10 Best free summary apps

Looking for info on the best free summary apps . A complete guide to help you find the best app for writing online or on the phone.

Managing the studio is absolutely not easy, especially in the weeks when daily activities inevitably overlap. It is no coincidence that more and more students, from middle school to university, are using dedicated applications and software to improve their way of studying , speeding up learning and eliminating dead times.

Among the most popular software there are certainly the app for summaries , extremely useful for always having the material to study available. Today we’re going to take a look at the best summary apps available online and on your Android or iOS device. We recommend that you also read our guides on note taking apps and iPad note-taking apps .



  • App by riasuntu for free
    • Google Keep (Android, iOS)
    • Evernote (Android, iOS)
    • Microsoft OneNote (Android, iOS)
    • Simplenote (Android, iOS)
  • English summary app
    • GetAbstract (Android, iOS)
    • StoryShots Book Summaries (iOS)
    • QuickRead (Android, iOS)
  • App for making summaries and diagrams
    • SimpleMind (Android, iOS)
    • Mindmeister (Android, iOS)
  • Book summary app
    • Text Summary (Android, iOS)
    • Editpad (Online)
  • App for summaries with photos free
    • Text Fairy (Android, iOS)
    • Summarizing and Highlighting Texts (Android)
    • Markup – Highlight & Annotate (iOS)
  • App for online and automatic summaries
    • Summazer (Online)
    • Text Compactor (Online)
    • Resoomer (Online)
  • University and history summary app
    • Studocu (Android, iOS)
    • it (Online)
    • net (Android, iOS)
  • How to summarize a book

App by riasuntu for free

Let’s start with what are the best applications for making summaries and which you can download from the Play Store or the App Store completely free of charge.

Google Keep (Android, iOS)

Maybe you don’t know that Google has developed a particularly easy to use software that allows you to take notes and write your summaries quickly: Google Keep . Download the application for iOS or Android and log in with your Google account when it asks you to log in. Tap on the (+) icon and start taking notes. You can also add images and photographs.

Evernote (Android, iOS)

Probably the most downloaded summary app is Evernote , free software with which you can take notes and write what is useful for your study. In addition to transcribing the summaries, you can also access many other features, even if the one we recommend activating is synchronization with other devices , so that you always have your texts at hand. The app is available for both iOS and Android .

Microsoft OneNote (Android, iOS)

An app for making summaries that might surprise you for its functionality is OneNote , a software developed by Microsoft that you can synchronize with your Windows PC. You will have the ability to capture notes , create notes , organize summaries , share and edit them with Office 365 . You can download it for both Android and iOS mobile devices .

Simplenote (Android, iOS)

Among the free applications that you can download on iOS and Android , we recommend that you also try Simplenote . As you can tell from the name it is a software created to simplify the notes . In addition to transcribing your texts and finding them easily in a detailed list, you can also connect links to sources and select categories by topic.

English summary app

If you have specific needs for the English language , i.e. you want software that can best manage summaries both in Italian and in the London language , then you should opt for specific applications.

GetAbstract (Android, iOS)

For your summaries in English it is difficult to find a better program than GeAbstract . This gives you access to more than 20,000 English-language publications , but you’ll need to purchase a paid subscription after a few days’ free trial. In the section called Home you will already find plenty of summaries for you to study. It is compatible with both Android and iOS .

StoryShots Book Summaries (iOS)

An alternative, downloadable only on iOS, is StoryShorts . It allows you to access a very large catalog of summaries of the most famous books. Its strong point, in addition to an infinite number of books available, is to be found in the access to a free catalog of bestsellers and new releases . It will be very useful not only for studying, but also for lighter and more relaxing reading.

QuickRead (Android, iOS)

One solution that might surprise you is QuickRead , software that offers you more than 500 free books in the Anglo-Saxon language from which you can get detailed summaries to improve your conversations in English . In addition to reading the most popular English books, this app also allows you to listen to them as audiobooks and format the text in real time in the dedicated categories. You will have the possibility to take notes while listening to the audio, this will be useful for speeding up the study. Android and iOS .

App for making summaries and diagrams

If you were to be a particularly precise person and wanted an application capable of editing graphics quickly, you would need software capable of generating diagrams within abstracts and files.

SimpleMind (Android, iOS)

SimpleMind lets you create and organize your notes using outlines . The application displays a blank page on the screen where you can insert your graphs and links to the abstracts. A real digital concept map easy to use and very well made. Android and iOS . SimpleMind is also available in the Pro version at a cost of 8.49 euros.

