10 Easy Ways to Make a Simple Bedroom Look Amazing

Why is it that the longer this room looks boring?” Want to move house but the funds are not sufficient, what should you do to make it look more attractive? Have you ever felt that way? Feel bored when you see your own room? But now you don’t need to feel confused anymore, because here we will discuss how to decorate a bedroom to make it look different and look more beautiful.


This is very important for you to do, because considering the bedroom is one of the places that is often the owner’s favorite room or place. This is because, apart from functioning as a place to rest, the bedroom is also a place where the owner does many activities such as doing chores, working, sometimes making it a place to hang out with their friends.




Because its function is quite important, it is also very important to make the room as comfortable and attractive as possible. In addition, the bedroom is also a place where the owner can be himself and this can be seen from the bedroom decoration. Believe it or not, we can see the personality of the owner of the room from the decoration or the contents of the room. In other words, the atmosphere of your room can reflect who you are.


For example, if your room looks neat and clean, then you are the kind of person who is diligent. However, if your room looks messy it means you are a lazy person, aka lazy.


But what if one day your friends come into the room and find your room looks messy with books scattered everywhere, dirty clothes piled on the bed and floor. Maybe after this they will feel lazy to visit your house again.


Before that happens, it’s a good idea if from now on you make your bedroom as attractive and neat as possible. So that your friends feel happy and also feel at home in your room, so will you.


Now there are a variety of attractive bedroom accessories that are not so expensive that you can use to beautify your bedroom. Here are several ways to make your bedroom look different, of course, it will look tidier, more attractive, and more beautiful. What are they, let’s look at:


  1. Change the position of the bed

It is suitable for those who have a large room. Not always the bed has to be plowed (attached) to the wall. You can place the bed at various angles or opposite to its original position. That way, your bedroom will look different.


  1. Change the Frame or Picture Order

For the creative, you can try to change the existing photo frame into something up-to-date. Apart from that, you can also change the order of the pictures or add them (if you have space) to make a difference in the mood of your bedroom.


For example, paintings or printed artwork, or print art work, are usually cheaper than original paintings, with wooden frames covered in color paints that match any home. You can also choose unique detailed frames such as ethnic carvings or mirror shards. Surely your bedroom will look prettier.


  1. Use Cloth

If the walls of the room look empty, then it is very suitable to hang wall decorations with existing materials such as soft curtains, scarves or rugs in one corner. These rugs usually have a colorful background or a colorful design.


You can also add lights to it and give it a really special effect! This will be able to change your gloomy bedroom, become more alive and of course will look more beautiful.


  1. Replace Carpets

The presence of new carpets or accessories can also make your bedroom look different from before. You can choose a rug that has a bright hue. But that doesn’t mean you need to replace furniture every month or year. It depends on the usage and budget.


  1. Add ‘Color’

Gift cards, wallpapers or wall stickers can be used to cheer up an empty bedroom. Not necessarily it will stick to the wall, so be creative with these materials on doors, shelves or cabinets.


Or you can also use wrapping paper or origami, this can also make your bedroom more beautiful and attractive. Not only that, you can also be creative as you wish without spending a lot of money. room decoration from wrapping paper has various motif options, according to the gift paper, the shape can be adjusted according to your own taste. The result, it will be amazing!


  1. Use cheerful sheets and pillowcases

Avoid wearing blankets that have no pattern because it can make the bedroom look boring. If you want to maintain the atmosphere in the bedroom, you should use cheerful sheets and pillowcases with attractive design motifs. For example, the bedspread is floral in bright colors.


  1. Change Lighting

Turn on the night atmosphere in the bedroom with warm lighting. Sometimes, just a light bulb can make a difference to your room.


  1. Decorate With Flower Pots or Plants

Cactus tree for example, it has many interesting shapes, especially small ones. Or you can also use plastic flower pots (orchids or roses), by placing them that fit in the room, it can change the atmosphere of your bedroom.


  1. Use Abstract Motifs.

Some abstract motifs can help give the impression of ‘fresh’ and ‘luxurious’. To make it easier to match the furniture or paint of your room, choose neutral colors like gray, brown, black, or white.


  1. A Clean and Tidy Bedroom

Sometimes adding or changing 1-2 items is enough to evoke a new atmosphere in a bedroom that is ‘boring’ and less luminous.


Whatever it is, make sure the bedroom is neat and clean too, because no matter how big a bedroom is or how luxurious the things are, if it’s messy and out of control, then it will still spoil the atmosphere. So, keeping the room clean is the key to beauty. Is not it?

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