Team collaboration has an important role for the organization and every individual in it. A study proves that collaboration can increase morale, productivity, social relations, communication and efficiency at work. Cooperation is proven to provide benefits for organizational success. In addition to benefiting the organization, cooperation also has an important role for us. When able to work with teams, this allows us to be more creative and more successful people. In this article, we will discuss 10 benefits of teamwork that are very important and worth doing.


1. Cooperation brings big ideas.

Even though we are geniuses, we cannot produce big ideas if we work alone, for example, Albert Einstein. Einstein did find his own theory of relativity, but the findings were produced through discussions conducted with friends and colleagues. Why is that? When working with other team members, we will exchange knowledge and skills with colleagues. This is what makes us able to make the right decision.


2. Collaboration fosters differences of opinion that trigger innovation.

Teamwork can produce innovative ideas. Teams are a place for different people to convey ideas. This allows everyone inside to think about things outside the box. Success and breakthrough are born from a process of discomfort. Discomfort drives us to grow. Now, when we cooperate with others, we don’t always have the same desires or opinions, right? This is what makes us feel the discomfort so that we will always look for new opportunities to grow. The opportunity to grow is an opportunity to get new knowledge. In addition, teamwork is an opportunity that makes us more skilled in overcoming challenges. When faced with problems, we are trained to find the best solutions. More often, the more we get used to and excel in problem solving. The result? Innovation is a part that is inherent to us.


3. Teamwork makes us happier.

A study of 1,000 team members showed that teamwork brought happiness . Feedback, respect and openness of each person in the team is a factor that makes them happy when working in a team. Of course, happy workers will produce high productivity which is also beneficial to the organization’s success .


4. Teamwork is an opportunity to grow individually.

We rarely find ‘me’ in a team. However, teamwork can make us grow individually. Teamwork allows us to share information, train each other and encourage one another so that we will gain new experiences and ideas. Teamwork is also an opportunity to learn from the mistakes made by other members. This makes us very careful people in taking steps to avoid the same mistakes in the future. In addition, teamwork makes us someone who has better listening skills. In teams, we learn to listen to others and understand what they mean. Of course, if you have good listening skills in every aspect of life,


5. Teamwork can eliminate burnout.

We must experience boredom at work. What can be done to overcome this is sharing tasks with other team members. When working in teams, we give each other emotional support. This is what makes every team member can come back excited and get the job done better.


6. Teamwork increases organizational success.

In the era of increasingly advanced technology today, we are required to have certain skills. Of course, no individual can master all the skills needed. That requires a team. By working together in teams, each person can play their respective roles with the skills they have so that one team member can complement the other team members. Unique skills possessed can make everyone shine and produce extraordinary performance. That way, the team will easily reach a common goal.


7. Teamwork increases productivity.

One of the factors that makes us able to produce extraordinary work is the respect and sense of respect that is obtained from colleagues in the team. Teamwork is what gets us respect and is valued in order to be motivated and produce high work productivity.


8. Teamwork enables us to take risks.

If we work alone, we will be afraid to walk. If we work together in teams, we will have the courage to do many things, including things that are high risk. We know that there will always be people who support even though they will face failure. That is why teamwork enables us to take risks.


9. Teamwork reduces stress levels.

Stress makes us make more mistakes. No wonder if you are in a state of stress, we will easily make mistakes at work. Conversely, if you have good energy, you can encourage and inspire others to have the same energy. That is why teamwork can reduce stress levels and certainly when feeling energized and motivated , we will produce fewer mistakes. We also will not experience stress that makes you bored and lazy.


10. Teamwork increases communication skills.

Teamwork can improve communication skills. When mapping ideas together, we are required to produce new things. This is what makes us able to improve communication skills. We learn how to communicate with one colleague and another. Of course, this can be realized if we are able to work collaboratively.


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