10 Effective Ways to Work at Home Without Going to the Office

Along with the outbreak of the corona virus, local governments made policies by limiting activities outside the home. As a result, school children are asked to study at home and employees are also asked to work at home, known as “ Work For Home ”.

For freelancers, the urge to work at home is not something strange because every day they do it so that they are used to it and can work effectively.

Meanwhile, for employees who are accustomed to working in offices, the urge to work at home is something new, so they have to adjust.

The temptation that often comes when working at home makes work neglected to do.

Then, how can you work more effectively at home? This is the explanation!

1. Intend to Work for Worship

The first way in which you can work effectively at home is with intention. This intention is important to build in yourself so that work can be completed quickly.

Therefore, before working, first intend to instill a sense of wanting to work as usual, even though the conditions of the workplace change at home.

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This intention needs to be built, considering that everyone who is already at home naturally does not want to work and only wants to relax or gather with family.

Believe me, when that intention is grown there is a great motivation within ourselves to be able to work better than usual.

2. Make a Regular Work Schedule

If you are still confused and not used to working at home about what things to do, then after building your intention the next step is to make a work schedule while you are at home.

Write down and save well, any work that will be done while working at home. It would be better, if you start working hours as you normally do in the office.

Write down your plan for working for the day starting from the time the work starts until when it’s time to finish working on the job.

The examples are as follows:

  • 08.00- 09.00 Briefing with the team before work
  • 09.00-10.00 hours working on the job instructed by the boss
  • 10.00-11.30 monitoring or work discussion with the team
  • 11.30 – 13.00 Rest
  • 13.00-15.00 continue unfinished work and report today’s work to the leadership.

Of course, every job has a different level of difficulty. Please adjust the example above to the job and conditions of each.

It’s just that with a scheduled job will make it effective and the job can be completed as expected.

When you are diligent in writing down a schedule of activities every day, try to reflect on it and compare it to more effectively making a work schedule or not?

3. Having Room or Space to Work

One of the factors that work is incomplete and effective at home is because there is not enough space when working at home.

This means that many people work at home in comfortable places that discourage them from working.

These places are like working on a mattress that brings the atmosphere of wanting to sleep or just laying down, then working in the dining room which often makes your focus disappear because you want to eat or snack, or work in the TV room where it turns out that there are family members watching TV and disturbing. your concentration.

Therefore, try to find and find which room is conducive to work.

When you find the room, try to turn it into a workspace like the office.

At a minimum, prepare office tables and chairs that you think are comfortable to use. If needed, you can change the wall paint in your home, such as in the office or with a color that you like.

If forced to work in a room or other room that triggers laziness to work, inevitably you have to be able to refrain from anything that can break your concentration. It would be better to look back at the schedule you have created.

4. Doing Domestic Work First

One of the reasons the work cannot be completed effectively is because domestic work at home has not been completed.

This can dissolve your concentration so that office and domestic work cannot be completed properly.

If domestic work is often assisted by household assistants, it will certainly make it easier for you to do office work.

But if on the other hand, there is no need to stress because you can do domestic work first before doing office work.

If the work has been done, office work will be calm and can be done properly.

If necessary, cooperate with householders to share domestic work. This is very useful so you don’t get too tired.

5. Sharing Time with Children

For those of you who already have children, especially if the child is already in school and is currently doing school for home, where you have to do school work and then send the assignment to the teacher.

This condition also often makes employees unable to complete their work effectively.

Therefore, to be able to work around this is to share time with children. Usually the teachers will send learning materials at night.

So, that’s when you can make a schedule for the child starting from the activities that will be carried out every day, what activities will be carried out, how long the child will do these tasks, and when to take breaks.

For example, such as scheduling your child’s study for one to two hours each day depending on how many or few tasks are assigned.

Let the children do their work first, if they are independent, use that time for you to work.

Try to rest at the same time, so you can still chat or the child is still well cared for.

After a break, use this time to discuss or review the tasks he is doing.

Of course, the above conditions are for children who are independent, usually grades 4-5 in elementary school. If the child is still in kindergarten, or is in the 2nd grade of elementary school, it will indeed be a little overwhelmed when various times.

But it can be tricked by shading a shorter time, if possible ask your spouse or other family members to help with this.

6. Make New Rules with People at Home

It is like an office that has rules and must obey these rules so that the work process can be done properly.

Likewise, if you have to work at home, you can’t help but make new rules at home about what to do during working hours and what things shouldn’t be done at that hour.

Of course, these regulations should not be too formal and “cruel”. Examples of these rules are not being allowed to talk about unnecessary things during work or study hours.

Then, you can hold your cellphone or watch a movie after work or study assignments are done.

Of course, these rules must be carried out together with fellow residents in the house so that they can be realized properly.

If necessary, give rewards if it is successful and punishment if it does not work.

7. Stop Opening Social Media Before The Work Is Done

Everyone must have felt lost in time when opening social media or watching movies on online streaming applications, right?

Yes, someone who is accustomed to social media will surely forget the time because they are engrossed in scrolling, browsing, or streaming things they like.

Especially if at work you have a rule not to play social media while working, surely when working at home this will be something extraordinary for you, considering it is rarely done.

Even though these opportunities are wide open when working at home, you still have to be able to hold back so that the work can be done effectively.

The trick is to first remove your smartphone. If you work in the TV room, then put the smartphone in your room.

When you are working on a laptop, it is better not to save browsing applications on the desktop because at times it can “ tempt ” you to open it and watch YouTube until you forget the time.

Therefore, you should focus first on work, then have fun later by opening social media.

8. Don’t Forget to Eat

Even if you’re at home, don’t forget to eat and it’s a good idea to eat on time at the hours you should.

This is very important, considering that in matters of the stomach, sometimes we cannot work together, so it disrupts concentration to work.

It is better before starting breakfast work with healthy and nutritious menus.

Then proceed with lunch which is no less important after you work.

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During this lunch, it’s also a good idea to eat healthy and nutritious staples so you don’t get hungry quickly.

Imagine, if you forget to eat and then work while eating or snacking, it will certainly interfere with work, unless you are used to snacking at work.

If you choose to order food via an online application, of course, it takes a lot of time, which can reduce your effectiveness at work.

9. Do not work in bed

Basically the bed was created only for sleeping and resting. Everyone must have known this function.

Therefore working in bed will often make your work ineffective and even unfinished.

Because, your “ aura ” and brain are programmed to sleep and slack off. Come on, find a comfortable place for your version of when you work as long as it’s not on the bed.

10. Using the Conference Call Feature

Often times employees don’t like working at home because if you have a meeting you have to do it via Whats App and you have to type every material.

Of course this is the laziest part and it is not effective to do because written language often makes a different impression for everyone.

However, you can get rid of that reason today because currently there are applications or features for conference calls.

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Where everyone can meet face to face using these features. Of course, it is very effective for you when you have meetings with office people.


That’s the information about 10 effective ways to work at home. Stay enthusiastic and be patient in the midst of current conditions. Take the positives and wisdom that is hidden behind all events. May be useful.


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