Mindmeister (Android, iOS)

Summarized app that lets you do this very easily is Mindmeister . Just like a small portable editor you’ll have the ability to add emoticons, images, and boxes that recreate patterns on the file. This application is also used by professionals to make an aesthetically pleasing and complex work pattern . You find it on both Android and iOS .

Book summary app

You can also download many books already summarized not only in English with the applications listed above, but also in Italian. Let’s see the best ones.

Text Summary (Android, iOS)

A student who wants to optimize his time certainly uses Text Summary . This application allows you to enter the text of your book or your notes automatically generating the summary . It is excellent because you can share your abstract books with the community and draw from them the ones that can be useful to you. It is available as an app for Android and iOS .

Editpad (Online)

Site for summaries used by many students is Editpad , inside the window called Summarizer you will have to enter the text you want to summarize, and then start the process. After a few seconds, the digital platform will process a shorter and more practical text to study.

App for summaries with photos free

We’re sure you’ve thought that writing an entire book inside a website to get the summary isn’t that convenient, right? If you don’t have a pdf file of the book, you could take advantage of the applications that scan the images and allow you to obtain the summary.

Text Fairy (Android, iOS)

Among the apps for making the best summaries with photos is Text Fairy , in fact, you just need to scan or photograph the page of the book and get an editor that allows you to modify the text with OCR . In a few seconds you will have both the categories dedicated to the topics and the sections to manage the scans performed. Android and iOS .

Summarizing and Highlighting Texts (Android)

If you have a smartphone with Android, we recommend experimenting with Summarizing and Highlighting Texts . This app uses artificial intelligence to make automatic summaries, extracting the most significant parts. You will have the ability to add links, related topics and books in all languages, as well as send summaries by email.

Markup – Highlight & Annotate (iOS)

The counterpart, available only for iOS, is Markup Highlight & Annotate . Again, the software uses artificial intelligence to scan and highlight the most important parts of a text, and then provide you with the accurate summary. In full Apple style graphically it is among the most pleasant software to use.

App for online and automatic summaries

If you usually study with a PC, you may also find an online platform capable of making summaries automatically useful. On the web there are an infinite number of functional tools for this purpose, but we have chosen three that are sure to be trusted.

Summazer (Online)

Among the sites for making summaries is Summazer , practical, fast and without the need for registration. Select the language of the book in the Language section and enter the text in the window below, or add the URL of the web page . Click on Summazer , at the bottom right, and wait for it to process.

Text Compactor (Online)

An even more practical and effective alternative is the Text Compactor book summary site , which is divided into three steps. Within the Step 1 section : you must enter the text to be summarized, in the Step 2 section select the percentage of the text you want to summarize and in the third Step you can read the final result.

Resoomer (Online)

Resoomer is a very interesting summary app both if you have a ready-made document and if you want to transcribe with the keyboard . By inserting the text in the Unlimited section or the URL you can then obtain the desired summary. If you already have a document, click on the up arrow icon and upload your file from your PC. By clicking on Resoomer, the website will start processing the text.

University and history summary app

A university context requires summaries that are certainly more accurate than those used for middle and high schools . For this reason, you could use applications that are more useful for those who attend university and need an extra gear.

Studocu (Android, iOS)

Studocu is a particularly effective app for university summaries , with which you can consult the texts written by other students who are attending the same faculty that interests you. You will have many summaries and books.pdf available to improve your study, but you will have to invest a monthly expense after the 30-day free trial . It is available for Android and iOS .

Studenti.it (Online)

Perhaps you already know the famous website for those who need summaries for students and university students: Studenti.it . Surely the level of the texts is not as excellent as Studocu, but it can be a great resource especially when you can’t find the summaries anywhere. The portal is full of books and users who periodically share their works .

Skuola.net (Android, iOS)

Full of summaries of history and university books is Skuola.net . The application for iOS and Android is very well made and allows you to access many categories useful for studying. The Notes section is divided into Middle Schools , High Schools and Universities , you just need to choose the latter to access the summaries for your faculty.

How to summarize a book

We close this guide on apps for making abstracts with some guidelines to follow on how to make a summary of a book.

  • Read the text carefully: to understand the meaning of what you are reading you need to read the passage carefully and read it several times.
  • Underline the most important parts: equipping yourself with a highlighter and underlining the most important passages will help you immediately identify the parts to remember.
  • Create your own lineup: take a pen and paper and write a sequence of topics to have a clear summary structure.
  • Complete the draft: start dividing the text into sequences by giving each one a title.
  • Check for spelling errors: re-read the summary and check for spelling and syntactic errors.
  • Simple language: always use simple language and pay attention to the verb tense, it must always be the same.
  • Speeches in indirect form: be careful to always write direct speeches in indirect form.
  • Third Person: Always speak in the third person and never in the first person.


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