10 best apps to download 4K and QHD wallpapers

One of the greatest pleasures of having a new mobile is changing the wallpaper. Above all, when the phone has a quality screen, either OLED or AMOLED, and with a good resolution of QHD or 4K. In previous posts we have already reviewed the best wallpapers apps for Android , but today we are going to focus on the repositories specially indicated to download wallpapers in QHD (2K) and Ultra HD (4K) quality for Android .

The best apps to download 4K and QHD wallpapers for your mobile

Although the Play Store is full of apps to download wallpapers, it is sometimes difficult to find quality images. Next, we review some of the best places where we can get really spectacular images to exploit the potential of the screen of our phone.


One of the most complete 4K wallpaper apps that we find in the Android Play Store. It includes more than 13,000 high resolution images, it has a background editor to adjust things like brightness or saturation , dark mode and daily updates.

The wallpapers are divided by categories, but there is also a section where new backgrounds are added, a popular section, etc. The number of ads is somewhat smaller than usual, so it is quite comfortable to navigate.


WallsPy – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Developer: 367Labs

Price: Free


A wallpaper app that is completely different from the rest, and it is a wallpaper generator . No matter the resolution, since the background will adjust to the size of your smartphone screen automatically. Simply choose between some patterns and colors and the tool will create a new wallpaper for your mobile.

From here we can use the image we just created or let the application update the wallpaper automatically every hour or every day.


Tapet – HD Wallpapers

Developer: SharpRegion

Price: Free


WallPix has an important repository of images in 4K and QHD, although what really stands out is its collection of images for those who have a Samsung mobile with the front camera embedded inside the screen. Wallpapers take advantage of this hole to create fun and original images , which is always much better than having a random background with a black hole at the top of the screen.

It also has a section with AMOLED images with a black background, vector images, minimalist and animated wallpapers (these are also good, but remember that they consume a lot of battery). In short, a good place to download 4K wallpapers, especially if we have a Samsung mobile.


WallPix – Note10, Note20 punch hole Wallpapers

Developer: WallPix

Price: Free


WallCandy is an HD wallpaper app that includes a lot of 4K content and images optimized for AMOLED screens. It has around 5000 backgrounds selected by hand, and although they are all images that work under a creative commons license, the truth is that there are quite interesting and varied things.

The app includes a search engine, a history of wallpapers, wallpapers adaptable to any screen size and a function that changes the background of your mobile every day automatically .


WallCandy – Unique HD, 4K, Amoled Wallpapers

Developer: Candy App Co

Price: Free

Wallpapers without ads

Although it is clear that the developers have not eaten their heads much thinking about a name for the app, the truth is that it is not bad at all. As its name indicates, it is an application without advertising and free, and includes a lot of wallpapers specially designed for AMOLED screens , with a lot of black background to make the image stand out more in this type of panel.

It has a large number of backgrounds in high resolution, from 4K to 6K and even 8K, some of them also designed for screens with HDR.


Wallpapers without ads

Developer: Real Zhang

Price: Free

AMOLED 4K wallpapers

Another repository to download 4K images for OLED or AMOLED screens. It has a very interesting bank of funds and allows you to search by color , which makes the task much easier when we are looking for a very specific wallpaper so that it looks good with the rest of the icons or aspect that we want to achieve.

Wallpapers are hand-selected by the app’s moderators, with new content added daily. All images are in high resolution, starting from FullHD and from there upwards.


Amoled wallpapers 4K

Developer: 7Fon Wallpapers

Price: Free


Abstruct is the official app of the artist Hampus Olsson, designer of OnePlus wallpapers. From here we can download more than 350 exclusive backgrounds in 4K resolution , of very good quality and especially appealing for those who enjoy abstract art.

Although the volume of images is not as large as in other apps (which is logical considering that it is the repertoire of a single artist), it is a good place to get colorful 4K backgrounds with a great level of detail.


Abstruct – Wallpapers in 4K

Developer: Hampus Olsson

Price: Free


In this application you will find all the stock wallpapers of the most popular brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, Motorola, etc. In total, it has wallpapers of more than 20 different mobile brands, and they add new material as new models are launched.

It also has exclusive wallpapers designed by the creators of PhoneWalls, making a total of more than 2300 images in full resolution. The catalog is divided into categories, ranging from minimalism, through abstract images, photographs, realistic, AMOLED, geometric and more.


PhoneWalls – Stock Wallpapers & 4K Wallpapers

Developer: YTECHB

Price: Free


The Imgur app is one of the largest image repositories in the world. This is where the people of Reddit upload most of the images they share on the social network, so we can find material of all kinds, from memes to images in 4K, QHD and even more.

If we are looking for wallpapers in high resolution for our mobile we only have to do a small search to obtain a large number of results. In short, a good place to look for wallpapers, photos and images in general.


Imgur: Cool GIFs and Images

Developer: Imgur

Price: Free


Do you know the unsplash.com website? Well that’s exactly what you’ll find here. Hundreds of thousands of very high-quality photographs that we can download to use as mobile wallpaper.

Most are images taken by professional and amateur photographers, so we will hardly see abstract wallpapers. Of course, the images are very high resolution, many times higher than Ultra HD 4K. Which implies that the downloads are also heavier, of course.


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