10 Best Apps For Writing Text

You are a lover of writing, or a budding writer, but you don’t have much time to stay at the PC, so you would like to cultivate your passion even on the move, using your faithful smartphone or tablet: you are in the right place, at the right time.

If you are looking for apps to write , with my guide today I will go and talk to you about the ones that you can download comfortably on your favorite device, to give space to your creativity, even when you are away from home. I will point out complete applications, such as the mobile version of Microsoft Word , as well as simpler applications through which you can even write notes. You never know, the idea to write a book could come to you at any time: you don’t want to be caught unprepared?

Did I intrigue you with this premise and would you like to know more? So don’t waste any more time and, smartphone in hand, download with me the apps dedicated to writing that I will recommend. I will explain in detail what their main characteristics are and I am sure that, at the end of the reading, you will have found the perfect application for you, with which you can write using your smartphone. You will see that you will be satisfied that you have dedicated a few minutes of time to this article. Are you ready? Very well, I just have to wish you a good read and good luck for everything!


  • App for writing texts
    • Microsoft Word (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • iA Writer (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Other apps for writing texts
  • App for writing books
    • Microsoft Word (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Other apps for writing books
  • App for writing notes
    • Google Keep (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Other apps for writing notes
  • App to write to PDF
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Other apps for writing to PDF
  • App to write on photos
    • Snapseed (Android / iOS / iPadOS)
    • Other apps to write on photos

App for writing texts

To begin with, here are the most popular and well-known apps for writing texts , which you can rely on for different types of use, both from smartphones and tablets, and from computers.

Microsoft Word (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Speaking of writing apps, Microsoft Word must absolutely be mentioned : in all likelihood you will already know the software version, for Windows PCs and Mac computers . Do you also want to try the counterpart dedicated to smartphones and tablets? No problem, here’s how.

First of all, download the app for free , for Android devices from the Play Store (or at an alternative store , if you don’t have Google services), or from the App Store, for iOS / iPadOS . Please note that for devices larger than 10.1 “it is necessary to activate the Microsoft 365 subscription starting from 7 euros / month, which also gives access to additional functions.

Once you have downloaded the Microsoft Word app, start it and wait for the language configuration, then enter your email address , phone number or Skype name to log in and follow the procedure on the display, or tap Log in later .

If for the moment you do not intend to take advantage of the premium features, tap on the word Ignore for now , read the information that the app offers you and at the end select the Close button .

In the box that will appear, touch the + symbol to start creating a new document: expand the drop-down menu called Create in , to determine the destination folder of the document, then choose one of the predefined templates , or the Blank document option . For more details, read my guide on how to use Word on mobile .

If you want a broader overview of the program, including instructions for using it also from a PC, read my guide on how to use Microsoft Word .

iA Writer (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

iA Writer contrasts with Word as a plain text editor formatted in markdown but with the ability to export it to various formats, including PDF and Word .

Of course, to start using iA Writer, you need to download the app, which is available for Android devices (on the Play Store and alternative stores ) and for iPhone and iPad . The basic app in question is free , with advanced unlockable features starting from € 4.99 per year for Android and a free 30-day trial , or at € 29.99 in a single purchase solution, for iOS and iPadOS . Since it is a text editor that can also be used by the computer, there are desktop versions for Windows and macOS , a$ 29.99 with a 14-day free trial .

Once you have the app and launched, you will be immediately ready to produce text documents, thanks to its minimal interface: touch the + symbol to create a new document and start typing the text. You can use the icons in the bottom menu to insert a header ( H1 icon ), change the text in italics ( icon I ), add a bulleted list ( list icon ), move the cursor to the top or at the bottom of paragraph ( arrow icons and > ), copy the text ( icon of the two overlapping rectangles ) and go back to the previous or next modification, among those saved ( arrow icons ).

Furthermore, by tapping on the symbol of the three vertical dots , you can change the view of the virtual page on the display, choosing between Dark mode , Focus mode , Word count , Style check or Settings to apply your customizations by purchasing the paid version of the app.

Other apps for writing texts

You are interested in the solutions described so far, however you would also like to sift through other apps for writing texts , before downloading the one that is actually right for you: you are satisfied.

