples of animals that are oviparous:

  1. Eagle
    2. Red spider
    3. Attacus Atlas (caterpillar)
    4. Ostrich
    5. Asian hornet
    6. Slugs (terrestrial gastropod molluscs)
    7. Cod
    8. Owl
    9. Squid
    10. Shrimp
    11. Land snails mollusk
    12. Woodworm
    13. Carp
    14. Cerura vinula (caterpillar)
    15. Field
    bug 16. Bug
    17. Cicada
    18. Mojarra
    19. Crocodile
    20. Quail
    21. Springtails
    22. Hummingbird
    23. Lacewing
    24. Cockroach
    25. Crow
    26. Curel
    27. Comodo dragon 30. Leaf beetle (insect)
    28. Water
    beetle 29. Graveyard beetle
  2. Dung
    beetle 32. Rhinoceros beetle
    33. Scorpion
    34. Aquatic scorpion
    35. Sturgeon
    36. Phasmids (stick insects)
    37. Chicken
    38. Ticks
    39. Sparrowhawk
    40. Swallow
    41. Leaf weevil
    42. Cricket
    43. Mole cricket
    44. Guacamaya
    45. Guajolote
    46. ​​Mealworm
    47. Silkworm
    48. Hawk
    49. Hickory devil’s horns (caterpillar)
    50. Ants
    51. Iguana
    52. Isla textula (caterpillar)
    53. Goldfinch
    54. Lizard
    55 Lobster
    56. Dragonfly
    57. Firefly
    58. Mantis
    59. Owl butterfly
    60. Cabbage
    butterfly 61. Machaon butterfly
    62. Ladybug
    63. White fly
    64. Dung
    fly 65. House fly
    66. Scorpion
    fly 67. Miner fly
    68. Mosquitoes
    69. Wavy Sphinx (caterpillar)
    70. Pigeons
    71. Duck
    72. Pavorreal
    73. Silverfish
    74. Pericos
    75. Blowfish
    76. Clownfish
    77. Penguin
    78. clothes Moth
    79. Fleas
    80. aphid
    81. Octopus
    82. toad
    83. Rana
    84. Break bone
    85. Salmon 87. Grasshoppers (also called grasshoppers or locusts) 88. Toad
    86. Grasshopper

    89. Sardine
    90. Spotted apatelodes (caterpillar)
    91. Mealworm (larva)
    92. Black swallowtail (caterpillar)
    93. Horsefly
    94. Termite
    95. Earwig
    Turtle Dove 97. Turtle
    98. Trout
    99. Viper
    100. Vulture

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