The 10 best universities to study Psychology in Spain

Do you want to study Psychology but you don’t know where? We can help you decide.

The degree of Psychology is one of the first options of many young people who finish the years of institute. In fact, every year it stands as one of the university courses with the most demand, since they are attractive studies for students.

And this, in part, plays against all these future psychologists, because the competition is enormous. You have to differentiate yourself from everyone else, and an excellent way is by choosing the university to study well.

There are some faculties of Psychology in Spain that have a reputation not only nationally, but also internationally. Studying at one of the universities that we will present below, although it is not a guarantee of success, it is true that it gives you an advantage.

What is studied in Psychology?

Psychology is the discipline that studies human behavior and the mental processes that occur in our brain in different situations. Thus, a psychologist is a person who has received sufficient education to understand concepts such as perception, intelligence, human relationships, personality, motivation, etc.

The degree in Psychology is a career belonging to the social sciences in which you will receive training to correctly approach human problems and mental disorders and consequently be able to offer help and guidance to all those who need it.

It is not a medical discipline, so the degree will not focus on knowing what happens inside the person’s brain, but will train you to focus on the person’s relationship with their environment, the experiences they have lived, the emotions that experience, the social context …

Therefore, the treatments that you will offer will not be pharmacological, but you will carry out behavioral therapies and psychological counseling to help the person improve interactions with their surroundings, both in the personal and professional sphere.

In Psychology you will study how to help people improve their quality of life and, if they have mental problems, how to make them have the least possible impact on their day to day.

What career opportunities does Psychology have?

Before deciding where you are going to study Psychology, it is important that you are clear about the professional opportunities you have, that is, on what your future is going to be based. This is important because you may have thought about studying this degree without really knowing what it can offer you. We will tell you.

There are many different career paths. But do not be in a hurry, because you will decide what you want to specialize in once you have finished the degree, being able to do different masters depending on how you see your professional future.

Although the most famous is to become a clinical psychologist to treat mental problems, the truth is that there are many different ways out .

If what interests you is the world of learning, you can become an educational psychologist. If you are very committed to social justice and everything that has to do with groups, perhaps your best option is to be a community psychologist. If you want to offer help to people who feel incapable of managing their day to day correctly, you can be a psychotherapist.

If you are passionate about the world of sports, you can become a sports psychologist. You can even focus on the world of criminology and be a forensic psychologist. If you are curious about how the human brain works, you can specialize in neuropsychology.

And not only these, you will have many more outlets: researcher, teacher, coach, sexologist, organizational psychologist …

But where do I study psychology?

If, after seeing what this degree consists of and what are the professional opportunities it offers, you are still clear that you want to study Psychology, you are interested in continuing reading.

Psychology is a 4-year degree that is taught in 86 faculties throughout Spain . Although all of them comply with the official programs, they are not all of the same quality or enjoy the same reputation.

Here we present the 10 best universities in which to study Psychology in Spain according to the Shanghai ranking, one of the most prestigious in the world, and the MedicoPlus scales. We also show the cut-off mark for the 2018-2019 academic year.

  1. University of Barcelona: 8’082

The University of Barcelona stands out as the best Spanish center to study Psychology . It is located in the city of Barcelona, ​​its cut-off mark for this last year was 8’082 and the price of the first year is 2,146 euros.

In addition to having first-rate faculty and facilities, the faculty offers a degree that is academically demanding but forms psychologists like no other. It is the university in Spain with the highest reputation.

In addition, the faculty itself offers six master’s degrees so that students can specialize depending on where they want to focus their future work: Educational Psychology, Psychosocial Intervention, Conflict Mediation, Management and Development of People and Teams, Research in Behavior and Cognition and and finally, General Health Psychology, which allows students to enter the world of health.

  1. Autonomous University of Barcelona: 7’944

The second of the Barcelona universities is also one of the best options to study Psychology , as it offers a program that enjoys a lot of reputation. The faculty is located in Bellaterra, a town near Barcelona, ​​its cut-off mark for this last year was 7’944 and the price of the first year is 2,146 euros.