  • Google DocumentsAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – this is the version that can be used by smartphones and tablets of the well-known online service made available by Google to write text documents: it can also be used without an Internet connection, it allows you to save files directly on Google Drive .
  • Apple PagesiOS / iPadOS ) – the writing editor developed by Apple for the Mac , is presented here in its version dedicated to mobile devices: a versatile, complete and free app. Read more here .
  • WPS OfficeAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – is a suite that includes several applications for text, spreadsheets and presentations. Basically it’s free, but to unlock many features you need to upgrade to the paid version.

App for writing books

You can be considered a professional writer, or close to becoming one, therefore, what you need are apps to write books , so that you don’t have to stop your creativity even while on the move: here are which I can recommend.

Microsoft Word (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

There is no need to go around it: the best app for writing books is always Microsoft Word . Whether you use this tool from a smartphone and / or tablet, or from a PC, you will have all the tools you need to manage spaces and layout, text justification, page numbering and so on.

To know how to download the Microsoft Word app and start using it, I invite you to read the previous chapter of this guide. If, then, you want to know all the details necessary to make the most of it in writing a book, also read my guide on how to write a book in Word .

Other apps for writing books

You are wondering if there is any alternative to the solution suggested above for the writing of your literary works: well, I am pleased to introduce you to other apps for writing books .

  • ScriveneriOS / iPadOS ) – this is a complete program for Apple devices designed for authors who need to manage text files, notes and insights. On the desktop, it is also available for Windows and macOS . It is paid.
  • UlyssesiOS / iPadOS ) – app dedicated to devices with the brand of the bitten apple, allows interaction between iPhone , iPad and Mac , for a synchronized and practical management of text documents. Allows you to write in a custom markdown language format with many advanced export options. It is paid and requires the subscription of a subscription, but it is also included in the Setapp service  which for $ 12.48 / month (after 1 month of free trial) allows you to access many apps for macOS and iOS / iPadOS without purchasing the individual ones. licenses. Read more here .
  • WattPadAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – in this case it is a free app that not only integrates a text editor, but also connects with a social community of aspiring writers and passionate readers. Read more here .

For more details on the subject, read my guide to apps for writing a book .

App for writing notes

Any idea left is lost! To quickly jot down concepts and thoughts, what you might need is a note-taking app : here are the ones you shouldn’t do without.

Google Keep (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

The most practical and affordable resource for everyone to write notes, even using a smartphone or tablet, is Google Keep : it is a tool made available by the most famous search engine in the world, which can be easily accessed through the your Google account .

Google Keep is also available for use online , by reaching the official page of the application from the browser , and can be downloaded for Android devices from the Play Store , or from the App Store for iPhone and iPad (also available for Apple Watch ).

After installing and starting the Google Keep app, read the information that will be submitted to you, then touch the key with the + symbol , located at the top, to add a reminder. Type the title of the document in the field provided, then use the Note section to write the text of your notes.

At this point, tap on the key with the + symbol , this time placed at the bottom of the display and decide whether to use the Take photo item , to insert an image immortalized at the moment in your notes, or the Add image item , to select a photo from your device and add it to the note, or use the Drawing option to introduce a freehand sketch and, again, the Recording voice , to insert a voice note.

The Checkboxes option , on the other hand, allows you to insert convenient boxes in which to check, when you style a list and reach a goal.

Each session of notes will be saved automatically, so it can be shared, using the three dots icon and can provide for the addition of collaborators to the writing, by selecting the Collaborate item . It will also be possible to add labels or delete the annotation.

Other apps for writing notes

How do you say? Would you like to know if there are other apps for writing valid notes ? Of course yes: here is a list of those that I would like to recommend.

  • OneNoteAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – this is the digital notepad developed by Microsoft and also accessible from a browser, as well as an app version for mobile devices and Apple Watch . It allows you to type text, write and draw freehand, add photos and much more.
  • EvernoteAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – intuitive, easy-to-use app for capturing thoughts and annotations, also able to order them. It is free of charge, but to unlock all the features you need to upgrade to the paid version. Read more here .
  • BeariOS / iPadOS ) – this is an app that allows you to write texts in markdown, then organize them according to tags and export them in different formats: very useful for those who write blogs , for authors and also for developers. Also available for Apple Watch . It is basic free, but the full version is paid.
  • ObsidianAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – is a basic free app that allows you to have your own “second brain” made up of notes written in markdown (therefore in plaid text) to be linked together dynamically via backlinks and tags (a bit like creating your own personal Wikipedia). It can be expanded with dozens of plugins that allow you to transform it into an app for concept maps, tables, to-do and much more. It is also available (indeed above all) in a desktop version.

