10 best Discord bots for an organized server

Discord is one of the best ways to chat with friends and like-minded people using voice, video and text. With Discord, you can create a server on any topic you like.

But did you know that you can add bots to help manage and keep your server tidy, or just for fun and entertainment?

Here are some of the best Discord bots you can add to your server …

1. MEE6

If you are looking to build a large server, you will soon find that it becomes very difficult to manage and moderate. This is where a bot like MEE6 comes in, which has a finely tuned moderation system that allows you to automatically warn, disable, and block users based on their behavior.

However, MEE6 does much more. You can use it to customize your ads (like when someone tweets or goes live on Twitch), create a tier system and XP to encourage server participation, build your own teams, and more.

2. Karl bot

Karl Bot has an adorable turtle mascot, and that should be reason enough to add it to your server. However, Karlbot is not just a pretty face. One of its best features is the ability to automatically assign roles to users based on emoji reactions. There is a limit of 250 roles, which is much more than similar bots offer for free.

Carl-bot also has a great suggestion system where users can submit ideas and others can vote on them. It also allows you to build starboard (like the Discord Message Hall of Fame), send your own welcome messages, and more.

3. Groovy

It’s always nice to share your favorite tunes with your friends. Groovy calls itself “the best music bot for Discord,” and it isn’t.

All you have to do is join the voice channel and then instruct Groovy to play the music. You can simply enter an artist and song title and Groovy will search. Alternatively, you can create a Spotify playlist link or upload your own files.

Groovy creates a playlist so that each song plays in turn, and you can do things like looping tracks, pulling up lyrics, shuffling, and more. If you want to listen to music on Discord, use Groovy.

4. Magic

The main purpose of your Discord should be to spend time and chat with people. However, everyone loves to earn points and you can turn your server into a kind of game with the Arcane bot.

Arcane rewards users for their activity on the server, both in text chats and voice channels. People can track their leaderboards, earn points and titles, and more. If you want to encourage people to keep coming back and interacting with your server, Arcane is incredibly helpful.

5. Dino

Sometimes it’s bad to be a jack of all trades, but Dyno does so much and does it well. If you want a bot that can automatically manage all aspects of your server, then Dyno is a great choice.

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Whether it’s moderation, auto roles, custom commands, reminders, joining the ranks – Dyno can do it. However, what sets it apart from other bots is that it has a great web dashboard where you can quickly enable and manage all aspects of it. You don’t have to fiddle with awkward chat comments – you can handle everything in one convenient place.

6. ProBot

If you have a theme or brand based Discord server, you should take a look at ProBot. Like other bots, it can welcome new users to the server, automatically detect bad behavior, and protect against raids.

What makes ProBot different is that you can create many facets with images and colors. One example is welcome messages, which can include your logo and user avatars.

7. TacoShack

If you want a little fun to spice up your server, you can’t go wrong with TacoShack. It’s a silly bot that allows everyone on the server to work together or against each other to manage a virtual taco shack – hire employees, run ads, buy upgrades, and sell tacos.

This will not only get people to come back to your server to take part in the fun, but it will also strengthen friendships and competition within the server thanks to leaderboards. You can even reward people for reaching certain milestones.

8. Pokétwo

Catch them all! Pokétwo is fun catching these pocket monsters on your Discord server. They will appear randomly on your server and users have to type commands quickly to get them.

However, it is more than just a bot to collect information. You can use these Pokémon to fight other people for rewards. Don’t have a collection you want? Trade and sell with others. This is a whole Pokemon marketplace and a game right on your server.

9. Tip.cc

Tip.cc is a bot designed specifically for sending cryptocurrency tips to anyone on Discord. It doesn’t bother with unnecessary functions. If you want to send someone some money, either as a tip or as payment, you can do it quickly on Discord thanks to this bot.

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Of course, it supports all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, and Litecoin. Tip.cc currently supports 164 coins and tokens, so there is a chance that whatever you trade can be used with this bot.

10. Discord translator

If you’re on a multilingual server and don’t want people to feel left out, Discord Translator is for you. It supports over 100 languages ​​and can automatically translate for users and channels. This means that people who do not speak the same language can communicate with each other.

Unlike the rest of these bots, Discord Translator is a paid bot (although it does have a free trial). But don’t let that scare you. If you want its functionality, that’s really good.

Discord tips and tricks

Add any of these bots to your server and it immediately becomes a more organized and even more interesting place.

However, you don’t need to use bots to get the most out of Discord. There are tons of great tips and tricks, like trying out chat commands and keyboard shortcuts.


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