The 10 benefits of mediation at school

Applying mediation techniques can foresee serious conflicts in the school environment. This is stated by Coaching On focus, a consulting, mediation and training company, from where they explain that these alternative conflict resolution techniques seek to resolve conflicts between the parties with or without the action of an impartial third party.

The main benefits of applying mediation in schools are:

  1. Reduces tension and confrontations, acting preventively against violence and bullying .
  2. Promotes links and the exercise of responsibilities in a climate of cooperation and mutual respect.
  3. It favors the fulfillment of the agreed commitments, since the decisions are taken in a consensual way.
  4. Facilitates or restores communication between the parties, favoring decision-making and therefore a satisfactory solution for both.

5. It is flexible, allows to face from big to small problems.

  1. It helps to implant a culture of peace and respect for the prevention and positive management of conflicts.
  2. Stimulates reflective and critical thinking.
  3. It helps to face reality and recover from adversity.
  4. All parties involved discover that they can win.
  5. Develop creativity and skills to find solutions.

In addition, thanks to the resolution of conflicts through Mediation, the parties involved in the conflict spend more time together, which helps to build stronger and more lasting relationships. It has also been observed that in the environments where this type of action is encouraged, it also increases the motivation to learn from the students of the center.

Mediation can be applied in different fields of action:

– Prevention of bullying

– Conflicts between students

– Multicultural or multigenerational conflicts

– Integration and improvement of living together

– Improvement of collaborative work between departments / teachers

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