10 Best Programs to change IP

Programs to change IP. You have just found out about an interesting website, but when you try to visit it, a message appears on the screen stating that you cannot access it because you do not reside in the country it is intended for. Well I don’t see the problem: you can use programs to change IP.

The IP Address represents a kind of “license plate” that allows you to uniquely identify all devices connected to a network. It can be external  (that is, it uniquely identifies a connection) or internal (that is, what the modem assigns to devices), also static  (that never changes), or dynamic (that changes with every connection).

Therefore, the use of programs to change the IP can be useful to change the external address, static or dynamic, to “camouflage” one’s online identity and to mislead Internet sites into thinking that they are different users or that live in them. other countries than the current one from which the connection is initiated.

In this way, you can avoid any restrictions and / or complaints that some services and websites apply to the content offered to the public.

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Program guide to change IP

TOR browser (Windows / macOS / Linux)

Tor Browser is a package, that is, a software package, which includes a modified version of the Mozilla Firefox browser equipped with the TOR online identity cloaking system that “bounces” the connection through various nodes spread all over the world. .

Therefore, this system makes it practically impossible to recognize users on the Internet.

It does not require facilities to function. After downloading and unzipping it on your computer, simply launch it via its icon and click the Connect button .

The modified version of Firefox will start automatically to start browsing anonymously. Even to close the protected browsing session with just one click.

Hide.me (Windows / macOS)

Another program change IP I want to suggest that you try is Hide.me . It is available for Windows and Mac (as well as Android and iOS in the form of a special application).

If you are interested in this program, I suggest you try the free version (which has some limitations), and then evaluate if buying the paid version is closer to your needs.

It also offers a panel to configure the more advanced settings full of settings, including the ability to choose the VPN protocol to be exploited and the configuration of DNS servers.

TunnelBear (Windows / macOS)

Equipped with an extremely simple interface, TunnelBear is one of the easiest-to-use IP change programs available for both Windows and macOS. Just download the software and install it. Once started, just turn the lever to ON and select the country from which to connect from the map.

It is therefore simple to use software that allows you to disguise your address online with an American, British and other IP, with a simple click.

It is available in several free versions with a monthly traffic limit of 500 MB. It is also available as an extension for Chrome and Opera and as an app for Android and iOS.

CyberGhost (Windows / macOS)

CyberGhost is another VPN service that can be used in the form of software available for Windows and macOS and Linux. It is also available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets through a special app.

This service is simple and convenient to use. In fact, you don’t need to support complicated settings to be able to use them: in fact, just launch the software and press a button to start surfing the net with another IP.

The service is free and it also has a paid version . In all cases, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited traffic are guaranteed. The service also supports AES 256-BIT encryption and an anti-fingerprint system.

Hotspot Shield (Windows / macOS)

Another program I want to talk about the IP changing software category is Hotspot Shield which is still one of the most valid and reliable solutions to protect your Internet connection, hiding the IP address of the computer with a US address. USA

This software allows you to avoid geographical restrictions, but in its free version it does not allow you to browse at very high speeds and the assigned “alternative” IP address can only be the US.

Unfortunately, it must be said that, on the other hand, it presents ads that are sometimes invasive during browsing, but offers a practical counter that clearly indicates the amount of data exchanged.

ProXPN (Windows / macOS)

In an article dedicated to which are the best programs to change IP, it is also correct to talk about proXPN . In fact, this one is  free and does not need to perform any complicated configuration, which allows all users who have a device with a Windows or macOS operating system to browse the network in complete security, using an IP disguised as another nationality.

It is also available as an application that can be downloaded to mobile devices with the iOS or Android operating system.

The basic version of the service provides the use of only US IP addresses (as opposed to the paid one where you can choose the country of the IP) and the limitation of browsing speed to 100 kbps.

To start using it, just sign up for free on the program’s website and click Connect .

SafeIP (Windows)

SafeIP is a small piece of software that, once installed, allows you to choose how to change the IP address, it even allows you to select a country of your choice from those available in the list.

It allows you to get an IP address different from the one automatically assigned in a very fast way.

It’s only available for Windows and it’s free , but you can eventually subscribe to a paid plan through which you can access additional features, as in the case of the option that allows you to enable Wi-Fi protection.

Hidester (online)

Another highly recommended service to change the IP is the one offered by Hidester . In this case, it is a web proxy service that allows you to change the IP address with that of a foreign country, acting directly from any browser and from all the main operating systems.

In its basic version, it is free and allows you to choose between a US server or a European server.

It also has a paid version that, with prices starting from € 4.20 per month, allows you to get a VPN for 12 months, downloading the appropriate client for Windows, macOS or Linux and being able to use it on Android and iOS as well.

Clearly, since it is a proxy service accessible from the web, browsing may be slower than normal. If you want to use it, log in to your website, choose the server you want to connect to, through the appropriate drop-down menu, type the URL to visit in the text field in the center of the screen and click the Browse button. anonymously.

Proxy site (online)

The programs for IP change do not you particularly like because you do not want or can not install new software on your PC? No problem. I also have a solution for this: Proxy site .

In this specific case, it is not a “common” computer software but an online tool, usable by any browser that, therefore, does not need to support any type of configuration.

This web tool, in its free version , allows you to temporarily replace your IP with one of the many European or American servers.

By subscribing to a premium plan , you can access advanced options that allow you to access your desired websites through a dedicated VPN server. The prices, however, are not among the highest in the category.

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