10 best free FRIV games

If you ever get bored this summer, you will surely be able to remedy it with a free FRIV game since you will be able to choose from more than 100 games. We show you the best games that you can play in FRIV for this summer and you cannot say that you have been bored at any time.

FRIV is an online games website where you can play a huge number of games in your computer’s browser. There are games of all kinds of categories, they are also games that hardly require a large Internet connection and best of all, they are totally free.

Before we start to show you the best games that you can play in FRIV , each game has a download size, you must be calm, because you will not have to save anything on your computer, but you will have to wait for the game to download

Another thing you should know is that the keyboard or mouse keys that you should use to play will appear on the loading screen , and finally these are the best free FRIV games to enjoy this hot summer.

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Biggest Burger Challenge

In this game you will have to choose between two game modes, one of them will be to go through several challenges in which you will have to create the hamburger that the game proposes and then you will go through a rating. The other game mode is free and you can create the hamburger you want and then be voted with what you will earn money.

Web: Biggest Burger Challenge

Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple

In this game for two people you will have to advance through different scenarios in which you will come across an infinity of traps and lava or water lakes, in the case of the boy he can only go through the lava and the girl through the water, if any. of the two dies, it will be your turn to start over. There are several versions, so choose the one you like the most.

Web: Fireboy and Watergirl Forest Temple

Moto X3M

If you like motorcycle games, you will surely like Moto X3M a lot. In this game you will have to go through the different circuits, each one more complicated with your motorcycle. There are several versions of the game available so you can choose the one you like the most. The game controls are very simple, you just have to use the arrows on your keyboard.

Web: Moto X3M

Death chase

If you have seen the movies called “Death Race” you will like this game because it is a simulation of the game in which you can choose the car you like the most and fill it with weapons to be the last to reach the finish line. There are 3 games with different modalities so you can choose any of them. It is a very fun game in which you can spend hours of entertainment.

Web: Death Chase

Bob the robber 2

If motorcycle or car games are not your thing and you want something calmer or more skillful , this game will test you in every way. Bob is a thief that you control to try to steal all the money you can in the different available places in the city.

Web: Bob The Robber 2

4 Colors

Although the name is totally different, this game is ONE! so although there is not much to tell about it, we will tell you that you can play against 3 people, all controlled by the AI. It is a very fun game if you know how to play your cards well. First of all, it is a strategy game because you will have to know which card to use at all times.

Web: 4 Colors

Penalty Shootout Multi League

There is not much to say about a game in which we will only have to shoot or stop penalties. We will have to choose the team we want to play with and choose the direction, power and height of the shot to take the perfect penalty. It is not a soccer game per se, but it is very entertaining and sometimes complicated.

Web: Penalty Shootout Multi League

Clash of Orcs

If you’ve ever played Worms, Clash of Orcs will be very familiar to you, as it has the same mechanics. You will have to defend your castle by sending your entire arsenal of orcs, trolls and skeletons into battle to the enemy. As we have said, the objective is to destroy the enemy castle before your rival.

Web: Clash of Orcs

Mini Scientist

In this logic game you will have to test your mind to be able to complete the whole story that surrounds this mini scientist, in which you will have to search for and use the objects that you will find around you to follow the path and thus be able to change the scenery to complete the game.

Web: Mini Scientist

Kiko adventure

In this game totally inspired by the Mario Bros universe, you will have to take Kiko through the stages or levels. As you reach more levels the difficulty of them will be much higher so you will have to practice a little before, because the controls are somewhat complex.

Web: Kiko Adventure

These are the best free FRIV games that you can enjoy this summer wherever you are, because although you will have to have an Internet connection, you can download them in a very short time and spend hours and hours playing them, you can also try all the games it has the web, even surely you will discover one that you like much more.

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