10 Benefits of becoming an IAS (IAS) officer

After becoming an IAS officer, I tell them what facilities they get and what work the IAS has to do.

  • If IAS examination is taken once, then you will definitely get at least ₹ 70000 salary every month.
  •  After becoming an IAS officer, he will be given a nice big house to live in.
  •  The IAS officer will also be given a vehicle and a driver for official work.
  •  Medical facilities will also be provided to the IAS officer and his family and that too for free.

As far as the benefits mentioned, all these benefits are found in most government jobs. But there are some benefits that only IAS officers get.

  • IAS officers are given very high powers, which is in a way a very important link between the government and the public.
  • Many government employees and officers work under an IAS officer. All those officers are controlled by the IAS officer.
  •  Many contracts were awarded to I.A. s. It is the officer who grants approval.
  •  The various development programs of the government are overseen by the IAS officer.
  •  The IAS officer approves funds for many development programs. The IAS officer also ensures that the various government employees and officials who fall under his sphere of influence are not committing corruption.
  • The IAS officer has the right to take disciplinary proceedings on the various employees under him.
  • Wherever IAS officers go, all the people start following them, from the contractor to the big officers keep following them because they are afraid that this IAS officer should not take any action against them. Or do not stop any of their work.
  • From big leaders to village heads, IAS officers know and respect them and keep in touch with them.
  • IAS officers are invited to all major events, functions and parties and are welcomed with respect.
  • With the approval of the IAS, approval is given for big works, if the IAS officer wants, then any project can be stopped if the project is not running properly.
  • From land transactions in villages and cities to getting caste certificates, the work can also be done with the signature of the IAS officer.

In this way, the IAS officer is really a powerful government official. Millions of people cherish the dream of becoming an IAS officer, but only a few get success.

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