10 best websites and applications to learn French

Learning a language is one of those resolutions we make to ourselves every year along with leading a healthier life, quitting smoking, or trying to be more productive. However, not all those who intend to acquire knowledge in a foreign language end up achieving it (or not even starting).

The reasons are usually several: lack of time, accumulated work, laziness … And there are still many who believe that to learn a new language we are obliged to sign up for an academy, leave home or spend a lot of money. If you are also one of those who thought that you are very wrong because there are all kinds of tools that allow us to do it without leaving the sofa.

So now you know, if you lack time or you know that you will join the academy, but you will never go, we recommend that you continue reading because we are going to teach you a lot of resources with which you will learn French without leaving home, from your mobile or computer, whichever you prefer.


One of the services most used by users who want to learn a language other than their own is Duolingo. It is a tool that is not only multiplatform, but is also free. In it you can learn French from scratch or from whatever level you have. To use it, you just have to create an account on the service and choose the language you want to learn, in our case, French. The best thing about Duolingo, in addition to being free, is that it  adapts to your level and allows you to practice to reinforce the points where you usually fail or are more difficult.

If you don’t know what your level of French is, don’t worry because when you access Duolingo for the first time, you must take a level test. In the case of French, if you don’t know anything, you can start from scratch. This includes the basics of grammar , as well as vocabulary, verb or pronunciation exercises.

Try Duolingo to learn French here.


Rosetta stone

This service is another of the most popular around the world. With it you can learn up to 24 languages, including French. The program uses personalized lessons, online tutorials with native teachers and, in addition, uses a voice recognition technology called TruAccent. According to the company, this technology manages to accurately recognize your voice when you speak into the microphone to help you improve your pronunciation in the language you have chosen to learn.

Like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone is multiplatform so we can use it from the computer or from the Rosetta Stone apps for Android and iOS.

Try Rosseta Stone to learn French here.


Memrise is another cross-platform option for learning languages. Unlike the services we have seen before, Memrise does not offer you a course to learn French, but rather gives you access to various specialized courses according to your needs that you can take from  the web or the application. Another of its advantages is that you do not need to have Internet to use it, since it has an offline option.

To start using it, you only need to enter its website, register, log in, choose the language you speak and choose the language you want to speak French. Along with French, this resource allows you to learn English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish, Albanian, Armenian, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Cornish, Estonian, Faroese, Flemish, Georgian, Gothic, Hungarian, Icelandic, Irish, Ladino, Latvian, Luxembourgish, Maltese, Manx, Occitan, Romanian, Scottish, Scottish Gaelic, and Welsh.

Try Memrise to learn French here.

Simple French

This website is perfect for those who have no knowledge of French and want to learn the Gallic language from scratch. In it you will find  basic lessons to take the first steps in the language. From basic grammar to vocabulary for beginners and also some notions of practical French with which to cope if we have to travel to the country and we have no idea about things like ordering a coffee or asking for an address.

Try Simple French to learn French here.

French online

The website of the Agency for French Language Centers in France has a section that includes several resources with which it will be very easy for you to learn the language of the neighboring country. You have a section where you will find many online courses for all kinds of levels, both with and without teachers. On the other hand, there is a section called the French Kiosk.

Here you have resources in French to practice and improve your French online: videos, books, television programs, reports, much more. You will also find a section in which they recommend all the platform offers and online courses to practice French on your own.

Try French online to learn French here.

Le Point du FLE

This simple page is home to tons of resources to learn French without having to go to an academy. Specifically, the site has 14,100 links to learn and teach French with resources of all kinds that include grammar, written comprehension, listening comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Try Le Point du FLE to learn French here.


This website offers you the possibility to learn several languages ​​and among them is French. It has a specific section, called Frantastique that offers you fun French courses, of short duration so that you do not get tired and personalized to suit your basic level. The duration of the daily classes is about 15 minutes.

In them they will show you stories, dialogues, questions and they will give you a test with what they learned that day. Depending on your score and the aspects that you have failed, the next day’s class will be generated. In this way you can reinforce what is most difficult to learn. This course is not free, since it costs 21 euros per month for the most basic mode and 41 euros per month for the Pro mode, which is more advanced.

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