10 cheap gaming mice that are worth buying

Beyond the high prices already involved in keeping the components of our computer up to date , today we are faced with a wide market full of “gaming” products and peripherals that, in many cases, are presented with a notably higher price only for including some not always so useful add-ons.

And is that many times, trying to save a little in our budget, and as a result of our ignorance, we opted for some models that in the long run (or not so long) end up presenting problems of operation, durability, or even stop working. fully function.

That is why we want to bring you this small guide with up to ten cheap gaming mice, below 50 euros, with which you can maintain a complete gaming experience, with different strengths and cons that will adapt to different needs. of each player. What are you waiting for, find out which is your ideal mouse :

Mars Gaming MMV

Hidden under a classic design and quite discreet far from what we would think for a gaming mouse, the Mars Gaming MMV hides inside a powerful sensor with a sensitivity of up to 10,000 DPI , which combined with its light weight of just 69 grams, will provide us the fastest and most fluid movements.

And it is that despite sacrificing that much demanded aesthetic section, with only two RGB lighting points in the logo and the side of the scroll wheel, we can find other really interesting additions such as the presence of two additional buttons on its lower inner side which will be placed a non-slip rubber surface.

Currently available through the official website for  the incredibly low figure of 14.90 euros , we find one of the most affordable and complete mice that we can find today, and without a doubt one of the most interesting options among cheap gaming mice for enter the world of gaming.

Cooler Master CM110

Simple but striking, this mouse is presented in an ambidextrous shape optimized for right-handed players, with the presence of two side buttons; a coating over its entire base, which will offer us a notably more resistant grip; and of course, the added lighting points with up to three customizable RGB zones that can be synchronized through software.

Although no less important will be its optical sensor optimized for gaming , which with an adjustable sensitivity up to 6000 DPI and polling rates of 1000Hz , will offer us a minimum delay and a really remarkable precision.

Some qualities that will undoubtedly more than more than compensate for its affordable price, which will barely reach 24.99 euros .

MSI Clutch GM20 Elite

Moving on to an ergonomic design for right-handers and more aggressive lines , this time we find a mouse more framed in the world of gaming peripherals, with up to three lighting points, including a customizable RGB strip , which in addition to choosing Among the millions of colors and a range of predefined effects, it will add the ability to synchronize the mouse with the rest of our setup through MSI software.

Thus, although we will have a maximum sensitivity of 6400 DPI , the MSI Clutch GM20 Elite will come equipped with a state-of-the-art optical sensor, capable of offering us a 1000Hz polling frequency for much more precise tracking, than in conjunction with the known ones. OMRON switches , will add a tangible competitive advantage.

Listed on its official website , we can currently find this mouse available through official distributors such as Amazon or PcComponentes, at a price of 29.98 euros , we find one of the most balanced cheap gaming mice that we can currently find, and undoubtedly one of the most interesting options to enter the world of gaming.

Newskill Atreo

From  the first analysis we carried out , this young Spanish peripheral brand has never ceased to surprise us with products like this, which, being the cheapest mouse on the list, is also  the only one to include a Sniper button  as well as three RGB lighting points. customizable.

Aesthetically, it is one of the gaming mice that stands out the most in its design, with  a wide presence of RGB lighting . However, although its lines are not as aggressive as those of other models, and despite the fact that we can deactivate the light through its software, this mouse would be a little more relegated to its exclusive use in games, being too striking for other environments more serious.

Available  through the brand website  for  only 29.95 euros , the Newskill Atreo is established as one of the most interesting alternatives for FPS game players, being not only the only one of these cheap gaming mice to incorporate this technology, but also just look for savings without sacrificing quality or performance.

HyperX Pulsefire Core

As we saw  in our analysis , we find a symmetrical oval design finished in two small horns that widen the main buttons and allow it to adapt more easily to the shape of the hand, being comfortable even after long sessions of continuous use.

However, the mouse  may be less simple in some aspects , since all its customization will be included in this program, based on digital options. We will not have the ability to customize the weight or keys, nor are there additional covers to accommodate different sizes of hands.

