10 best hockey games for Android

Hockey is the last of the four major sports in North America, although it also has a good international following. However, it does not have the football or football figures. That means that developers don’t pay as much attention to hockey as they do to other sports. With that said, there are still some decent hockey games out there on mobile devices. Let’s see the best.

  1. Block hockey
  2. ESPN and Yahoo Fantasy Hockey
  3. Ice Rage: Hockey
  4. Hockey All Stars
  5. Hockey Franchise 2019
  6. Classic Hockey 16
  7. Hockey Country 18
  8. Hockey doll
  9. Hockey Puzzle
  10. Stickman hockey

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10 of the best NHL apps and hockey apps for Android

Block hockey

Price: Free / $ 299

Blocky Hockey is a simple arcade hockey game. This uses a broker mechanism. You slide on the track. You must change lanes and keep avoiding opponents. It has many playable characters, fighting, multiplayer and retro style graphics. There is nothing else besides that game. Easy to play, cheap, and fun to play. It is good to kill 20 minutes between periods.


ESPN and Yahoo Fantasy Hockey

Price: Free

ESPN Fantasy Sports is a decent fantasy sports platform. It is compatible with most sports, including hockey. This app allows you to create or join a league, organize your team, organize your roster, browse for free, exchange and communicate with other league managers. Basically that’s what to do. This app has occasional bugs. We recommend a double check to make sure your list is set up correctly. Otherwise, this is a decent, if sometimes slow, app for fantasy sports.


Hockey Franchise 2019

Price: Free to play

The Hockey Franchise 2019 is a fantasy hockey simulator from CBS. We find it strange because NBC has the right to play hockey in the United States, but whatever it is. This game allows you to build teams, simulate the entire season, train players, and more. This is primarily a collectible game. That means there are freemium and loot elements in the player package. That’s better than the previous game in the franchise. However, the mechanics of freemium are still quite aggressive. If it’s not fun to play.


Ice Rage: Hockey

Price: $ 0.99 + $ 099

Ice Rage: Hockey is a top-down arcade hockey game. You have a goalkeeper and a skater. You bounce the pieces until someone scores a goal. This is like the air hockey version of air hockey. The game has local multiplayer support for two players on the same device. We think it is quite unique. Also, there are tournament modes for small variations. This is a simple arcade game at its core. This is also not a freemium game and it rarely happens in the mobile arcade. This game is a good time killer if there is nothing else.


Hockey All Stars

Price: Free to play

Hockey All Stars is a decent general hockey game. You get a joystick and various buttons to really control the player on the ice. The game is smooth and fun, especially when you hit the ice counter once for a goal. However, it is free to play games with free items to play. Therefore, you can wait a long time to get a better player. If not, this is one of the best mobile hockey games.


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Classic Hockey 16

Price: Free / up to $ 399

Hockey Classic 16 It is one of the few games with real hockey mechanics. I skate up and down, shoot pucks, score goals, play defense, and win championships. It has 60 teams, seven game modes and more. That means that there is enough content in this game and many ways to play it. This is an old game and hasn’t had an update in a few years. So be sure to try the free version before buying anything.


Hockey Country 18

Price: Free / up to $ 499

Hockey Nations 18 is a decent arcade hockey game. This is also by the same developer from Hockey Classic 16. It features three vs three hockey between six countries. That includes 40 North American teams, 27 Russian league teams, 19 International team and two all-star teams. This game has a game limit per hour and you can buy more if you want. Plus, it’s free of the freemium elements that normally disrupt mobile games. Pretty good for what it is.


Hockey doll

Price: Free to play

Hockey Ice Puppet is another arcade game with hockey elements. This is a 2D game with one-on-one games. You throw a token on the ice and another player returns it. The person who scores the most goals will win. There are power-ups, animations that are really entertaining, and more. However, in the end, this is just hockey-themed Pong. Still, this is a good time, even if it is a freemium game.


Hockey Puzzle

Price: Free to play

Puzzle Hockey is a hockey-themed three-match game. You may know how to play three games. You move the symbol around the box until you match three or more. The resulting matches help you to score, save and win matches. This is an officially licensed game, so there are real hockey players here. However, in the end, it was a three-game hockey-themed game rather than the actual hockey game. Still, you will have 20 minutes free time.


Stickman hockey

Price: Free / $ 227

Stickman Ice Hockey is one of the few hockey games with real hockey mechanics. You slide on the ice, score goals, and do another hockey. It’s the top-down flair of the 1990s hockey game. That should make older fans feel right at home. The game also has four difficulty levels, 46 teams, various season modes, multiplayer PvP, and hardware controller support. That makes it probably the best true hockey game available on mobile devices. Still, it’s certainly not perfect, and it has a bug section.

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