The faculty offers a very extensive catalog of master’s degrees: General Health Psychology, Neuropsychology, Educational Psychology, Communication and Language Disorders, Sports Psychology, Legal Psychology, Psychogeriatrics … In total, an offer of almost 30 master’s degrees.

  1. Autonomous University of Madrid: 9’648

The Autonomous University of Madrid has a great international reputation . The faculty is located on the outskirts of the city, the cut-off mark for this last year was 9’648 and the price of the first year is 1,283 euros.

It offers a total of five master’s degrees: Behavioral and Health Sciences Methodology, Psychosocial and Community Intervention, Educational Psychology, Human Resources Management, and General Health Psychology.

  1. University of Granada: 7’716

The University of Granada is also one of the best options to study Psychology. The faculty is located in the city itself, its cut-off mark for this last year was 7’716 and the price of the first year is 757 euros, the cheapest option on the list.

It offers a total of six master’s degrees: General Health Psychology, Social Intervention Psychology, Research Designs and Application in Health Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Gerontology, Comprehensive Care for Advanced Patients and their Families and, finally, Psychology Legal and Forensic.

  1. Complutense University of Madrid: 8’968

The Complutense University of Madrid, located in the center of the city, is another of the best options to train as a psychologist. His cut-off mark for this last course was 8’968 and the price of the first course is 1,283 euros .

It has a huge offer of masters with a total of 12. Some of them are: General Health Psychology, Psychopharmacology and Drugs of Abuse, Science of Religions, Gender Studies, Teacher Training, Speech Therapy Intervention …

  1. University of the Basque Country: 9’257

The University of the Basque Country, located in the center of San Sebastián , offers one of the best degrees in Psychology in Spain. Her cut-off mark for this last course was 9’257 and the price of the first course is 1,186 euros.

It offers a total of six masters: General Health Psychology, Master in Individual, Group, Organization and Culture, Organizational Psychology and Social Intervention, Early Care, Neuropsychology and, finally, the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language.

  1. University of Valencia: 9’174

The University of Valencia, located in the center of the city, has a faculty of Psychology that stands as one of the best in the country. His cut-off mark for this last course was 9’174 and the price of the first course is 985 euros , one of the cheapest options.

It offers a total of nine master’s degrees. Some of them are the following: General Health Psychology, Psychology of Work, Organizations and Human Resources, Psychogerontology, Logopedic Intervention, etc.

  1. University of Murcia: 10’557

The University of Murcia, located on the outskirts of the city, has one of the most prestigious faculties of Psychology in Spain. And this is demonstrated by his cut-off grade, which was the highest of all: 10’557 . The price of the first course is 1,007 euros.

It offers a total of four master’s degrees: General Health Psychology, Educational Psychology, Psychology of Social Intervention and Legal and Forensic Psychology.

  1. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC): No cut-off mark applies

The Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is an online Catalan university and does not apply a cut-off mark , as admission depends on a specific test. Anyway, despite not being face-to-face, it is one of the best universities in which to study Psychology. The price of the first course is 1,225 euros.

It offers the following master’s degrees: Neuropsychology, Psychopedagogy, Teacher Training, Child and Youth Psychology, Assessment and Management of Quality in Higher Education, Language Disorders and Learning Difficulty, Improvement of Early Childhood and Primary Education Teachings and, finally , Teaching and Learning Languages ​​Through Technology.

  1. National University of Distance Education: 5’000

The National University of Distance Education is a Catalan university also online that requires, as a minimum requirement, to have passed the selectivity . In any case, it also takes an admission test and is one of the most prestigious in Spain. The price of the first course is 930 euros.

It has a very large offer of master’s degrees, among which the following stand out: Methodology of Behavioral and Health Sciences, Research in Psychology, Prevention of Occupational Risks, Psychology of Social Intervention and General Health Psychology.


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