Also the customization of RGB lights is somewhat simple given the discreet design that it raises, something understandable with respect to its price, but limited exclusively to the brand’s logo, which will normally be covered when we use it. However, this makes it  a fairly versatile option , being able to use it both in the work environment and tasks, and of course, playing.

Available  through the official website  for  only 34.99 euros , the HyperX Pulsefire Core comes as one of the best low-price alternatives, with a quality and performance that have little to envy other gaming mice that double in price.

Logitech G203 Prodigy

After receiving a performance upgrade through firmware, this mouse was revalued with a 33% increase in performance at the same price of its launch, remaining slightly above the specifications offered by the rest of the gaming mice in this segment.

And it is that the Logitech G203 Prodigy shows us that appearances are sometimes deceiving, with a really powerful and useful mouse for those who reward portability, with a compact and very discreet design , on which only the illuminated logo of the branding and a small stripe on the back half.

Thus, as the only downside we could mention the absence of some non-slip materials to improve its grip, although this does not mean that we continue to find a comfortable and easy-to-use mouse for users with smaller hands .

Currently discontinued on its official website , we can still find this mouse in other local distributors such as Amazon or PcComponentes, where it maintains its initial price (if not even further reduced) of only 34.99 euros .

Corsair M55 RGB Pro

Another of the gaming mice that  we have had the pleasure of analyzing,  with a minimalist, sober and elegant design that makes it fit on any desk, and a true gamer heart.

And it is that its specifications crown it as  the best of the gaming mice on this list , with the most powerful and updated sensor, and the only downside is the use of an ambidextrous design instead of optimizing the natural ergonomics of the hand, something that in reality will not be an impediment at all.

Available  through the official website , we can already find the Corsair M55 RGB Pro available from 39.99 euros , with the support and quality of one of the best-known international gaming brands that make it one of cheap gaming mice most recommended.


Trust GXT 960 Graphin

Another mouse that we have had the opportunity to pass through our hands , which undoubtedly stands out for the use of a structure with abundant honeycomb-shaped hexagonal perforations , which although they will not really allow us to see the inside of the mouse, will help to significantly reduce its weight and give it a different character, with a really striking multicolor RGB lighting pattern.

And it is that although hidden at first glance, its components will become more than remarkable during use, with an advanced optical sensor with an adjustable resolution from 200 to 10,000 dpi and a polling rate of 1000 Hz , being the model with the most customization of all the cheap gaming mice that we present to you today.

Offered exclusively by the brand through its official distributors, we can find the Trust GXT 960 Graphin at a price of only 39.99 euros .

Acer Predator Cestus 310

Under one of the most minimalist aesthetics of this list of cheap gaming mice, the Acer Predator Cestus 310 is presented in a format subtly optimized for right-handed gamers with additional buttons located on its right side, and a slightly curved and raised body to adapt to the shape of the palm, ensuring a noticeably greater comfort and better control of it.

Thus, some smooth and curved lines stand out, with just two lighting points on the scroll wheel and the logo located at the base of the palm. A simplicity that we will also notice in its internal components, with a 4,200 DPI sensor that will be located in the middle, enough to perform without problems, but without being especially remarkable.

Currently we can find the Acer Predator Cestus 310 available at a price close to 40 euros , distributed by the company itself.

Razer Deathadder Essential

Again we find a symmetrical oval design finished in two small horns that widen the main buttons, although this time, with a slight optimization and ergonomics for right-handed users.

The biggest drawback of this mouse lies in the fact that it  does not have RGB lighting , limiting itself to the classic green color of the brand, although we can configure the different effects. However, we will have the use of  high quality materials such as the rough panels on the sides, which will help us maintain better grip and precision during long gaming sessions.

Available on the brand’s website , and topping this list of cheap gaming mice at a price of 49.99 euros , the Razer Deathadder Essential joins the new line of “reduced” Razer products, which do without some extras to offer high-end peripherals at a much more affordable price


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