If you want to know even more about this type of practical applications, also read my guide on the app for summaries .

App to write to PDF

Sometimes the management of files in PDF format may not be very fluid: to simplify things, I want to offer you apps for writing to PDF .

Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

Among the best applications , partly free to read and, in some way, to write to PDF, we cannot fail to mention Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF : developed by Adobe , it can also be used on a PC.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app for Android devices from the Play Store (or an alternative store , if you don’t have Google services on your device), or from the App Store for iOS / iPadOS .

Open the app and decide whether to use the Sign in with Google button, the Sign in with Facebook button or, the Sign in with Apple option , through an Apple ID . If you want, you can also avoid this step for the moment, by tapping on the X symbol , located at the top right of the tab.

Accept the conditions of use of the app, by tapping on the Continue button and touch the + symbol : at this point choose one of the options available in the drop-down menu that will open, including the item Download Adobe Scan , which allows you to convert to PDF receipts, notes and more, by means of a scan of the document, the Edit PDF item , which allows you to select a document to be edited from the device or from applications connected to it, the Create PDF item , for a fee, starting from 9, 99 € per month , with a free 7-day trial , or Combine files, which directs you to their selection from the device or other connected apps.

However, if you want to write on a PDF without paying for Adobe Acrobat Reader subscription, you have the option to select the pencil icon ( Edit ), once you have opened a PDF document in the app, then choose the Comment option . Now touch the balloon icon , present in the menu located in the lower part of the display, to add a written note inside the file.

Still by tapping on the pencil icon ( Edit ), you can also choose the Fill and sign option , to add text, signs and your signature to a PDF document. For more details on using this app, read the dedicated chapter in my PDF app guide .

Other apps for writing to PDF

The solution proposed a little while ago does not fully satisfy you, because it does not allow you to act on PDF files in total freedom? Here, then, are some alternative options that I can suggest to you, that is, other apps for writing to PDF .

  • Xodo PDF Reader & EditorAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – very complete app that allows you to add annotations, symbols, drawings and highlights on the PDF file: also available for use from PC, you can download it for free.
  • PDF ExpertiOS / iPadOS ) – this is a downloadable app at no cost but which requires the upgrade to the full paid version to unlock all functions, including those for taking notes, underlining, highlighting text in a PDF document and write freehand on it.
  • Pdf Editor – Edit everything! Android) – app that allows you to import and edit PDFs for free, up to a certain file size.

App to write on photos

You have taken some beautiful photos with your smartphone, or with your tablet and now you would like to add a text above them: the ones you need to know are apps to write on photos and I have some solutions for that too.

Snapseed (Android / iOS / iPadOS)

One of the best image editing apps, which also allows you to write on photos, is undoubtedly Snapseed : owned by Google , it offers a rich menu of tools and is free.

To start using Snapseed, download the app for Android devices from the Play Store and alternative stores , or from the App Store for iOS / iPadOS . Once started, touch the + symbol to open a photo and then choose the Tools item , scrolling the options menu to the Text icon , then select it.

Now choose the style you like best for your writing, set the color of the text and any transparency : when you are satisfied with the result, tap on the check symbol and then on the Export item to save the changes.

For all the details on this very versatile and valid application, read my guide on how to use Snapseed .

Other apps to write on photos

The application I suggested earlier is not enough, so you would like to know if other apps for writing on photos are also available : you are satisfied.

  • Android Gallery– depending on the smartphone model in your possession, the default Gallery app could allow you to add labels with text on the images from the menu that allows you to edit photos.
  • Photos of iOS and iPadOS– even with your Apple devices you can add text on images, writing it freehand: use the pencil icon and, for more solutions, read my guide on how to write on an iPhone photo .
  • CanvaAndroid / iOS / iPadOS ) – well-known tool that can also be used online from a browser, available in the app version, which allows you to import a photo, affix text and stickers on it and much more, to create real projects, ideal for sharing on social networks.

If you are interested in more information on the subject of this chapter, I invite you to read my guide on how to write on a photo .


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