Computer design is becoming more and more popular from year to year among IT specialties and simply as a useful leisure. Art no longer requires brushes and an easel, as it has long been “digital”. To create works of art, it is enough to have any PC and appropriate software, namely the best programs for drawing on a computer.

The essence of graphics editors for PC

The so-called image editors are designed for people with different skill levels, but they all perform roughly the same functions. In this case, the number of options and additional features may be different. The following are the 10 best programs for becoming a true master, albeit in “digital”.

The comparison evaluated the user friendliness of each of these solutions. The price and the opportunities obtained are one of the main criteria of interest. In recent years, aspiring and experienced designers have wanted to see advanced functionality beyond the standard options. However, most artists are still interested in free editors that make it easy to get started creating masterpieces.

Many aspiring computer designers mistakenly believe that drawing with software is much easier than traditional art with pencils or a brush. Even graphic tablets will very quickly convince you that drawing in the program is not at all easier, and it will also require artistic talent.

List of Top 10 Drawers and Their Benefits

To draw pictures, you need special programs and applications, which are also called graphic editors. Most of them are supported by modern operating systems and are even freely available.

So, an approximate list of computer drawing rooms on a PC will be as follows:

  1. The GIMP. At the stage of its creation, the product was positioned as a free replacement for the famous PhotoShop. However, to a greater extent, it is still not a pure photo editor, because in it you can create drawings and paintings just from scratch. The large number of auxiliary tools is striking: an anti-aliasing effect and others are provided, many different brushes, the possibility of layer-by-layer image processing, etc. However, there is a certain drawback in this program – its interface is very difficult to understand. This can easily scare a novice artist away. We’ll have to watch a few videos on YouTube on the relevant topic.
  2. Net. It is a good drawing tool and is also built into the operating system. However, it has excellent functionality, experts say. It is very convenient to use it to draw moving objects, as well as volumetric models. You can highlight specific objects or even elements. This program provides plugins that facilitate the execution of commands.
  3. Another software developed for a computer that allows you to completely get carried away with the process of creating works of art. The program boasts an excellent selection of brushes and brushes: they are arranged in several sections. With the help of “Notepad” you can draw with different brushes – it is a kind of draft. The application has the ability to communicate with users from other countries, show your work, share secrets.
  4. The program provides a mode of collaboration. One of the specific tools is a feature called Impaso. It makes it possible to apply strokes that resemble relief paint and get original compositions. All actions of the artist are recorded directly online, so that later there was an opportunity to evaluate the sequence of the work. Despite the fact that this is also one of the best programs for drawing on a PC, the list of other tools is not much different from similar products. All brushes and filters have approximately standard artistic capabilities.
  5. PixBuilder Studio. Quite an average app that made it to the top 10. However, it is famous for its simple interface and speed of work. It will be appreciated by network designers who value the time spent. Another characteristic feature is the multi-stage undo option. The panels you need can be docked where they are quickly visible and accessible. Otherwise, the general functionality of the tools is considered standard.
  6. One of the best apps when it comes to brushes and nibs. Among other tools, the user will find in it a set of decent markers, pencils and a spray with high accuracy. The creators also provided options such as layering and container effects. To get instant access to the desired brush, just select one “hot” number on the keyboard. The basis of the program is the algorithm for creating images on the subpixel base. As a result, the designer manages to achieve the high quality of his works. This is why professional artists install this software for themselves so often.
  7. One of the specializations of this program is landscape painting. This is not surprising when you consider how many retouching tools it has. An interesting fact is that the software uses a raster, not a vector, principle of creating projects. There is the possibility of word processing, which found its expression in the creation of flyers, business cards and brochures, corporate logos and various types of other promotional products. It is also used by engineers when it is required to create drawings with precise shapes and lines. Users also note a high response rate when working with the interface.
  8. This software has a narrow specialization and was created in order to draw on patterns. Its name is translated from English as “liquid brush”. Here you can find a very large assortment of brushes and options for decorating ready-made images. There is also the possibility of loading additional tools if the built-in brushes are not enough. As a result, the designer is able to create a variety of ornaments, as well as to stylize them.
  9. It turns out that many professional artists and designers have chosen this drawing for themselves as a favorite and everyday one. Here you can choose a canvas of any size without restrictions. A rich drawing toolkit is provided, in particular, there is an imitation of real paintings and a variety of artistic effects. This drawing application is highly detailed. Originally created as a drawing program, over time it received many additional options, and with its help digitized images are effectively edited. Today it has become a full-fledged competitor to the famous Photoshop.
  10. Tux Paint. Design software developers could not fail to take into account the interests of the smallest age audience of users. First, it is a free drawing program that aims to develop children’s art skills. It can be downloaded, and then usefully spend time at the computer. The interface is based on buttons of a very large size, it is easy to find ready-made headers and templates in the program, on the basis of which a child can make his own art project.

What is the principle of creating drawings on a PC based on

Working with computer graphics is based on the use of special software that has built-in tools. As a rule, they are based on raster or vector graphics. The first option is more traditional, in which the properties of each individual pixel (simply put, points) are determined. The basis of vector graphics is the algorithm for creating directed lines. It is better suited for the development of various promotional items. Most of these programs already have built-in sets of brushes, as well as the possibility of correcting ready-made design projects.

The main advantage of the vector algorithm is the ability to transform the finished element without losing image quality. In this case, the computer simply recalculates a new drawing using mathematical formulas. To create high-quality photos, it is better to use software based on raster graphics. Nowadays, she continues to be very popular in the processing and creation of high-quality pictures and photos .

For those designers who are just taking their first steps in creating drawings and computer design, it is recommended to download and install easier programs, especially since many of them are offered free of charge. They lack multifunctional brushes and an interface that is too complex to understand. Ready-made drawings are created in just a few minutes, you just have to fill your hand a little.

For the professional creation of artistic masterpieces or the execution of work to order, you should pay attention to the programs from the list above. Among them there are many drawing tools for PCs that contain a wide variety of options. Many of them are working with professional designers on a daily basis, and you can get feedback on the usability of these applications.

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